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Found 9 results

  1. Hey SF! I finally beat Conquest and going to be starting Birthright later today. One of the characters I really want to use is Subaki and I want to know what class is best for him. I see that he has good defense and skill mods and his growth rates at base are pretty decent for those stats too. So can anyone help decide what's the best class for him?
  2. Hi players, Subaki is said to be one of the worst units in the game. I wanted to see what I could do to help him get awesome or at least good. I searched for spear fighter, basara, oni savage and oni chieftain on the wikia and with his personal growths I decided to make him an oni savage into chieftain in my revelations run. Well, he class changed just after Rinkah's recruitment chapter (which was a real pain in hard beginner because ennemies are designed around MU's fighting ability while your other units are 3 levels or even 4 levels lower than random ennemies level 8 in this chapter, taking 15 damage per attack with those f***ing ninjas all around the map debuffing your def into abyss, MU was literally OHKOing everyone except a few with dragonstone, +mag -lck, while taking little to no damage) and my level 8 Subaki had 17 def, 21 with Rinkah pair up, along with 11 str and 16 with Rinkah, and 9 spd, 15 skl, 27 HP (now 31 level 13, with 12 or 13 str, 17+ skill, 12 spd, more than 20 def, 6 or 7 res). That means My Subaki takes literally 0 damage 5 levels lower than my Corrin. Sure it was a pain getting him through the next chapter's Mjolnir sorcerer but well, he still had around 14 HP after getting hit, and my female servant weakened the sorcerers near the boss so he could kill them in one throwing axe +1 hit (largely overkilling them). He soloed this chapter except for the sorcerers mentionned and the boss (the mjolnir sorcerer's skull got split in half in 1 hit BTW). Subaki's got 3 magic for now, I hope he grows more so I can give the spirit dust to my incoming Basara or something like that Beruka who will marry MU. Gotta spend a few levels as a dark flyer for magic growth and speed+res. Why hybrid/magic-oriented Subaki and Beruka? I wanted some real tanky units to fit the role of magic weapon users. Magic weapons give -20 dodge (or avoid, can't remember which is what), so giving it to squishy units who double all the time isn't worth. Subaki has darting blow, perfectionnist that makes up for -20 dodge or avoid, Beruka has enough speed as a dark flyer and has more res than Subaki so she can tank on both damage types just from personnal def + Dark flyer res. Subaki has a good HP bar and oni savage makes it insanely high (70 or 75% growth), meanwhile his 30% str get to 50% with oni savage and his magic growth is still 30%, no waste in his already good skill (50% personal) and 65% def growth with 10% res growth (why even waste anything into his forever shitty stat anyway?). Beruka will get both seals from lance fighter and lance master, so she will make any unit that's not dead perfectly trash for the next PP. MU's personnal skill will grant her +2 def/res anyway soa few levels into dark flyer won't hurt too much her def. Hinata: Samurai Hinata is like samurai Benny (both have innate 15% growth in speed, which is the lowest in the game), why even use it when you have much better units for that role? Blacksmith gives him enough of everything to be a good frontliner (except res but it's not his role). It's the perfect balance between swordmaster and master of arms, good hp, good str, good skl, good def and enough spd to get some spd level ups if needed. Anyway with 55-60% def growth and his base, not many will damage him on the physical front. Also swords are actually his worst weapon type, since Nohrian swords don't give anything while hoshidan swords sacrifice his only good stat (def) aside hp to get his lowest trash tier stat (spd) a +1 bonus (not enough to stay relevant but that -1 res is gonna hurt him and early -1 def isn't too funny to suffer from against those 25 damage axe users in EP). His good HP is helped by blacksmith so why not? Hero is good too but maybe a little too much speed oriented for him compared with blacksmith, correct me if I'm wrong. Class swap Hinata and Oboro and both would be amazing from the get go though...
  3. Hello, Yesterday I went to the wiki to make some optimization for Subaki (because I'm doing a balanced units run and Subaki is quite balanced with average stats everywhere like Hinata). Here is my final class path: subaki sky knight 20: 30 hp, 14.25 str, 22 skl, 15 spd, 13.75 lck, 15.75 def, 13.75 res kinshi promotion gains: 1 hp, 1 str, 4 skl, 1 spd, 1 lck, 2 def, 1 res. These bonuses are making me puke. kinshi 20/5: 33 hp, 16.65 str, 28 skl, 17.4 spd, 16.35 lck, 19 def, 14.5 res swordmaster promotion gains: 1 hp, 2 str, -2 skl, 3 spd, -1 lck, 1 def, -2 res swordmaster 20/6: 34.5 hp, 19 str, 26.5 skl, 20.8 spd, 16 lck, 20.35 def, 12.8 res master of arms promotion gains: 2 hp, 2 str, -1 skl, -2 spd, -1 lck, +2 def, +2 res growth rates: 75% hp, 45% str, 50% skl, 30% spd, 35% lck, 55% def, 5% res master of arms 20/20: 47 hp, 27.3 str, 30 skl cap, 23 spd, 20 lck, 30 def, 15.5 res skills: air superiority: +30% avo and acc vs flyers; vantage, darting blow: +5 spd PP, duelist's blow: +30% avo PP; astra, strength seal/life or death: +10 damage dealt and taken. If facing mainly flyers, air superiority and life or death. If too few to no flyers, strength seal replaces life or death (too risky). I just saw I forgot 2 levels as swordmaster to get astra but it's not a big deal and the final stats won't be very different anyway. With this setup, he can have around 0% chance to be hit by ennemy flyers in PP and very low hit rates in EP. Life or death isn't a problem when he doesn't get hit and it makes for his low speed. WT control, average 30 def, 15.5 res, 23 spd, 47 hp and no class weakness are great. I didn't even have to use a partner seal to make him good.
  4. Aight, back at it again, this time with Subaki. What would be some good S-Support partners, final class, and skills for Mr. Perfect himself, Subaki. I heard Oboro was a good partner for him, what are your thoughts?
  5. Aight, back at it again, this time with Subaki. What would be some good S-Support partners, final class, and skills for Mr. Perfect himself, Subaki. I heard Oboro was a good partner for him, what are your thoughts?
  6. Hello. Is it normal that using a friendship seal on Subaki wich has a A+ relation with Hinata let me only chose the master of arms class ?? I thought because Hinata first base class is the same as Subaki's second base class, Subaki would gain the oni savage base class (so Oni chieftain or blacksmith for promoted units) ! As explain here. Is it a difference for the European version I play ?
  7. I was looking up the various characters on Behind The Voice Actors and the Fire Emblem Wiki, and I noticed that the only two playable characters who don't have confirmed English voice actors are Subaki and Siegbert. After listening to their various voice clips, I am pretty positive that they are voiced by the same VA, so if anyone knows anything about him, please post below. As Fire Emblem fans, we cannot idly stand by while two of our units and the man who voiced them go unaccredited. BTVA Fire Emblem Fates page: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/video-games/Fire-Emblem-Fates/side-by-side/ Subaki's Wiki Article: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Subaki Siegbert's Wiki Article: http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/Siegbert
  8. So I married Azura off to Subaki, and everything I've read says I should be able to partner seal her over to a Samurai, but both the heart ant partner seals reclass her to Sky Knight. Am I missing something here, or does this just not work?
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