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Found 2 results

  1. [Out of Character aspects found here.] Prologue: Union of Strangers One bright afternoon, a sizable vessel docked in a port in a village know as Perissa. From it departed some number of Hellene travelers, most with only a few sacks and crates with them. However, this was not the case for two in particular, a pair of young men who came off the ship with a heavily stocked wagon. Under the heat of the sun, they hook a horse up the cart and drive it to the center of the city square; A broad, sandy clearing, with wooden buildings constructed around it. People bustle through streets of packed ground and across wooden walkways, as the wagon halts in the very center of the town. Both men stepped out from the wagon's cover. They were similar in height, and each had hair of a similar dark black. However, one was a bit taller, with a fuller face and a more confident demeanor. His companion, thinner, shorter, and more reserved, climbed from the wagon after his companion left to the ground. Wasting no time, the taller man began his proclamation with a booming voice and the delivery of a ringmaster. “Gentlemen, ladies, hark! My name is Saban-” “And mine Nasba!” “We come here with an offer which has no equal to anything in our lifetimes! We two come looking for competent healers, warriors and adventures! What need have we for these people? To find the treasure of Talibo, of course! Oh, but rest assured people, this is no scam, and we are no quitters! No, we are going to find that treasure, and it’s spoils we will share with those who accompany us to find it! Now, I know many have come before and left these fine islands empty handed, but rest assured people, we have something they did not! Nasba?” “We have a map!” With those words, the one named Nasba raised his hand high into the air, a cylindrical contained clasped in it. Some members of the crowd gasped; Other’s scoffed. A month ago, another Hellene, named Betram, came through, claiming to have a map as well. He neither showed it nor was asking for help though, instead boasting that he and his rude troop would find the treasure. Given that he was drunk when he said it, and hadn't said anything else about, some thought he didn't even intend to reveal that, if it wasn't simply a delusion. The group was still on the island of Thira, and known to be alive, but they’d found nothing, instead setting up camp and idling in the eastern forest. [All participants are now free to post.]
  2. Introduction Good evening world! I come before you with a new RP for this site, one aimed at new and less experienced players. How fitting! For this will be the first Fire Emblem RP I shall have the honor of hosting! Fear not though, for this RP has an...experienced volunteer to assist, the great and mighty Shin! Below, you shall find all the information you need to sign up and begin your journey! This is a spreadsheet. It will contain a lot of useful numeric information. In addition to the spreadsheet, there will be a skype room set up for this RP, in which planning and discussion will take place. In-Character actions will be done in a dedicated In-Character thread. As that might imply, you will need a skype for this. But really, that’s not a problem, because if you don’t have one, you really should get one anyway. It’s a really useful and jolly good fun. I got it, my grandmother has it, it’s good stuff. I am looking for a relatively small group of people. I reiterate that this RP is meant for less experienced roleplayers, meaning having never participated in an RP before, or having only participated in one, and not necessarily extensively. In addition to offering a gateway to the roleplaying community, Treasure also aims to provide a place for these roleplayers to grow and improve their roleplaying skill. Currently, there is no limit to how many players I'm looking to participate, but I would like to have at least six before beginning. General Gameplay World: How You Come In Character Creation: [spoiler=Pegasus Rider] HP: 15 (40%) Strength: 2 (10%) Magic: 1 (10%) Skill: 3 (30%) Speed: 5 (40%) Luck: 0 (0%) Defense: 1 (10%) Resistance: 2 (10%) Move: 7 SP: 15 Base Points: 10 Growth Points: 140 Available Weapon Types: Sword, Lance, Axe, Tome Effects: All terrain costs 1 movement to traverse Weak to arrows and wind magic [spoiler=Wyvern Rider] HP:18 (55%) Strength: 2 (20%) Magic: 1 (10%) Skill: 3 (15%) Speed: 2 (15%) Luck: 0 (0%) Defense: 3 (15%) Resistance: 0 (10%) Move: 7 SP: 15 Base Points: 10 Growth Points: 140 Available Weapon Types: Sword, Lance, Axe, Tome Effects: All terrain costs 1 movement to traverse Weak to arrows, wind magic and thunder magic [spoiler=Thwomp] HP: 20 (60%) Strength: 3 (30%) Magic: 0 (10%) Skill: 3 (10%) Speed: 0 (10%) Luck: 0 (0%) Defense: 5 (40%) Resistance: 2 (20%) Move: 4 SP: 20 Base Points: 10 Growth Points: 120 Available Weapon Types: Sword, Lance, Axe Effects: Weak to armor slaying weapons. Speed Base cannot exceed 5 [spoiler=Thief] HP: 15 (40%) Strength: 0 (10%) Magic: 0 (10%) Skill: 3 (20%) Speed: 6 (50%) Luck: 0 (10%) Defense: 2 (10%) Resistance: 0 (10%) Move: 6 SP: 20 Base Points: 10 Growth Points: 135 Available Weapon Types: Sword, Lance, Bow, Tome Effects: Can steal items from enemies if speed is higher than theirs Can unlock doors and chests without keys Uncovers items from deserts without fail Regardless of weapon type chosen, they will not be slowed by desert Skills: Promotion: How to Sign Up Shin If you need help, ask Shin. I mean, I’m going to ask Shin for help, so you should to.
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