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Found 4 results

  1. I wanted to share off my Stream that I'm going to be playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. I wanted to start off playing #1 today on Chapter 1 through 3 today. I'm planning on adding #2 somewhere in my YouTube schedule in the future. I'm going to complete Chapter 4 in the next one.
  2. Yep. I’ve decided that this would be a “fun” idea. FE8 is easy so this should be fine, right? Rules: - playing on hardest difficulty (difficult) - Amelia only. I’ve replaced her w/ Eirika. I will be doing the Eirika route for the sake of simplicity. - I’ve hacked in a “Trainee Seal” in case the promotion event doesn’t work. - forced deployed units can be used as meat shields, but can’t counterattack. I must deselect all possible units in battle preps otherwise. - no supports. Update: This run has been streamed to it's completion. HOWEVER, Even if you missed the stream, I've taken some time to condense the footage into a digestible 20 minute YouTube video. Come watch it! or if you want to watch the stream VODs, I have those too! Click here!
  3. I'm not sure if there's an english streaming thread yet so I just wanted to share this whilst I could. Edit: Fixed Hyper Link. Streams: SteamingTofu = Birthright on Lunatic/Classic. INightsidel = Birthright on Hard/Classic. YugianBushido = Conquest on Lunatic/Classic TheGreatGQ = Birthright on Normal/Casual -> Story Playthrough NTSeth = Conquest on [unsure]/[unsure] Jijosieg = Birthright on [unsure]/[unsure] Deleroth = Birthright on [unsure]/[unsure] life5hadow = Birthright on [unsure/Unsure] SincerelyLyn = Birthright on Hard/Classic FinestKO = Birthright on Lunatic/[unsure] BearVsMan = Birthright on [unsure]/[unsure] KuroiTsubasaTenshi = Conquest on Lunatic/[unsure] Om3gamouse = Conquest on [unsure]/[unsure] ChampionBeef = Revelations pon [unsure]/Casual Decided to add youtube play-throughs because why not. Youtube Play-throughs: AbdallahSmash026 = First 6 Chapters // Birthright on Hard/Classic // Conquest on Normal/Classic // Revelations on Normal/Classic omegaevolution = Conquest on Hard/Classic EmiruTheKnight = Conquest on Hard/Classic Mangs = Conquest on Hard/Classic BigKlingy = Unsure on Hard/Casual Pheonixmaster1 = Birthright on Normal/Classic
  4. Hello, Hello My name is Teamaster Twekczar and I am the Tea guy over in the general forum making recommendations on tea each day or at least trying too. Did you know that I also stream video games? I stream it at http://www.twitch.tv/teamastertwekczar . Sometimes I even get other people on and stream with them. I tend to stream after 7 o'clock eastern time on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. At least for now we'll see how it goes cause college. Starting tonight I will be streaming the new Danganronpa game Ultra Despair Girls. I also plan one day to play through the other two. I also am currently in the middle of streaming Tales of Vesperia for the PS3, In English. Yes I patched the game and decided to stream it for all the world to see. On friday right now I'm streaming my attempts to beat Genealogy of the Holy War. I just started streaming it recently and wow I didn't expect it to be that hard. It involves me scream crying my eyes out and I'm only just beat the first part of the chapter! Well that's about it for what I stream and play. Stop on by and you'll be entertained! Hopefully... At the very least that is all I can ask.
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