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  1. I've always found it disappointing that FE5 doesn't present much challenge after a first playthrough other than self-imposed challenges, so I made this hack which aims to make the game more difficult and less trivialized by warp skipping. (I plan to update this at some point, and there absolutely could be issues with the game currently, so please let me know if you have any technical issues or criticisms.) Patch Download Spreadsheet with all changes General Changes: * Enemies will have increased base stats and greatly increased growth rates. * Enemies will often have stronger weapons. * Enemy spawns may be different in some maps (i.e. promoted instead of non-promoted enemies). * Generic enemies and bosses will have skills much more often than in the vanilla game, though there are not many skills added prior to Chapter 13 * Some maps have been changed in some ways to make them more difficult or to account for the other changes in the gameplay (this is mostly in removing ballista in some maps and replacing them with standard enemies) * All scroll growth rates are now 0 for all stats (they still give crit immunity). However, player units have increased base stats and growth rates to compensate. (All player unit base stats and growths list in the document below). * All warp staves before chapter 21x are either turned into Rewarp/Sleep or are removed entirely. * Most maps will have a turn limit, either a hard turn limit caused by an immediate game over screen once you reach a certain turn, or by other means forcing you to finish the map more quickly. The turn limit for each is listed in the hack document provided below. * S Drinks are no longer buyable (but they can still be attained in all the other ways they already were able to be in vanilla). I realize that some of these changes may be controversial, but I think they're important to facilitate strategies that engage with the challenges the game presents to you rather than simply circumventing them entirely, like what S Drinks and warp allow you to do for much of the vanilla game. The hack also includes many other changes in order to make the fit better with the general changes, though you could say some of these are just things I considered cool: Classes: * Warrior now has "Accost" as a class skill. * Warrior can now move on cliffs, peaks, and rivers with a movement cost of 5. * Armored units can now move on mountains with a movement cost of 6. * Female Hero now has "Sol" as a class skill, and now gains D axes on promotion instead of E. * Male Hero now gains C swords on promo instead of E. * General has increased weapon ranks. * Mage Knights (both Male and Female) now have +1 move indoors (now 6 instead of 5 in vanilla). * Male Sniper now gains 1 move on promotion (8 instead of 7 in vanilla, and this includes enemies). * Female Sniper now has "Adept" and "Luna" as class skills. * Female Wyvern Knight now has "Miracle" and "Nihil" as class skills, and has reduced dismount penalties (and so does FWyvernRider). * Prince (Leif's promotion) now gains an additional +1 to Strength, Speed, Magic, Skill, and Defense on promotion, gains A swords, and +1 move (now base 7 instead of 6). * Sorcerer now gains +50 dark wexp on promotion. * Male and Female Thief will be boosted to 10 con after promotion (however, Perne, Lara, and Lifis all have 0% con growths in this hack). * High Priest and Priestess now attain C rank Fire on promotion, along with C rank Light. * Some classes have their promotion gains changed, notable examples include FMageKnight, Sage, Sorcerer, but I can't remember all of them right now lol Items: * The Thunder Sword now gives +10 skill instead of +5 * Magic swords are now much more common. * Increased hit and lower weight on most lances. * The Brave lance is now a B rank lance instead of a Finn Prf. * Killer Lance is now C rank. * Added Shadow Spear, which provides nihil, is effective against armored units, and provides a +5 defense buff. * Vouge weight increased by 1, hit reduced by 10, now usable by Osian, Halvan, Macha, Ralph, and Galzus. * Made good axes such as Silver Axe and Killer Axe far more common among enemies. * Made Bow hit a bit higher all around, and some bows have reduced weight. * Killer Bow is now C rank. * Added the "Quicksilver" which is a 25 might, 110 hit, A rank bow which also provides +10 speed. * Rare tomes in vanilla, such as thoron, wind, elfire, tornado, are now