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Found 5 results

  1. Probably barely counts as fan works but didn't know where else to post it, just a psuedo-collage using promotional materials from the series I made. Also sorry if the picture quality is bad. IMG_E5688.HEIC
  2. Hello! As anyone following me on social media (likely no on reading this thread, I don't have a terribly large following) knows, Navarre is my favorite FE character. Since he's not an overly popular character, I decided about two years ago to start collecting all of the official merchandise featuring him- TCG, artbooks, ect. There aren't really scans for most of these books online (Which is fine, people should buy the books themselves for the text imo but I do wish there were scans of all the artwork available) - a lot of them only have shaky phone pictures. Still, I think I know for the most part which images are from which books. However, upon buying Fire Emblem - The Complete, I found to my surprise, a short manga! (Two, actually, but I haven't scanned the second one yet. The second one is about the whitewings, I think?) I've never seen anyone mention this before... so I'm assuming most people haven't heard of it. I mean, I was doing digging for artwork for two years and didn't find it until I bought the book myself! I've scanned the whole thing and put it in my Google Drive- I also attempted a rough translation, but my Japanese is entirely self taught and not very extensive so I had to rely on Google Translate quite a bit... if anyone who actually can read Japanese sees this, I'd be super happy if you'd give this a quick look and see if I got anything horribly wrong! Here's the raw scans And here's my attempt at an English translation I also don't read enough to know who the artist actually is. If anyone in the know could tell me, that'd be great!
  3. I've toiled through this journey once before, ending in a cruel failure. My return has arrived, 5 months after that fateful day. This time will be different. I hope that I'm not going to eat those words later This will be a hard iron man, meaning that it's all over once Marth bites the dust. Be it right at the start or right at the end, his demise will be permanent. This is going to be my second Screenshot Let's Play ever. I do truly appreciate every comment, be it feedback or just for fun. I will be writing as I play, just like last time. Let us begin anew! Chapter 1 Phew, doing a screenshot let's play is more work than I remembered. Still, I hope that the first part turned out fine. I might attempt to do daily updates like last time, but we'll see. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed reading the first part of this journey.
  4. Lately I have had a newfound respect for Marth and the war of shadows and after playing through the game again and again Shadow Dragon has dethroned Radian Dawn as my favorite Fire Emblem game (I Always thought this would be one of the last games to do it). While I could talk about everything I love about this game for hours and hours I wanted to focus on a few things first being Marth in Shadow Dragon versus Marth literally everywhere else. Marth in Shadow Dragon felt similar to Leif for me, and while I can't confidently say Marth is a better character than Leif I find them pretty similar and keep in mind im talking about his depiction in Shadow Dragon. The Altean Prince faced many challenges at a young age and the dialogue tells us quite a few times throughout the game that Marth was filled with anger towards the other kingdoms and nations that ruined his peace and destroyed his family. One Example of this is right at the beginning of the game (Skipping the prologue of course). “Marth, prince of Altea, was lucky. Though Doluna took from him his kingdom and all but a handful of knights, they could not take his life. Marth lived, and made it to the eastern isle of Talys. Talys was a small border kingdom, with no grand order of knights to boast of, but its king selflessly gave Marth use of the isle’s eastern fortress. And as he saw the boy shake with anger and grief, he also gave wise counsel: “Prince Marth,” he said, “I do not doubt you love your sister something great. But you must be patient…time is on your side. If you stay here, and grow stronger, a time will come when you can help her.” So Marth stayed in Talys, protected by its kind people, and the years went by…” -Prologue and again, Marth: “Today, there was this commoner… She mentioned Grust was divided about the war. Some of its people wanted to fight with Altea, she said…Ever since I lost my father and kingdom, I’ve held nothing but hate in my heart for Gra and Grust…but not once did I give any thought to what must have been going on in their heads.” Nyna: “And now you find your hate for them has been lessened?” Marth: “No… the hate remains. I will never forget the pain they inflicted upon me, the rage I felt. Yet now, at least, I can tell you it’s not just hate…Not anymore.” -Marth talking ti Nyna at the end of chapter 13 While in the first example Marth was a lot younger he continues to display human emotions throughout the game and the second example covers that, also keep in mind that these are only two of the example and there are plenty more. The point is that Marth is a very determined individual who seeks vengeance and the world to be right and stands against the world to make it right. One of my favorite exchanges is between Marth and Malledus in the prologue. “Sire… You must live. Drink deeply now of these injustices; sip on these slights they serve. Remember them! One day you will lead us back here to avenge the fallen and reclaim Altea in their names!” -Malledus To Marth in Prologue 3. And Then Jagen to Marth at the end of the prologue Marth: “I am a craven. Powerless to save my sister, to staunch my kingdom’s wounds; to ease my people’s fears…” Jagen: “This…was your only recourse, sire. But surely, one day, you will be able to set things right…” Marth: “”Surely”? Why do words of such conviction smack so much of uncertainty when spoken? Not surely, Jagen. Assuredly. Gra will pay for their acts. Today, though, allow me to wallow in this pain, to feel every awful twist of it. I never want to forget.” Jagen: “Sire…” Marth: “I will return, Altea! Your prince will return to you one day!” Despite what some may say I believe Marth has some very notable character growth in Shadow Dragon, but still displays unrivaled determination even in the end. But my biggest fear about Marth's depictions may be becoming true... I think Marth's only really good depiction outside of SD is Smash Bros (The new one not as much because I'm not the biggest fan of Lowenthal's direction of him), whereas In Other games Marth has become less of a character in my eyes and to being nothing more than the following traits. Kindhearted, humble, and treasures his friends. I REALLY wish at least one of his quotes in heroes talked about how he felt/how he feels about the wrongs that were done to him, they are missing out on some of his best lines. It seems like the trend for other games he is in, like warriors for example, he is just revered by everyone as the legendary hero king and he continues to become what I wish he didn't..... ... The template for almost every other lord in the franchise. I just wanted to know everyone's thoughts on this, because I seldom ever see this brought up (people like to talk about Gaiden Alm VS. SOV Alm more). Do keep in mind that I think New Mystery is also guilty of devolving Marth into a one-note character although that just might be a translation thing). (Also I was Planning on replaying SD the way Kaga designed fe1 to be played in the first place which means Iron Man! Kaga put all your good units at the beginning because the weaker units you got later were punishment for losing the good ones. I've never played an iron man run on any FE before but I have beaten SD on H5 so if you had any Tips for a H3 Iron man run im about to start I would appreciate it. Tips like who to use, re classing tidbits, and what to forge as I assume an IM run is a very different game than playing any FE normally).
  5. I'm just curious (and expecting to see a lot of FE4 votes...), the NES/SNES games were cool and interesting and had their own old-school charm that makes (most of them) them so easy to go back to (except FE1, that broken, broken mess). EDIT: I accidentally hit enter... Is there any way to edit polls? Help? ...this is embarrasing
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