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Found 21 results

  1. I'm still kinda new here and I wanna get to know some of you. Let's get a little spicy, heh heh. Who do you think is the best FE waifu? My waifu is Hapi from Three Houses. I think she is incredibly well written, has an amazing voice actor, and is absolutely gorgeous!! She's funny, sweet and an amazing unit as well. Other top tier contenders are Lissa, Severa, Elincia, Jill, Mae, Anna, Oboro, Morgan, Leonie, Nephenee, Celica, and The Whitewings off the top of my head. Let's have a bit of a friendly waifu war my fellow weebs and start a discussion on our favorite waifus. 馃槈
  2. Welcome to Waifu/Husbando mafia! First a word from our sponsors: Now I know that was a great video, very informative but now let's move on to the important things! First off the rules! Rules: (Prims set) - I'm the mod and my word is final. Don't do anything that you expect will annoy me, even if it's not in the rules. This includes looking for loopholes. - No Outside Contact, keep the talking to the game thread unless your role allows otherwise. - Don't directly intefere with the game if you're dead or not playing - if you're going to talk to other players or post in-thread I expect everything you say to have no game relevance whatsoever. Also, do not talk about the game to other players (dead or living) while deceased unless both of you have received a link to the graveyard quicktopic. The graveyard will contain a list of players who have access to it in the OP. - Don't directly quote communications with the mod unless given permission. This includes your Role PM. - Going 24 hours without a post nets you a prod. Going 48 hours without a post or receiving too many prods is likely to result in a modkill. - Don't screenshot anything outside the game thread. - Don't edit your posts. - Don't post after hammer. - If you get yourself modkilled, you lose the game and your alignment may be subject to further punishment to circumvent any advantage your death could result in. - Have good integrity. This includes not being a jerk. - Play to win. Mechanics: - Day 1 start. - Day 1 will be 72 hours, day 2 and onwards will be 48 hours long. Nights are 24 hours all the time. Night phases can potentially end early if all actions have been submitted. - Lynches on Day 1 are determined by popular vote: the player with the most votes at phase end will be lynched. A tie will result in an extra 1-hour Super Sudden Death phase, at which point the first player to have more votes will be lynched. If nobody is lynched in that time period, No Majority will be reached. If a player reaches majority (half living players rounded down + 1) at any point in the day, they will be lynched early and the phase will end. - Lynches past Day 2 are determined by majority rules: Majority (half living players rounded down + 1) is required to be voting for a player for a lynch to be acheived. Failing to reach Majority results in the phase ending in No Majority. - Once Majority has been reached hammer will apply and the phase will end. - No Majority results in a No Lynch the first time, and a universal loss the second. No Lynch may not be voted. - You will be told whether your action failed or not, but not what caused it to fail (as a general note, this accounts for stuff like roleblocker / safeguard / etc., a kill attempt that failed because the target was protected by a doctor will still be considered successful). You will also be told if your action was redirected. - Killing roles get infinite no-kills. - LYLO and MYLO will be announced. Whether a loss is potential or guaranteed will not be. - There is also one more new mechanic that is being added into the game but it will have it's own section entirely. Look down for more info on this. It is called "My waifu isn't trash." Set-up info: - All players are on the player list. - All players have a role. Roles may be wacky and/or slightly bastard. - Players may request that any theoretical anonymous day actions be used at a specific time in advance for whatever reason (not wanting to be caught on the online list, not being available when they need to use it, etc). - Cardflips will contain a pretty picture, player name, character name, alignment & role name and phase of death. Cardflips will also never lie to you, but they might not describe a player's role in detail. - If your role PM doesn't say you can self-target, you can't. - Flavor is irrelevant to alignment. - The town win condition is: "You are aligned with the Holy Order. You win when all threats to the Holy Order are Eliminated." - The anony account you are playing on WILL BE NAMED AFTER WHOEVER YOU PICK FOR YOUR ROLE. IS YOUR WAIFU TRASH? Hopefully no. My waifu isn't trash: (Game specific mechanic) - This is a second voting mechanic in the game. - This is basically a popularity contest. Who's the best Waifu or Husbando? - All votes must be done in private; via your Role PM. - Votals will NOT be revealed; barring role mechanics which could potentially reveal them. - Since obviously everyone thinks they are the best, voting yourself is not allowed(unless your role pm states you can). - The player with the most votes at the end of the phase will get some special added benefit for that night only. - This action can change based on role/alignment. - This benefit can include but is not limited to: Motivate, Self doc, 1x announce, 1x self watch, strongarm, ninja, janitor, 1x track, 1x role cop, etc. The list goes on and not everything will be listed here but this is just for people to have an example of what the person with the most votes can get. - Now because all Waifu's and Husbando's are fair beings, after winning the award you will not be eligible for the award for the following TWO day phases. - Example: Player A wins the award day 1. They cannot win again until Day 4. They can however be voted still which means if they potentially 'win' the award on day 2 or 3, nothing happens. This is a Choose Your Own Role game! PM me a character Living or fictional humanoid being that can qualify as a waifu or husbando. No trolling. I will decline anything that does not at least fit the bare minimum requirements. Your flavor and Role will be based around what you send me (To an extent.) This is an anonymous game. To sign up, PM me or message me on Discord. DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD UNTIL I GIVE THE OKAY. This game will NOT start until at least 1 week after all signs up have been filled. If possible I would like to start this game before August 31st though. Current sign ups: (First come first serve; anything after 15 will be subs) (If you would like to sub just message me that you are willing to sub should someone drop out.) 15/15
  3. Who is the fictional character that you love with a passion? If you don't know, Waifus are characters from anime or video games. Urban Dictionary says: My Waifu is from the Light Novel/Anime, Konosuba, Megumin. She is the ultimate mage from the crimson magic clan. ((((Though she only knows one type of magic)))) Megumin is a kind, naive character. She cherishes her comrades and does her best to support them. I would go into further detail about why I love her so much but that dabbles into spoiler territory.