much more common. * Dire Thunder weight reduced to 8, and is now an A rank thunder tome instead of an Olwen Prf. * Thoron weight reduced to 7 from 9, hit increased to 75 from 70, and crit reduced to 10 from 20. * Tornado now has 10 might, 105 hit, is B rank wind, and provides a +5 speed bonus * Bolganone (A rank fire) and Aura (A rank light, provides nihil and charm) are now usable. * Added "Nightmare" (B rank) which is a low damage, low accuracy dark tome which sleeps on hit. * Added dark Nosferatu (A rank), light nosferatu has been renamed "Resire" and has vanilla stats. * Jormungand now has 14 might, 75 hit, 9 weight, and also provides a +5 defense buff. * Wind changed to 95 hit, 4 might, 0 weight * Grafcalibur is now a C rank wind tome * Elfire is now 85 hit, 13 might Many other changes that are covered in full in the document on this page Unit changes: * Miranda and Misha now have the "Nihil" skill. * Selphina now has the "Vantage" skill instead of "Accost." * Sara no longer has the "Wrath" Skill. New supports: * Macha <- Brighton,10 * Halvan <- Leif,10 * Mareeta <- Leif,10 * Mareeta <- Saias,10 * Schroff <- Amalda,10 * Amalda <- Schroff,10 * Alba <- Kane,10 * Kane <- Alba,10 * Shannam <- Homer,10 * Homer <- Shannam,20 * Miranda <- Conomor,10 * Karin <- Misha,10 * (The already existing Misha <- Karin support has been boosted to being a 20 support) Thanks to everyone in the fe5 hacking community who helped me with all of my annoying questions regarding hacking, especially Miacis and Zane Avernathy. Also, thank you all the people in fe5 hacking hel who provided feedback on some of my ideas. I had no experience in hacking prior to making this.
  2. Hello, everyone! So my friend is doing a blind ironman of Thracia for the first time, and I'm meant to be his navigator. Problem is, I forgot about 8x, gave him certain information, and so he took certain risks that led to Tanya getting splatted. Doing some research, the best course seems to be this ancient Action Replay code list from 2001 on GameFaqs, [https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/577344-fire-emblem-thracia-776/faqs/11522] but there's no indication for living/dead status. There's been very little information on this topic since that I can find, unfortunately. Is there a way I can cheat in Tanya not being a corpse for my friend? Either through this method, a save editor, unpacking it in Python or something, really any method would work.
  3. A while back I made a post asking if anyone knew if it was possible to complete chapter 20 of Thracia 776 without killing the boss, who is required to be defeated. I've tried pretty much everything Stealing all weapons to deactivate the boss (deactivating means it will either run away or do nothing at all. in this case, the boss does nothing since his escape point is the throne) Status effects like sleep, and berserk were used, but berserk just gets him killed by his own army, and sleep doesn't remove him from the map. The only things I can think of for removing a unit from the map are things that work for other chapters. Capturing allows the enemy to live, but this boss has 20con making it impossible. Making the boss an ally which does work in chapter 12x where the enemies will flee if the boss is defeated or becomes an ally. This would be the same case for this chapter if we could somehow turn him to our side. Unfortunately there is no way to do this as far as I know so I hope someone here will have an idea that could work since this is probably my best bet.
  4. FE5 (Thracia 776) Randomizer by hexrobot I started this project in 2020 because of boredom and after furious keyboard mashing and long hours playtesting somehow managed to finish 🥳. Works with most roms. Read the code on Github. Features: Randomizes character and enemies bases, growths, classes, leadership stars, vigor stars, skills, etc. Randomizes weapon attributes (Might, Accuracy, Critical, etc.) and item rewards. Balance options (some of them to make the game easier). Shuffles character portrait palettes 🤩. Screenshots: Download Latest release: v1.2 [ Windows | Mac os | Linux (deb) ]
  5. I've been doing a challenge run where I try to complete Thracia 776 while saving every unit. And since this includes both playable units and enemy units, I'm trying to lower my kill count as much as possible which includes the boss of Chapter 20. All ideas are welcome, I've tried stealing weapons, using status staves, and waiting 1000+ turns.
