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Found 4 results

  1. You know all those stories about people claiming to be Somali or Ethiopian princes sending emails offering to wire millions of dollars to your bank account? Well, I recently got a somewhat similar message from (some Japanese server) (with (some gmail address) as the reply-to address). Although the sender claims to be a mere "TRANSFER INSPECTION OFFICER," he gave off the aura of an Ethiopian prince. Anyway, without further ado,
  2. 1: Say you like a pairing, say Mario x Peach. 2: Wait for someone to hate on your pairing. "marioxpeach sux, luigixpeach rulz! gt said so!!!1" 3: Get annoyed and try to be reasonable to them. "No, Game Theory was wrong. Mario and Peach have more ship-teasing." 4: Have your bad pairing of choice flame you. "i am right, you are rong. luigixpeach 4ever, only idiots ship marioxpeach, noob." 5: Get very annoyed and yell at the guy. "STOP INSULTING MY PAIRING! MARIO AND PEACH FOREVER!!!" 6: Someone clicks the report button and calls in a mod. 7: The mod locks the thread and bans both of you. "locked, banned. no shipping wars allowed." 8: Whine in bed as you wait out your ban. Take your salt to the internet wasteland. PS: I ship Mario and Peach, regardless of GT. PPS: In Tomodachi Life, I got with Peach. 3PS: Do not take this seriously. But it's FftF, what did you expect?
  3. SO It's back for real this time, with a few modifications to the old version. Ask for clarification if needed. Guidelines: -Submit your entry via PM to me, Kitty of Time, I will post them all anonymously and reveal the entrants after the voting is over -Make your maps original, don't copy/steal someone else's design. -If you have any constructive criticism to offer to an entry, feel free to post it in the main topic(Keep this civil) -If your map is being talked about and you want clarification, PM me this as well and I will ask it for you - If you want to re-submit your map after changes, just re-send it to me. Fun Links: GBA FE Tileset Zelda Tiled Ganondorf Mappy Vaati Requirements: Since this is a new fresh round and competition, let's start off with something simple. Size: 15 - 20 x 10 - 20 (150 tiles to 400 tiles) Tileset: FE8 Green Dark Blue Must have at least 1 coastline and 1 mountain range. Additional Information: Winners shall pick the next map to be revamped, any map from FE(or anything similar to FE ex Tear Ring Saga) that isn't GBA FE for obvious reasons or a new map and tileset like normal Winners of 3 contests in a row are barred from entering the round following their 3rd victory. They are still allowed to submit a submission, but I will post it separate from the poll. All participants must vote in the round they entered or they will be barred from entering the following round. Refusal to cooperate consecutively will result in multiple bars. Due Date: September 22nd, 2013 I totally didn't just take the last due date and change the year :x Winner Count: Round 1 - ???
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