  4. Camilla, Bewitching Beauty can be a very fun, and effective, character to use if built properly. One thing in common with the first two below-listed builds: they are all quite expensive and will require skills that are uncommon. In addition, in order to make full use of these builds Camilla will need to be run on a Flier Emblem team. One upside to Camilla is that she is a relatively common character, so getting high merges is more doable. Big Sister is an excellent choice for summoner support, particularly for the DC build, as it increases her bulk and raises her speed to top tier with Fortify Fliers. Her best IV boon overall is +Spd, which increases the stat to 35. Stats at Level 40 5* HP: 34/37/41 ATK: 26/30/33 SPD: 29/32/35 DEF: 24/28/31 RES: 28/31/34 Distant Counter Tank Standard Brave Axe Build/Quad-hitting Build Budget Build Shouts out to Gamepress for some of the ideas for this post. Here is a link for their builds.
  5. Never understood why people waifu up Tharja. I dont have a waifu and I find it odd but, out of all the awakening cast why her? She is hot but she is a horrible person and mother who caused Noire to have a split personality due to all the curses and hexes. How do you people justify that? I want to see your mental gymnastics at work. But if she is your waifu just because she is hot then whatever.
  6. Something which I found more interesting than who won the Voting Gauntlet was the opportunity to inspect other players' maxed out units, and I must say there were some extreme examples of dedication and perhaps even sheer madness. You can find them in the Arena too. Some builds, like the B!Cordelia below, are understandable because of the strength and efficacy of the unit (I include her because of the +10...), but others, like the Firs, are just dumbfounding. Did you see any cracking examples of dedication/extreme optimisation? Any other amazing finds out there?
  7. So I just started up Heroes, and I was greeted by Lucina. I thought I just accidentally tapped her and she was gonna say something generic, but it was actually a full length convo, in which she tells me about the future she came from, and how she wants to protect this world. Unfortunately, I have no screenshots, nor did I record the conversation, because I was taken by surprise. Anyone else get something like this?
  8. So, I'm new to Serenes Forest and I heard something about a "waifu war"? Basically people would fight over which waifu was better? If anyone was in that, could you tell me, what was it like and who was your waifu? Personally, mine would've been the all mighty boingy Tharja! ;)
  9. So, I posted a thread awhile back asking about class sets for I believe Lon'qu and Stahl: I had already decided their final class, but for Lissa, it's... a bit more difficult. With (M)Avatar being her partner, I was curious if I should keep her as a War Cleric, or a Sage. For her skills, I'll keep Renewal, Dual Support+, Bond, Galeforce, the Max Stats +10 skill, (forgot what it was called...) and then there's the possibility of Tomefaire should she stay as a Sage. I feel like Lissa just might make a more reliable Sage, but the fact MyUnit is a Grandmaster, and pair-up gives that +2 to Magic and Strength, I feel like I can use Swords without worry. I don't really wish to blaze through battles with Tomes, because while yes, I'm trying for the best units I can have, I'm not tryharding any further. That's why I might shelve Galeforce for Lissa: I might swap it in from time to time with Tomefaire, I'm not sure. MyUnit is +HP -Lck, if that has any... relevance.
  10. this is something I've made using branstlees hunger games simulator. I know something similar to this already exists on the "far from the forest" thread but I wanted to try my hand at it with a different cast. Sorry if the quality is kind of bad, there is only so much you can do on an iPad. I hope everyone likes it. Everybody's welcome to give some feedback as to what you think. (I don't think I'll be able to fit it all in one post) I'll be updating again at some point.
  11. I wanted to match Levin with Fury but before I could have them talk he fell in love with Sylvia, despite not being nearly as cool. What can I do to fix it? I can reload a save fom the beginning of the chapter but I'm not sure it would actually help since they gain love points just be existing on the same universe and Fury still isn't a match for the dancer in Levin's heart. If I kill her, can I make Levin fall in love with Fury and then revive her? Or is there an easier way to do it? I know LevinxSylvia is a good pairing, but I don't like it from a narrative point of view.