  6. Version 2.0 is here! Over four years after the original release, version 2.0 of FE5 Reverse Recruitment is here! The hack has been completely rebuilt using newer hacking tools. Major changes include: The patch now includes the Lil' Manster translation and QoL patch. All credit goes to Miacis and the rest of the Lil' Manster team. For details on the Lil' Manster patch, see here. No currently known glitches Personal weapons are the same as they are in vanilla - no wacky makeshift personal weapons anymore Ronan no longer uses swords, and other similar weird work-arounds have been removed Characters generally have correct palettes in battle (A few characters will use default palette until they promote). Character portraits are changed during dialogue (Note: portraits are not changed during the world map sequences) A few units have some different weapon ranks on secondary weapons, since weapon ranks now follow a new formula when swapping characters that don't have the same number of weapons Authority stars are now swapped, instead of being based on the original unit. Special events items have been changed to be relevant to the unit Some chest items in the Manster arc have been updated to be more relevant for the units you have Other minor changes that are inherent to the fact that the hack was rebuilt Screenshots Patch V2.01 Patch This is an IPS patch, so you will need an IPS patcher such as FLIPS to apply them. The patch should be applied to a clean, japanese, unheadered, V-ROM version of Thracia 776. You will know the ROM is unheadered if the filesize is 4096 KB. Spreadsheet I have created a spreadsheet with a list of which units swap, unit stats, and special events. See here. FAQ Do characters have their normal growths? How did you calculate the character base stats? Character growths are kept the same. Base stats were calculated by either leveling or "deleveling" characters to their new level, and adding in or subtracting promotion bonuses as necessary. When leveling or "deleveling" characters, all promotions were assumed to occur at level 10. What about Weapon Ranks? Weapon ranks are based on the character that is being replaced. Example: Vanilla Dagdar had A rank in Axes, E rank in bows. Amalda, who replaces Dagdar, now has an A rank in swords, and an E rank in staves How do you get through Manster without a thief? Every character that joins in the Manster arc now joins with 3 door keys in their inventory, so there are plenty of door keys to get through Manster. Some additional door keys have also been added to enemies throughout the Manster arc. Why doesn't Galzus have insane health like he does in vanilla? Galzus's HP is the one stat that is nerfed from what it "should be" based on the calculations for balance. It won't work in my emulator. What should I do? Use SNES9X. The English patch expands the size of the ROM, which some older emulators don't like. Who are the route split characters? A Route Characters: Brighton (Alba must be dead or unrecruited), Macha, Lifis, Dagdar B Route characters: Ronan, Marty, Eyvel How do supports work? Supports are based on the new characters. So Galzus only supports Mareeta, he doesn't support most of the army like Leif does. Credits Credits to Miacis and the Lil' Manster team for the translation and QoL improvements, and this hack was built with the Lil' Manster teams hacking tools. Many thanks to ZaneAvernathy for all of his work in FE5 dissassembly. Also thanks to Kirb who helped me with some documentation during earlier development of this hack. V2.0 Changelog V2.01: Fixed an issue where Galzus's authority stars underflowed.
  7. I'm in chapter 23 of Thracia and Saias is just not appearing in the map or in the unit list. I don't care if Ced is the better unit, he's already in Genealogy! This may have something to do with the fact that I have used a few cheats and I may also have a few units i'm not supposed to get in the same playthrough. But is there any way to fix this?
  8. This is my first time posting here so I don't know if I'm doing this right. So, I'm playing the Lil' Manster translation of Thracia and in chapter 15 I picked the B route, which I don't regret, but I really wanted to have Sleuf, Misha and Amalda. Is there any way this is possible, like with cheats? That is, if it doesn't break the game. *Update: I'm in chapter 23 and I got all the characters I wanted so far but Saias is not appearing!
  9. It‘s Thracia, but you play the bosses and fight against the original cast! Follow lord Veld, his trusted knight Raydrik and his merry men, the deadlords, on a magical journey after the malicious prince Leaf and his pawn, baron Finn, kidnapped Velds love interest Bharat and find out that the real treasure are the ~40 generic-looking friends they make along the way! This hack replaces every playable character with a boss or NPC and vice versa. Since there aren‘t enough bosses to replace every unit, August, Dorias, Julius and Ishtar are included as playables. On top of that, Lara is unchanged since she funtions as both your thief in Manster and your dancer. This hack also gives most bosses who appear as a general or baron in the base game a new class, as there wouldn‘t be any variety between units otherwise. Update: Version 1.1 of the hack is out! On top of some fixes, this version is updated to version 1.08 of Lil' Manster, allowing you to access all the new and amazing QoL features of that version. Many thanks to Miacis for helping me with the switch! Note: This hack does not alter any dialogue, it‘s gameplay only (apart from some memes). Download Link The complete changelog can be found here. The Folder also includes a 0% growths version and an Everyone Is Largo version. The creeping realization that everyone is Largo is something I just wanted to share (his portrait gets reused like 5 times in the game). The Optional QoL/unit reordering patches from LM are also included. Known Issues: - Stoning bosses before they can participate in certain events (like Leaf in chapter 5) can cause soflocks. Just don‘t do that. Stoning bosses in general is fine though – and hilariously broken! - If a unit gets stoned, then recruited (like Trewds or Mishas replacement, at the end of the chapter), they‘ll stay stoned as the status doesn‘t get cleared between chapters. - If The door to the arena is opened while Eichner is on the field in chapter 5, he sometimes remains on the battlefield even though his sprite is gone until 1 othe action is completed. If you step on his tile while he's still there, the game crashes. Thanks to Tortuga Jr.#6373 on discord for reporting this Note that I might have missed some bugs and glitches. If you encounter anything that looks like one, please contact me immediately on SF or on Discord (user Blade of Light#6050). Thanks!
