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Found 5 results

  1. This isn't quite finished yet, but I'm sick of delaying it so I'm gonna release it now. So of the twenty or so people who've played TRS, you might've heard of a neat little hacking tool called TRSModify. It's not quite as extensive as was FE hacking allows, but it's still remarkably flexible and surprisingly user friendly. There's just two problems with the thing: Most of it isn't in English It comes packaged with malware Since TRSModify is still an excellent tool aside from that, I decided to fix both these issues. Removing the malware was easy, but since I don't know Japanese and can't really edit the program anyway, I decided to simply write some reference guides for the thing. I'm not actually finished yet, but I've got most of the important stuff down. Link is right here. Expect updates soon-ish, when I'm not too busy anyway. New link is right here, since Dropbox apparently decided to hide the file for whatever reason and won't let me unhide it.
  2. Sony? In my Nintendo forum? Why, yes, and allow me to tell you why: It is because this game... ...isn't COD... ...or anything else made by EA, for that matter. Quite on the contrary. It is... ...ready when you are, game... FIRE EMBLEM ON P S 1 Okay, that was a lot less epic than I thought it'd be. Well, anyway! Remember me, anybody? I'm-- ...what do you want now, game? What in the world is this? I haven't even pressed anything! Oh, okay, it's playing itself, I see. Who even is Imperial? Well, in any case, back on topic. Remember me, anybody? It is I, Saint Rubenio, self-proclaimed worst tactician ever and part-time universe destroyer and mass genocider. A year ago, I played FE12 and it was horrible! Then I played FE6 and it was probably the worst run of that game that anyone's ever had the audacity to record and publish on the internet. I have decided that the time has come for me to return and crash yet another train repeatedly until it turns into an indescribable wreck of massive proportions, leaving behind a myriad of orphans, widows and other, similarly depressed people. With any luck, it won't be quite as terrible as FE6. Bring on the questions that nobody will ask, but I will respond to anyway! Ruben, rules. Rules, right. In my first LP, I broke every single one of my self-imposed rules, and in my second LP, I outright forgot to make any and just sort of made them up as I went. Let's see if we can do this right this time around, shall we? - For starters, obviously, this is an ironman run, which means I am only allowed to reset when the game forces me to via game overs. If anybody dies before the game over, they will be used during that chapter, but will be killed off / benched for life afterwards. - On the matter of resetting, I'd like to make one exception: since this game doesn't allow for simple formation editing (instead going for the clumsy old "move people's names around to move them on the map!" system), I will allow myself to reset at the very beginning of the map, before making any moves, so that I can arrange the formation to my liking. - All deaths will be counted, with one exception, which I will explain if it happens. Suffice to say, if it does happen, it really won't be much of a death at all. - While I will be using Warp, outright warpskipping is, for the most part, disallowed. Once again, there is an exception, this time because I don't think I have the heart to face that chapter without warpskipping. We'll talk about it when we get there. - Narron is banned Dude, I don't even know who you are. What's all this talk about destroying the universe? Should I call the cops? Please, don't. The truth is, in my past 2 LPs, I sort of winged a fanfic to go with the main story. Initially it was only a lame self-insert, but it started to evolve until I completely lost control of it. I will continue the story in this LP, so if you haven't read my other LPs, you might be a little lost. Don't worry, though, I'll try to keep things understandable enough, even if I will be referencing my past works (if I learnt anything in my FE6 LP, it's that I cannot stop myself). Ruben, what is the Leteena event? That question is mostly directed at people who already know the game, but here's a quick recap: the Leteena event is shit. The long answer is: the Leteena event is bullshit. You need more? Fine, I'll humor you. See Xavier? Well... not quite that terrible, but it's up there. The only purpose it serves is to make the player's life more miserable, and as we know, readers like to make the LPer's life miserable (at least my readers liked it a lot in the past), so please, vote away. Will we get to choose things for you to do? For the most part, I'll use any units I want, and in the event of alternate chapters, I'll show both and go with whichever run I like better. However, there are some pretty big decisions in this game that I will let you vote for. As well, you are free to suggest units for me to use, as I don't really have any preferences. Hopefully, you won't choose something ridiculous, like Narron. Or Narron. What is your stance on spoilers? I don't like 'em, so please, if you want to talk about things that haven't happened in the LP yet, put a big fat spoiler alert first and keep the content hidden within spoiler boxes. Of course, I already know pretty much everything, but surely somebody won't, so think of the children. Your last LP took ages to load every time. How will you handle things this time? Tear Ring Saga is about three times more text-heavy than FE6 or 12, so I'm going to change things up a bit: instead of just dumping a thousand screenshots of text in every update, I'll do what professional LPers do and write the dialoge manually with mugshots and all. For clarification's sake, I shall be using my trusty old Barlowe portraits to speak my mind during dialogue. This might change down the line, so don't take it as gospel. Or anything else on the OP, for that matter, if my last LPs are anything to go by... What will be the schedule for this LP? Like last times, there'll be none, and like last times, it'll probably change over the course of the LP, likely for worse. I'll try to have an update out within 3-4 days of the last, more often than not, but I am currently studying a programming course right now (shut up, you care), and in a couple weeks I have The Week (you know the one, that which has exams every single day because teachers are bad at organizing and coordinating) and Smash Ultimate comes out on top of that and I want to see if Luigi has really been nerfed to oblivion, so things might change. Man, I picked the worst possible time to start this, didn't I? Off to a great start, I see... and just you wait until you see the first chapter, which I've already played. There are six enemies, for crying out loud, and things already went as badly as they could've possibly gone! Why me...? Ruben, why don't you like Narron? I used Matthis in FE12. And Wade in FE6. Let that be the answer to your question. Now, before I finish up the OP, allow me to put a DISCLAIMER here for everyone to see: this LP will feature profanity, blood and gore, black humour and probably unhealthy amounts of character deaths. Viewer discretion is advised, because God knows I won't be able to be discreet. With all that out of the way, and without further ado, I think it's time for the tears to begin flowing as I fail terribly to be good at Tear Ring Saga! ...ergh, in a few days. See you then!