  12. Hello,welcome to the first season of WAIFU WARS and HUSBANDO WARS.What you have to do is vote for your favorite waifu and husbando,but you can only choose 1.The one who has the least votes is OUT!Now everybody will learn Lucina is best waifu once I count the votes May the best waifu and husbando win! (By the way,I don't have enough space for all the waifus/husbandos.If your waifu is anyone besides Lucina and Inigo pick other children.Thanks Edit:http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=50237 The second war is ready!Vote now!
  13. I've seen a lot of marriages in Fire Emblem, but I'm curious why people marry certain characters. For me, in my first run, my female avatar married Chrom by accident because I didn't know that Chrom would marry avatar with an A rank at the tenth chapter. I sort of hate Chrom's desperation now. My second run with my male avatar was with Olivia because I found her to be a lot like me, shy and introverted, and she was nothing like most FE dancers, who I thought were all extremely vain(excluding Ninian who I grew up having her as sort of a role model because she was modest).
  14. [10:38 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: its ok not everyone can be a brony [10:39:30 PM] Hiro Protagonist: yeah i'm just a bro [10:39:39 PM] Hiro Protagonist: or so i tell myself at night [10:39:44 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: haha [10:39:50 PM] Hiro Protagonist: if you say BRO a lot you become a BRO prolly [10:39:57 PM] Hiro Protagonist: just like those RPG characters [10:39:59 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: BRO [10:40:01 PM] Hiro Protagonist: IM GOING TO BE A HERO [10:40:07 PM] Hiro Protagonist: said shirou [10:40:22 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: nowai shirou's a SUPERHERO [10:40:34 PM] Hiro Protagonist: IM GOING TO BE A SCIENTOLOGIST but that doesnt work that way you have to give the church wads of bux [10:40:36 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: like in that one bad ending in heaven's feel [10:40:54 PM] Hiro Protagonist: yeah but the good ending was a bad ending because saber died [10:40:59 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: troo [10:41:25 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: I like how when you get the bad end where you try to keep her alive [10:41:27 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: they're like [10:41:33 PM] Hiro Protagonist: although you got to play from Rin's perspective i guess because ever since the prologue i was like CANT WAIT FOR THIS AGAIN jk the prologue sucked there were no death scenes [10:41:40 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: UNFORTUNATELY SABER MUST DIE IN THIS ROUTE [10:41:46 PM] Hiro Protagonist: GET FUCKED [10:41:47 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: IF YOU LIKE SABER GTFO [10:41:48 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: wow you can't skip farina's recruitment convo even after you payed her [10:41:57 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: she must be hectors troo waifu [10:42:01 PM] Hiro Protagonist: wow horace [10:42:03 PM] Hiro Protagonist: urrite [10:42:06 PM] Hiro Protagonist: irrefutable proof [10:42:08 PM] Hiro Protagonist: brb making a thread [10:42:17 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: haha [10:42:26 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: i hope farina is actually on my list otherwise i just wasted a lot of money [10:42:31 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: YES [10:42:34 PM] Hiro Protagonist: i was going to say something about F/SN but i forgot [10:43:02 PM] Hiro Protagonist: hahaha horace [10:44:43 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: i dun see thread [10:44:53 PM] scorrikitty: i ate it I await the inevitable lame replies and non sequiturs. Just know that I didn't expect better of you, so neither should you! Not that this thread deserves any amazing replies, but it'd be nice if it got one! Or over 10,000.
  15. THIS IS MAI CANNON WAIFU: Whenever she needs to vent her anger, she does so with a bang:
  16. I declare that National/Annual Waifu Day is on the 16th of August. So who is your waifu? Mine's Cherche~ <3 Waifu list:
  17. Might have already been done, but I can't find it. This is a personality poll, so base your choice off support conversations/personality. Feel free to support your choice of wife. Personally, I choose Anna, because everything she says is like gold to me and her A support with Avatar is hilarious.
  18. I just...can't. I want a wife that Robin can Pair Up with in the Late Game and Post Game DLC. But I also like to make good use of Robin's great Stat mods and Class sets of his kids. It can't be Sumia, she is Chrom's wife. Characters I like are Cordelia (though I feel using Robin on Severa isn't an efficient use of Robin's super dad skills, Severa is great with almost all dads), Tharja (I've read Noire likes Robin as a dad, I like Tharja too, reminds me of Urd from OMG, but I think she is just adequate as a Support Pair up to Robin), Nowi (I like dragons in general and I heard that like Noire, Nah loves Robin as a father, but I also read that Nowi is just isn't useful to pair up with Robin at the Post game due to her lacking class set), and Lucina (Chrome but better, she is great as a Pair Up Partner, but while Morgan will have great mods as a third gen character, she will be an only child). Any help/tips? I hate my indecisiveness. :(
  19. Going to be doing one of my last runs on Lunatic+. Yes I will be grinding so... I can never decide what pairings to do so I need some help. Sumia is my waifu and Chrom-nom usually gets Olivia as his waifu so I need pairings for: Lissa, Sully, Maribelle, Cordelia, Cherche, Panne, Miriel, Tharja, and Nowi.
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