  10. Not entirely sure if this belongs here or into Fan Projects, but Fan Projects specifies Hacks, so I won't post it there. I made a complete Super Thracia Guide! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xQHEjnAJrgQmLGmvPXvsLF4HBRbfyQjOJ-6Rphr7BWU/edit?usp=sharing There's a lot of empty space due to formatting, but I believe it's still of over 100 pages of text. I attempted to cover every important part of the game in one single resource. Now there's no excuse to sleep on ST anymore, guys!
  11. Turncounts: Chapter 1: 4 turns Chapter 2: 4 turns Chapter 2x: 8 turns Chapter 3: 5 turns Chapter 4: 11 turns Chapter 5: 18 turns Chapter 6: 7 turns Chapter 7: 7 turns Chapter 8: 4 turns Chapter 9: 3 turns Chapter 10: 12 turns Chapter 11: 6 turns Chapter 12: 6 turns Chapter 12x: 10 turns Chapter 13: 5 turns Chapter 14: 10 turns Chapter 15: 2 turns Chapter 16b: 4 turns Chapter 17b: 3 turns Chapter 18: 6 turns Chapter 19: 1 turn Chapter 20: 15 turns Chapter 21: 5 turns Chapter 21x: 1 turn Chapter 22: 3 turns Chapter 23: 3 turns Chapter 24: 4 turns Final Chapter: 4 turns Total: 171 turns
  12. This is a crosspost from FEU. While working on my FE5 project I had figured it'd be nice to rip the map sprites, because I can't find a unified sheet of them anywhere. Although the data is ripped using the class data table, there might be errors. If anything's odd about these, let me know. FE5 Map Sprites Here's an example: Each class gets its own sheet. Some sheets have some strange things going on, such as: Some mage classes have incorrect sprites, probably due to the correct sprites being set in character data Some mage classes have other mages in their battle sprites The High Priest and Priest have some strange things going on There's that weird Baron class More stuff, probably Unused sprites and stuff may be added later, but any sprites that aren't referenced are not included yet.
  13. Fire Emblem 5 is one of my absolute favorite parts from this series. Unfortunately I could have not enjoyed the story yet for playing with rubbish translation. With this translation patch the localisation issue is solved...... at least it should be. I have not used this patch yet, so I am very excited to try this one out. Anyways this playthrough will not be any special except I will recruit as many units as possible. That said not everyone can be recruited since a few units are exclusive depending on which route was picked. If you want to suggest me the route, then leave it in the comments. On the picked route I will recruit everyone (not re-recruitments). Also I will explain this game, mainly to intodruce people into this game who have not played this game but are interested in it. It can be boring, but a screenshot says a thousand word anyways. I will start upcoming weekend as I will update on every weekend for now simply because of restricted freetime during the week.
  14. I want to try recruiting him without watching a guide, but I have one important question: Does the game tell me somewhere which civilian has to talk to which armor knight? Having the knowledge would make things a lot easier to the already messy recruitment.
