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  1. Been a long while since I lasted posted on the forum. Doing the current Hall of Forms Revival and am working on getting Bride Fjorm ready for the Forma Soul. Which C-skill should I go for? Odd Recovery (currently) Inf. Spd Tactic (just rolled; haven't picked)
  2. Massive sleep banner considering the stuff that's already present and coming soon like the Legendary Remix currently running (sparkable CYL5 banner with a bunch of Legendaries in the mix) or the upcoming AHR 2022 banner. I may as well drop my tickets onto red in hopes of snagging Mareeta -- gorgeous artwork and I have yet to get a second Floret (I basically never pulled an Ascended Hero yet). August's staff is interesting but I can imagine that he's at his most effective if he's supporting a speedy infantry tank that has NFU.
  3. Managed to cap Glory for Duels S (only lost once). It's a better experience compared to the other For Glory mode Duels R since it's not necessarily likely that I would run into a whale with a cracked regiment of highly invested premium units. However, whales likely would've already gotten the 1K Glory cap right away and dropped the gamemode for the time being.
  4. Blazing Blade vs. Seliph+Deirdre: Lyn, Ninja Lyn, Halloween Tiki, Bride Lyn Jugdral vs. Lif: Arden, Reinhardt, Nanna, Dancer Sigurd Lif took me several tries since much of it was figuring out how to get through the later phases. It ended up boiling down to Nanna hitting Gravity + Savage Blow 6 and forcing the later troubadour to Restoring somebody while moving away from my units as well has having Nanna top off my units' HP.
  5. Niime: RIP to Philece Sampler (the EN voice actress of Niime while using the alias Robyn Bell). Niime's interesting in that she's the first unit to bring in an inheritable colorless tome weapon and goes to show how far IS seems to be planning in advance with content updates (Sampler passed away on July 2021 so her voice lines had been done over 7 months in advance). And the tome isn't terrible on its own -- Hvitrvulture is like a Desert 2021 inheritable weapon. This also means that: Inheritable colorless tome weapons would have the "Hvitr" prefix, so we could see stuff like Hvitrblade or something.. Tome weapons that have the Atk/Res Penalty Doubler effect would have the "vulture" suffix. Could be interesting to see what colorless tome units are going to be added to the game, especially for those that would be more accessible to F2P players since currently, there is pretty little value for inheritable colorless tome weapons since aside from Niime, every colorless tome unit has a Prf weapon and is either 5* exclusive, seasonal locked, or is locked to a specific gamemode. Hugh: A standard infantry mage with the "mercenary" mechanic. He does come with Rouse Atk/Spd 4 which is nice but he's not super interesting to me unless there's some powerful build involving Spd/Def Ideal 4. Cath: Cath brings Atk/Res Bond 3 out of the grail pool and effectively makes Sky Maiougi no longer seasonal locked. Too bad at this point, Sky Maiougi isn't very valuable against the armored units that actually matter (like the armored unit just arriving in this coming update lmao). Idunn: A Near Save dragon armor built right out of the box -- Idunn got pretty much everything she could want as a Near Save armor: Guard, stat penalty nullification, Svalinn Shield, Dull Close, Dull Ranged, and a guaranteed follow-up attack. Also seems that since October 2021, every New Heroes banner either comes with a new Ascended Hero or a new Mythic Hero. Oct. 2021: Ascended Fjorm Nov. 2021: Ascended Laegjarn Dec. 2021: Ash Jan. 2022: Ascended Joshua Feb. 2022: Ascended Idunn Gonzalez: He seems to come with the Rein Axe (so an inheritable axe weapon). If it's anything like Louise's Rein Bow, it'd have a suped-up version of Spd/Def Rein as its passive effect so Gonzalez could be decently speedy -- perhaps he'd be like Ninja Shamir except with stat points from Res being pulled to other stats.
  6. The LHBs so far: Archanea vs. Pelleas: Legendary Marth, Legendary Tiki, Halloween Tiki, and Phina Sacred Stones vs. Veronica+Loki: Winter Lysithea, Duo Ephraim, Duessel, and Fallen Lyon Awakening vs. Aelfric: FRobin, Summer Cordelia, Olivia, and Bride Cordelia Awakening vs. Aelfric is by far the most difficult fight so far thanks to all 4 units being spread out and the enemy units having overlapping attack ranges, not to mention trenches slowing horse units and Awakening units generally not being the strongest (especially if you don't have stuff like Legendary Robin, Valentine's 2022 units, etc.). Also had to adjust according to difficulty (what works on Infernal difficulty may not necessarily work on lower difficulties). I pretty much relied on using FRobin as a WoM beacon.
