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Found 1 result

  1. Kid Icarus Uprising is a pretty popular 3DS game. While opinions on the game vary highly (especially on the note of controls), I'm sure most of us who like it can agree the vast amount of resources to use and the fast, on rails action are a blast. And the multiplayer is pretty popular to, which is why this thread exists! Here is a place for you to meet and challenge fellow players, organize tournaments and special battles, and seek out new opponents to sate your blood lust! So without further adieu, go out, battle, and have fun! CHALLENGERS BULLETIN: [spoiler=Rules/Introduction]Have no particular foe or challenge in mind, but would just like to battle? Then take your pick from the Challenger's Bulletin! Here is a list off all foes similarly just looking for a fight! Upon finding an opponent who you'd like to fight, simply ask them either in this thread, a PM, or some other convenient, non-disruptive means to battle, set up and have at it! To be put on the Challenger's Bulletin, simply make a post here or send me a PM requesting to be on and include times you should be available! Giving your Friend Code is not required to be put on*. If you ever wish to edit information on the Challenger's Bulletin, then simply do the same thing as you did to get on with the desire changed included. Should you decide you want to be taken off the Challenger's Bulletin, simply make a post here or send me a PM requesting to be put on. *- Note, if you do submit your Friend Code it will be put next to your name on the Bulletin unless otherwise is requested. AnonymousSpeed Necromancer (1332 7737 2201)
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