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Found 7 results

  1. How is Donnel bad? He can learn skills such as Armsthrift, Sol, Counter, and Aptitude and the main excuse is "he is too hard to train" but his growth rates are superior to any other character and it isn't even an Est situation because you get him very early. Proof that Donnel has better growths than Chrom. Here is the photo. Some might be mad that I made him a merc instead of a villager but that is what he will be for most of the game.
  2. I just came accross this unit. It's my first time falling accross this: SPD+, RES+, no bane. https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/fire-emblem-heroes-iv-calculator Has Donnel stat changed? Is the calculator off?
  3. I just came accross this unit. It's my first time falling accross this: SPD+, RES+, no bane. https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/fire-emblem-heroes-iv-calculator Has Donnel stat changed? Is the calculator off?
  4. It's not looking good for our crew. They all start at 2*, while the lowest possible rarity you can get from gashas are 3*, which means you are guaranteed to get something better than those three straight out of the box. All three of them are relatively weak until they reach at least 4*, too. Alfonse is probably the shittiest of the three. He's meant to be offense-oriented, but his 5* sword's special effect only triggers when he's below half health, which directly works against his Sol. His Death Blow and the C skill are alright, I suppose, but I don't think it's worth all that effort to get him all the way to 5*, as this week's gashas already have four extremely strong sword characters. Even if you don't get the poster units, there are still useful gems like Eliwood, Corrin and Ryoma, and they're all at least 3*. Shareena is more support/enemy-phase oriented, but I think she's the best of the three. Speed +3 is unimpressive for a skill, but not getting doubled/doubling is nice. Her 5* weapon is high in Might, and its special effect is always active, unlike her brother's. When fully upgraded, she has an automatic Defense +3 Rally for adjacent allies, an automatic Attack Seal for enemies within two tiles, and a command Rally for Attack +4. The Attack Seal is great for her tanking ability, and she makes her teammates stronger too. I'm not sure what the meta will be like, but I think she can be quite viable as a PvM (player vs monsters) unit. Enemies have more than 4 members later on, making survivability a key concern. The problem is getting her to 5* in the first place. As for Arena PvP, a 4v4 meta probably encourages fast player-phase offense, because of Brave weaponry, perfect accuracy, various offensive skills etc. Your units won't be alive long enough for her support to matter. Being a blue foot Lancer also means she competes with the likes of Azura. Azura may have paper defenses, but has extremely high Strength (what, base 17 when 5*?), and has the Sapphire Lance 4* and above. The Sapphire Lance makes effective attacks do +10% damage, and the Sapphire Lance+ boosts that to 20%. This makes her a surprisingly effective Red nuker; the downside doesn't matter because she's going to die no matter what if she gets hit by a Green. Her high Speed means she can double really well too, so she can act as a Typeless killer as well. Her offense can rival Shareena's. On top of that, she can Sing, if you don't need her to attack, which imo is a lot more valuable than Shareena's Rally. Anna, if you ask me, is preferable over Alfonse as an offensive unit. They're both most effective at lower health, but Anna's personal axe's ability is very strong: it's basically the Witch's Warp from Fates. The downside is that it only activates when she's below 40% health. Since she has good Speed, she won't get doubled super often, so she can probably survive a turn against a Red character. Then the fun starts. You can warp her in to finish people off or deal with ranged units, which is an insane freedom when everyone moves two to three squares at a time, often only one because of terrain and obstacles. She also has Vantage, so you can warp her in to protect an ally, and she won't go down without a fight, unless against a ranged unit. Finally, access to Luna helps her surprise attack and Vantage shenanigans a lot, allowing her to one-shot enemies that she otherwise could not. The bottom line is still the 2* problem. Good luck getting there, and not finding a better unit to use in their places beforehand.
  5. What if the Pegasus knight class wasn't gender locked but instead avaliable to certain characters (Chrom, Robin {M + F}, Donnel, Gaius, Maribelle, Lissa, Emmeryn, Cordelia, Aversa, Sumia and street pass characters/bonus map characters)? How would that change skill sets (if at all)?
  6. So, Donny is blessed, in my opinion, with Armsthrift, which is a skill I smack on any unit who can get it. Literally. But that's just about all he has going for him. For a skillset, I'm looking at Bowbreaker, Axebreaker, Sol, Limit Breaker, and Armsthrift. I don't really like the idea of Counter, because in the few situations where it's been useful, it's killed the enemy, robbing me of my precious EXP. :< But I also don't like the idea for Donny to have Aggressor, Resistance +10, mainly because I have far too many units with those skills, and I can't picture the idea of Donnel being... aggressive. Whatever, are there any other options that I should consider? *winces* +5 HP? Also, I plan on having him Father Brady, but that's a skillset for another day. ^-^
  7. I think I've finally got this. During one cutscene, Chrom is talking to Robin about his father and the war with Plegia. He says and I quote: "The campaign only ended with his death fifteen years ago." So Awakening takes place fifteen years after Chrom's dad dies. This is crucial because in the same cutscene Chrom says that Emmeryn was nine years old when their dad passed: "When our father died before her 10th year, he left her quite the legacy..." So that means Emmeryn was 24 at the beginning on Awakening. Now according to this concept artwork... Emmeryn is 6 years Chrom's senior. So Chrom is 18. Lissa's age is a little more confusing. She's apparently 10 years younger than Emmeryn and 4 years younger than Chrom which should be impossible. Chrom's mother was still pregnant with Lissa when their father died, so she could only at the most be three years younger than her siblings. That means that both Emm and Chrom had their 10th and 4th birthdays before she was born, so they're probably a bit older at the end of the Mad King's War. So their ages are likely: Emmeryn: 24 to 25 at the end of part 1, and 27 at the end of the game. Chrom: 18 to 19 at the end of part 1, and 21 at the end of the game. Lissa: 15 at the end of part 1, and 17 at the end of the game. Oh. And Donnel: 14 at the end of part 1, and 16 at the end of the game; considering he's younger than Lissa and all.
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