  7. Mark is another character who is still missing from the CYL polls, granted that despite being a rather major presence in FE7 (several FE7 characters do acknowledge his existence like Lyn, Eliwood, and Erk), he lacks an in-game portrait (so that his appearance would be left up to the player's imagination especially since he's the first player character and is from a GBA game) so the only way he could ever get into Fire Emblem Heroes as an actual summon is if IS puts him in (like they did with Altina and Elimine).
  8. It's probably a bunch of Edelgard simps fans mass voting her Fallen variant into first place just so they could get a free merge (and another guaranteed merge from the AHR banner); we did get CYL Edelgard in top 8 last year despite being a free gift AND a sparkable unit. It's annoying but counters for Edelgard do exist, including low-cost ones -- CYL Eirika is a very common pick for the CYL5 units and Blazing AoE Lilina with Windsweep is about as cheap as you can get. Unfortunately, problems either range from players needing fodder more, needing feathers, having team slot syndrome, or couldn't think beyond using the newest, premium units.
  9. False Start is such a powerful status effect in AR since it prevents several units' effects from working. Elimine can also work as a nice counterpick unit for AA. -Bride Catria's Flier Formation + Aerobatics + Triangle Attack combo from her Prf weapon -Legendary Sigurd's movement boost from Holy Knight Aura -Yuri's movement boost from his Prf weapon -CYL Alm's movement boost from his Prf weapon -Time's Pulse, Recovery, Armored Stride, Ground Orders, and Tempest skills -Legendary FByleth's teleport effect from her Prf C-skill -Legendary Hector's Time's Pulse Tactic and Def/Res Tactic from his Prf C-skill -CYL/Legendary Marth's free stat bonuses from Shining Emblem -CYL Edelgard's teleport effect from her Prf weapon -Young L'Arachel's Res debuff and Flash effect -Duma's Upheaval -MMorgan's, Hrid's, Aversa's, Riev's, Veld's, Solon's, and Gunnthra's debuffs As for the banner itself, green and colorless are stacked. Would love to pull but at the same time, I want to spark for Desert Azura and score a few copies of Desert Xane in the process.
  10. I'm voting Cordelia until at least the midterms. I wonder how many votes are going to go to the TMS characters since TMS hasn't had any new characters introduced to the game for 2 years now.
  11. Desert Azura looks disgusting as a support unit. Easy +6 to all stats to 1-4 allies upon dancing, extra action to potentially another (albeit only PoR/Fates) dancer, Gray Waves, and cavalry mobility. Desert Xane's Serpentine Staff is pretty much a direct upgrade over the Pain staff -- while the post-combat damage is lessened, the Fatal Smoke effect more than makes up for it. The fact that he's a 4* Focus means that we can expect AR-D teams using staff units to potentially run Serpentine Staff+ (likely to contribute to the arms race against Fallen Edelgard, lol). Desert Deen is automatically the best F2P-friendly colorless dagger cavalier in the game (since the only other is Merlinus).
  12. Binding Blade vs. Arete: used Guinivere, Brunnya, Larum, and Lilina. Three Houses vs. Tanya+Osian: used Fallen Edelgard and Flayn (with CYL Marianne and Yuri brought along for the ride). Tellius vs. Legendary Celica: used CYL Micaiah, Dancer Nephenee, Halloween Mia, and Winter Altina.
  13. Echoes vs. Fernand: Cheesed with Valentine's Lif, Summer Caeda, Reginn, and New Year's Peony Fates vs. Lyon+Eirika: Cleared with Bow Hinoka, Camilla, Xander, and Velouria
  14. It's a skip banner that seems to be baiting players building dagger units -- especially with the additions of Rennac, Colm, and Ascended Joshua. Rennac is probably going to be the fodder pick especially since Yuri users can get both Atk/Spd Solo 4 and Disarm Trap if they have Atk/Spd Solo 3 fodder laying around. Other dagger units can get the Vicious Dagger, which at this point is pretty much the most desirable inheritable dagger since Broadleaf Fan isn't exactly too amazing these days. Colm brings in a couple skills that were previously grails locked (Quick Dagger/Ouch Pouch, and Atk/Spd). Yes, it took over 4 years for the basic Atk/Spd A-skill to be 3-4* gacha availability. I wouldn't be surprised if Colm were to be built as an AoE nuke unit. Joshua has LnD4 and NFU which could be nice for players building some unit that has multiple builds including an AoE nuke build. However, he is a good player phase dagger unit since he does have the conditional Firesweep effect and could choose either that or true damage that scales off of his target's Atk stat (which is almost always going to deal 7-10 damage). Green Feud is probably mainly for those who hate Ascended Fjorm and the several variants of Edelgard.
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