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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, I've been working on this fan fiction for a while, and by for a while I mean that I started it a long time ago and then life got busy so I stopped and because I stopped, I lost motivation. So now we're here. Hope to get back into writing and hoping some of you beautiful people can poke me hard enough to make me keep writing. Basically the premise of the story is an alternate universe take on the world (but moreso the characters) of Awakening. I feel like the absurd elements of Awakening's cast would fit really well into a cheesy high school dromedy. So that's what I did (read: tried to do) I've gotten a couple chapters and a half done and would love some feedback. I also post it on Fanfiction.net when it goes up so if you prefer to follow it there, that works as well. Side note: Yes, I know Virion is out of character. He'll get better but his being a tool is a tool for me to form his clique. FE High Chapter 1.docx
  2. Hello once again you lot, Petitt here again offering a bridge RPG for those that are either interested in tabletop roleplaying games but are use to just roleplaying, or for those who have been playing tabletop RPGs allot and have forgotten how to just do a basic Roleplay. The tags tell everything about the basics, yes this is a crossover, but that is to make those less famillar with Warhammer lore feel more at home as they can compare the two settings, the reason it was Awakening is that is the most popular option that is currently out in the over seas market, excluding ROMs of fates. The system used is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition, here are the books for that game https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j9eeiinpdrkfo77/AAC3uqwK4FHnUMfuENSsCa8fa?dl=0 For a extra information you do not need to make a character yet, all you have to do is post if you are interested here, and I will contact you either over skype, or Private message. This will have a roll 20 room as there will be dice rolling, the only dice you won't see is rolls made by me, as I try to keep those secret to encourage players to act as they would, and not by what dice they see. Characters when made with be using the books provided, excluding Vampire, Chaos, or Skaven characters, the books about them are for my information for NPCs, and lore for you, dwarfs, elves, Empire characters, Breton Characters, and Kislev characters are allowed though, and the specifics of the character creation process will be gone over as the time comes. The first three sessions will not have a crossover at all, they will just be in the Old World to introduce it to those interested, here is some exposition of the time and place you all will learn about if you join. Of the Year 2519 of the Imperial Calendar, the armies of Emperor Karl Franz push back a greenskin invasion in the third battle of Black Fire Pass. In the Imperial province of Nordland, troubles begin to spew for the small province, reports of Norscan raiders are appearing along the rivers and shorelines of the province, and beastmen are still in high numbers in the Drackwald forest, and are now attacking various towns around the border of the dark and ancient forest. Normally the provincial army would have responded to the threat first, however there is one issue that prevents such a thing from occurring; the entire treasury of Elector Count Theoderic Gausser was turned to lead three years ago for trying to invade the province of Hochland, preventing him from paying any form of army ofproffesionals to deal with the threats to the Empire. With greenskins still to the south the Emperor himself can not handle the threats to the north. With no Imperial army, hope for the province seems slim, with the only hope being rumors of an Imperial army under the command of a new General being sent to protect the province until the Emperor or the Reiksguard can handle the issue themselves. You are adventures of the Empire, seeking out the worst of the Empire for gold, honor, duty, or whatever motivates you, this has led to Drakenhoff, a small village on the edge of the Drackwald that barely survived a beastmen raid just days before, and are willing to pay each adventurer the handsome price of 15 crowns to remove the threat of beastmen in the nearby forest. Latter sessions will allow you to control some NPCs actions that are not set in stone in the Warhammer books, if you have any questions send me a message or leave them here in this thread. If you are interested indicate you are in this thread. Strength and Honor my friends.
  3. Let me know if there is already a thread for this(I couldn't find one), but there are many amusing quotes from Awakening, my personal favorite being a Nowi line. Here it is: (When in a shop, and selling items, choose Nowi, and on the bottom screen, she will complain.)"Nowi's stuff, hands off!" Another funny shop quote is Chrom's: "Robin(or avatar's name)... are we strapped for funds?" Gaius said this one time when gaining experience points from an event tile: "I don't care what they might say, stealing candy from a baby isn't as easy as it sounds." those just stuck with me, but what are the most amusing lines you found in supports, chapters, or anything else?
  4. For some Nintendo games, content in newer games can be unlocked through various means that often involve having possession of older games, such as using the save data from the older game to unlock the content (such as the Olimar trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee needing save data from the first Pikmin game to unlock) or being able to outright transfer content from the older game to the newer game (such as what can be seen in the main series Pokemon games). What do you guys think? To me, it could be possible that the DLC maps can see reuse with some adjustments alongside Spotpass content like legacy characters and bonus items.
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