  15. Thracia 776 has a skill called accost (charge in the older translations) which doubles basically the combat. So if an ally doubles an enemy, it attacks four times and the enemy attacks twice. This sounds good at first, but it is terrible if the accost unit cannot counterattack. The enemy can basically attack twice for free. In case of Dagdar who has this skill, chapter 8x is an absolute pain in the ass because he always gets hit twice. This is the result: I see accost just as suicide skill. Since enemies can always hit, it cannot even be given to a dodgetank unit. I remember given this skill to Asbel in a former run who was doubled by ballistas all the time and died multiple times. This brings me up with that question what the point of this skill is (= best usage) and who could use it best?
  16. According to this: I understand as if Mareeta would join in any case. However in my run she has not shown up in chapter 12, a cutscene with Cyas has not happened either. I guess, she did not join because she was "killed" in chapter 5. However Raydrik mentioned at the end of chapter 6 that she is very alive: It was another hint for me that she would join regardless what happened to her in chapter 5. I am really confused right now, but it probably will not change the matter that she is gone for good as Galzus will. Anyways I consider this as a misinformation and would like to ask any editor to add if she survived chapter 5 to prevent this confusion. I am really miffed since she is one of the best units in the game who also is able to recruit one of the best in the game.
  17. Hiya! I'm Zane. You might know me from my FE5 Menu Translation. Although work on the menu translation has essentially ceased, I've been steadily working on a project that uses it as its base. So, I'd like to introduce Emblem Chronicle VII (henceforth called ECVII): ECVII is essentially a demake of FE7 within FE5. It's a proof-of-concept, learning tool, and showcase all in one. I'm currently planning on making all of Hector mode, skipping Lyn mode. This release has two chapters. This isn't 1-to-1, however. I'm not looking to write Elibe fanfiction, but this won't ever be a cut/paste job from 7 to 5. Classes, enemies, maps, and dialogue, along with some other things, will likely be changed. Unit stats, skills, and classes are not final. This is partially due to the WIP nature of the hack, but is mainly just me figuring out how to play with FE5. Have some screenshots: Here's a patch: ECVII [12-1-17] This is for an unheadered, unedited FE5 ROM. I'm not responsible for anything past chapter 2. Please don't ask me why it's vanilla. I'd also like to reiterate that essentially none of this is final--if you have a suggestion, I'd like to hear it. If you've got a complaint about stats/levels, be thankful that they'll be getting smoothed out later. I'd like to thank everyone involved--I certainly couldn't do it without you: There are plenty of bugs in the current build. If you find one not listed here, let me know. I'll probably be releasing more tools, doc, and whatnot sometime soon. More info, plans, and screenshots are likely to be appended to this post shortly.
  18. So, I have a question. I'm now on Ch 9 in FE5 and I'm trying to clear maps as fast as possible(basicly playing on rank) and the problem is that my Safy on lvl 6 60 exp and I want her to reach to promotion lvl as fast as possible(maybe around next chapter) to use that juicy Warp. What should I do to gain levels faster? I have a few Physic staves. Should I use them or conserve them and use them on Salem later? Btw I'm playing on Paragon mode.
  19. I promoted my Callion last chapter, but I forgot to look at his stats. While I was in the deployment window I wondered how he compared to Finn(my lvl. 8 duke knight). I take a look and he is 1 point better in every stat, except for his 2 point deficiance in his build. Now it's Orsin's turn to get trained, because he's still a lvl. 8 fighter on chapter 12.
  20. Want to debate about fire emblem so I decided on thracia 776 (in my opinion it is one of thee most polarizing FE games in terms of unit debates) I will argue about any units but I am going to start with this, "Marty can be one of the best units in your army if trained properly"
  21. So I've been on a quest to play other FE games lately (The only fe games I've played are Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade, Binding Blade, Shadows of Valentia, and Fates. Am currently playing Genealogy of The Holy War.) I figured I'd download Thracia 776 in advance so I could play it immediately after finishing Genealogy, but getting it to work has just been.. tedious... The game ends up having characters speaking in wingdings (not really but they speak in swords, weird letters, and icons), the map becomes glitchy, or sometimes the game just refuses to work (one case the game was just a black screen, the other was just the game freezing after making a new game). Can someone tell me how to do this correctly, or maybe just link me to a pre-translated rom? I am using John SNES emulator lite for the android, just in case the info helps.
  22. Okay... so I have a rom of Thracia 776. I have the project exile patch. That's all fine and dandy. NOPE. I can't use Lunar IPS because SNES 9x doesn't allow patches. I know there's a way to use patches with SNES 9x, but I can't figure it out. Can somebody please help me?
