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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone know what skills all the characters have in Double Duel? I caught wind of how the enemy versions of your units have skills that they normally wouldn't have access to, like Henry with Swordbreaker or Tiki with Aether, etc. Are there any sources that list what skills each of the characters have? Otherwise, is there any way to view or find out what they have in-game, or else can anyone just tell me what is known of which abilities they have? Much appreciated. EDIT: By the way, if there's no easy way to check it without playing through all the DDs then don't sweat it, I can do my best to find out who has what myself just by watching SoC and other people's DD vids.
  2. If DLC skills are available, the LTC becomes a piece of cake. I'm considering the following 3 patterns for a non-DLC-skill run. Besides all the above, there's still another method here: Any other ideas?
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