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Found 4 results

  1. I henceforth declare that this thread is devoted to all Digimon media: Anime, manga, video games, anything Digimon goes! So, what's your favorite season? I'm tied between the original Adventure and Tamers.
  2. I posted a topic like this a few months ago. And though nobody responded, I realize now that the list in that topic is more of a postgame list than an efficiency list. So I figure that to try to help whoever might be trying to go through this game by at last laying the groundwork for such a list. And in regards to some tier spots, I have an idea for three or four tiers that, while consisting of Digimon that you'll definitely see lategame, I don't know if they should be placed between someplace like mid and low, or in an "ungrouped" zone. Even even considering that they'll likely look like this. GBA FE Lord promotion tier Mastemon Creepymon Barbamon Beelzemon Belphemon Sleep Mode Belphemon Rage Mode Leviamon Lillithmon Dratini tier Lucemon (all forms) FE13 Spotpass tier UlforceVeedramon Magnamon Armor!Rapidmon Examon Dynasmon Crusadermon Leopardmon Craniamon Kentaurosmon Gankoomon Jesmon Gallantmon ChaosGallantmon Alphamon Omnimon Imperialdramon Paladin Mode DLC tier Dianamon BlackWarGreymon MetalGarurumon (Black) Omnimon Zwart Beelzemon Blast Mode Kerpymon (Black) I'm also wondering which Digimon should be listed on most of the list. Should I have all Mega/Ultra level Digimon like with the other list,vwith consideration given to the fact that every Digimon in the game can eventually become any Digimon? Or should I give a focus similar to what Smogon does with their Pokémon tier lists and list earlier stages and tier them by stats, availability, and evolution? Any thoughts?
  3. Cause I really want to discuss with people. So what's your opinion on Digimon Tri so far? I have pretty much loved loved all that we saw, I am just scared for Film 3 since I heard it was supposed to be sad. Discuss away!
  4. Digimon World Dawn/Dusk are RPGs for the DS made back in 2007 or 2008. I'm not good at explaining the mechanics, so I'll list a few things. -There are 8 "attributes" and 8 species; this is similar to pokemon in a few ways but a bit simpler. -Digimon can learn almost any move, but it's probobly not worth the effort of straying from the main digivolution path it was on. -It's full of fetch quests and bosskilling, but the good part is the fact that you can exit areas and redo them. -Digimon are also sorted by the stat spread they have, like "balance", "HP", "speed", etc. -You get "species exp." by defeated digimon. The type of exp you gain corresponds to the digimon you've defeated. - I'll hold off some of the details for now. Anyways, here's the rundown on the "starter digimon". Dawn Dusk I'll put a poll up for you guys to vote on which version and which pack I'll use.
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