  23. Do you like to edit Nanna No Cloak's Sprite? Nanna (No Cloak) is Nanna (Paladin) without Cloak and Feather Decoration. Base Nanna (No Cloak) Sprite ↓ Nanna (Paladin) Sprite ↓
  24. My first post here so hello! As my nick suggests I come from the Awakening generation of FE lovers. At the beginning of this summer I finally finished playing through Revelations and happened to watch Fates LP from Mangs. This combined have inspired me to make a deep dive into the history of Fire Emblem. After some trial and error I decided to start with FE4 (which was also awesome!) and then jumped into FE5 as it was connected plot wise and was infamous for its brutal difficulty. Today I have finally completed FE5 and I am absolutely in love. Disclaimer: because I have limited time to play, plan to go through all Fire Emblem games, and heard about the brutal, sometimes unfair difficulty of FE5, I made a conscious decision to play with a Walkthrough to get a maximum out of my run (the game kicked my ass anyway...). I WISH I had the chance to play it years ago, go at it blind, fail miserably at first and then replay it over and over until I could beat it. Even with ridiculous 1RNG, overpowered staves, overdone ballistae, and general game design set on screwing the player over at every step and turn, this game does so many things well I'm having trouble believing it was made 20 years ago. I think I was most impressed by how game mechanics blended perfectly with the setting - escape/defend chapters , capturing enemies for equipment, all perfectly representing a guerrilla group going against an empire. The gameplay was an impure bliss (because of the stupid stuff) to the point where sitting half an hour in battle preparation screen was as enjoyable as the map itself. Technically this game is also a gem. The graphics, art direction, music, sounds, animation - everything works together so well. Heck, I prefer this over the low res 3D models from 3DS games, anytime. I actually wish they stayed with stylized 2D or 2.5D instead of going 3D. The music playing during most of the escape chapters is by far my favorite one - I will never forget the insane tension of chapters 4-7. I hope this game will receive an Echoes remake - all it needs, in my opinion, is 2RNG and a bit less staves/ballistae shenanigans (without going into *ekhm*WARP*ehkm* details). In short, I love this game, I think I will return to it eventually weather it will get a remake or not.
  25. So I finished Thracia 776 recently and just started playing Tearring Saga and a trend that the games share is that they will let take an overlook of the map and the enemies, but they will not tell you where your starting position is. When first playing Thracia I thought it was a technical limitation, but as I played more I realized it was a deliberate choice. For those who don't know some chapters in the game will have your units positioned in certain ways to create map scenarios that you have to overcome. A slight spoiler warning ahead and an example is at the end of a certain chapter Leif sends out half of his army to spearhead an attack with him and the rest of his forces following behind after they get some rest. The next chapter begins with you choosing your units and managing their equipment and then the chapter starts with Leif and half his men at the top of the map, the other half in the middle and a huge and expanding enemy force at the bottom. You'll then notice this is an escape chapter (with Leif starting on the escape point) meant to simulate that the advance troops are running back to base away from the enemy. This seems like an easy win if it wasn't for the fact that you didn't know where your units would spawn. The units running from the army of mounted units could all be infantry with you mounts all up at the top. Still too easy? There are thieves and endlessly spawning brigands attacking houses all along the sides of the map out of the way of the escape point making it harder to get back to base. On top of that there is a recruitable unit among the enemy that makes it necessary to engage them if you want the new unit and you'll want them since they come with a leadership star and due to events in the story you could be down one and if you decided not to recruit a certain someone the map before you have technically lost two. I'm bringing this up because I found it interesting that they were able to make such an interesting map premise that works really well in the narrative and put real tactical challenges along the way aside from just really strong enemies. Most of the enemies chasing you down aren't that strong, but the number of them will eventually whittle down you forces unless your careful. At the same time I also found it really annoying to have no idea how my units would spawn or how to optimize my strategy without restarting. Tearring Saga does the same thing so and since Fire Emblem hasn't done this since I'm guessing this is a Kaga thing, hence the name of the topic. So my question is what do you guys think of these types of chapter starts? Do you think they would be fun to implement in another game (I don't know if Berwick or Vestaria Saga have them)? Maybe some suggestions on how to better implement them in a more fair way?
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