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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys I...no...All of my friends and I haven't been on lately... hehe...I've been inactive a lot...so I wouldn't know. Anyways... Lets get to it List down your top 15 so far in 2016, when ya get a new song edit your post or make a new one 15. Chearleader (Omi feat. Felix Jaehn 14. Drop in the Ocean (Omi feat. AronChups 13. For you (Park Avenue feat. Rich Edwards 12. Contigo (Enrique Eglasias feat. Pitbull...and someone else 11. Meri Kalibobo ( Im not sure who 10. Party Animal (Charlye Black 9. Brad Pitt my Cousin (Macklemore feat. Ryan Lewis 8. Take a Chance (Little Dragon feat. Flume 7. Wifi Tears (Slip x slurs 6. Turtle Town (Stephen Walking 5. Sex (Cheatcodes feat. Kriss kross 4. Closer (Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo 3. Sacred Woods (Varien feat. Skyelle 2. Waiting for you (Unlike Pluto feat. Joana Jones 1. New Sky (San Holo There you go..... It doesn't have to be Ascending or Descending
  2. Today starts this year's AGDQ 2016, a charity stream featuring people speedrunning games to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. We've had threads for these in the past and a lot of people were interested in them. Also, gwimpage is running Fire Emblem Path of Radiant tonight at around 11:10 PM EST- he had a great run of Radiant Dawn last year, so if you're interested in that tune in to show your support! Here's the link to the stream for people who wanna watch. At the time of posting the first game of the stream is Splatoon. http://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick edit: GDI Elieson made a post in the FE9 section
  3. Why hasn't anyone here talked about this yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N5zw6YOe2k I know squandered potential when I see it and it describes Clayfighter perfectly. The whole series has a succinct and cutting brand of humour, which can already be seen in its witty and hilarious titles like "C2: Judgement Clay" and "Clayfighter 63 1/3," or even moreso in its amazing special attacks and one-liners like "The Cringle Crush!", "Cluck you!" or "I'm bad, I'm cool, I'm no one's fool!" The last game also had guest spots for the two beloved game characters, Earthworm Jim and Boogerman. They are confirmed to be back in the new one. Not only that, it featured an all-star cast of voice actors like Dan Castelanetta, Frank Welker and Michael Buffer. Even if Remastered ends up reusing voice clips it's still going to be a more prominent voice cast than even many games of today. The Clayfighter series is also known for adapting all the popular fighters of its day into something more humorous and child-friendly, such as Claytalities or making fun of overly long combo strings. Remastered seems to keep that trend by adding Guilty Gear-like air dashes and double jumps. The series has gone down in history as underwhelming or even outright terrible. However, after reading that each game in the series had major development problems in one way or another and even the original creators admitted that a lot of things weren't up to their original vision, I'm excited to see what a Clayfighter looks like where they aren't hindered by anything and can make a polished game up to their original vision. After Killer Instinct is mechanically the de-facto silly fighting game now with its endlessly combo strings and also a great game overall, we need a silly fighting game that is just silly. Even if not, sometimes I just want a game where "gameplay is manageable." Not a game that is absolutely the greatest, not a game that is absolutely the worst, just a game that is merely manageable. If you want to know more about the Clayfighter series just look up longplays of them on Youtube or something, or even watch this video with JonTron and Egoraptor playing it.
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