  3. My fellow FE fans, To get the guild key in Holmes Route... I see you need to complete the forging side quest. However, I cannot figure out where to get the master sword needed to complete the 3rd forging. I see you can get it from map 23... but is that too late? The only other place I see it is from the mermel caves encounter but that is a 2% random chance to get it from a chest which would be miserable to farm. So if anyone has any knowledge about this I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks,
  4. Have you ever wanted to use a character that can warp anywhere on the map at will? Tear Ring Saga gave us that ability, but the two characters that had it joined late. Well, now in TRS RR you can use them from the start of the game! Have you ever wanted dual female lords? TRS RR has that too! Have you ever wanted a thief lord with 1 base STR and a 0% STR growth rate? Probably not, but you will get one of those in TRS RR too! Screenshots See here for some screenshots of the fun that is to be had. Patches Patch for vanilla V1.04 to RR V1.02: Here The patch should be applied to a .bin file that has already been patched with V1.04 of Aethin's English translation patch. You can obtain the English patch here. These are all xdelta patches, so use your favorite xdelta patcher (Delta Patcher and xdelta UI are two I know of) to patch it. Guide I have made a handy Spreadsheet Guide that covers recruitment, unit stats, learned skills, promotion gains, events, and other notes. It should have basically everything you need to know while you're playing TRS RR. Note that there are multiple tabs in the spreadsheet. Be sure to check out the "Other Notes" tab, it has some important information! FAQs Do characters have their normal growth rates? How did you calculate the character base stats? Yes, none of the characters growth rates were changed at all. Character base stats were obtained by using their growth rates and leveling or "deleveling" them to their new level. Promotion bonuses were also added or subtracted as necessary. In TRS there are some classes that don't promote, what happens to units that replace these classes? I took this on a case-by-case basis: The Royal Knight class is considered a promoted version of the Cavalier class The Shadow Knight class is considered a promoted version of the Shadow Lancer class Leda Princess is considered a promoted version of Princess Prince is considered a promoted version of Lord. Artilleryman, Chief, Witch, and Pirate are considered promoted classes, but with no unpromoted version. Thief is considered an unpromoted class. How are PRFs handled? All PRF weapons now belong to the unit who replaced them. So Juni can use Holmes' holy sword, Tia can use Runan's holy sword, etc. There are also a few unique situations regarding PRFs: Alicia and Meriel swap places, so Alicia gets a thunder magic version of Starlight (called Starstorm lol) and Meriel gets Dire Light (Which replaces Dire Thunder). Alicia also gets Aura rain, but that is still light magic, so you will have to promote Alicia if you want to be able to use Aura rain. Esther replaces Rishel, so she gets the Sunspear, which is a 1-3 range lance that replaces Sunflame. Plum and Lionheart swap places. Lionheart obviously can't use the Enarmor staff, so that became Renee's PRF instead (Since Renee is now the one that gives it to Lionheart in the event) In Vanilla Alfred joins in the final chapter to prevent the player from softlocking the game if they do not have Sierra/Renee alive. Is there any failsafe to prevent the game from softlocking in RR? Yes, I did put a failsafe in. Kreiss, who replaces Alfred, will have a warp scroll in his inventory when he joins in the final chapter. It will allow him to learn warp. Credits Many thanks to Aethin, who answered numerous questions I had throughout the hacking process. Programs used to create this hack were HxD, CDMage, TIM Viewer, and TRSModify. Changelog V1.02: Based on discord suggestions, changed Zieg's starting class to be Shadow Lancer instead of Cavalier, since that makes more sense. V1.01: Fixed Letena's portrait when she joins in chapter 2.
  5. Why hello there everyone! well I was recently playing Tear Ring Saga and I had Maruju go with Holmes on the very first route split and got the Sylpheed magic early as a result now that is normal. The thing I am wondering about just to be sure as I may have by mistake found something that no one else has yay I may have discovered a glitch that no one else knows! Well on chapter 21 when Sennet and everyone shows up I had Alicia speak with Alfred and after the talk something I did not expect happned. I got another Sylpheed tome!! this can`t possibly be normal as as far as I know ☆ rank weapons are one of a kind in this game and you can never get more than one copy unless you abuse the Krisheenu glitch to duplicate items so yeah is that normal to get another one? or have I found something that no one else has? if I have possibly found a glitch then I guess it is time to spread the word around to any Tear Ring Saga players heh.
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