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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone have any recolors using FE Recolor with the numbers they used so I can get some ideas on how to color my sprites, i just have the basic in game sprites and i cant make a decent looking recolor to save my life.
  2. I've recently started a project on FE8, and have gotten to the point of changing palettes, but whenever I try to change Eirika's palette, everyone else's resets. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Since Eirika has a generic palette I am switching hers with Hayden's, so maybe thats the problem?
  3. Listen up, scrubs! This is a tutorial for making palette templates for FERecolor, that is to say, for making palettes for classes that don't come packaged with FERecolor (e.g. monsters), or any custom, fan-made class. Though I find this to be mostly self-intuitive, I'd understand if someone finds it difficult, as there is no tutorial on this anyway. What you'll need for this other than FERecolor is Usenti and Paint. And if you need rip the animations from the games, you will need Feditor Adv Render Edition. Step 1: The Sheet. First thing you need to do is get your sheet. Let's take for example the zombie. Gather a few frames of your desired animation on a new file in paint and then save it in the "battle_sprites" folder in FERecolor. Keep in mind that having more than 1 sprite is not absolutely necessary, but it's nice. Step 2: FERecolor. Now you are ready to open it in FERecolor, so well... Open it in FERecolor. So now you can edit the colours by changing the number on the RGB scale. So we're ready now, right? Not quite yet. See all those numbers on the far right hand side, each accompanied by a "Reset" button? That's the colour's index. What's that, you say? Well, editing the colours is not enough because each colour has to be at the right index, in other words, it has to be in the right position, otherwise you'll get a messed up palette when you insert it. To find out how to learn each colour's correct index, join me in Step 3. Step 3: Making the Palette Index. So now, open up the Feditor-processed sheet in Usenti (Not Paint, Usenti) and look at the palette. Let's have a closer look. The game has this system where it reads the palette from right to left, (kind of like how Arabic reads). There, I conveniently numbered them for you! And so now, all you have to do is number the colours in FERecolor. And boom! That's it. You're good to go. Now, in order to insert the palette itself, press that "Copy hex to clipboard" button and check out this tutorial. Now on a side note, while in the middle of making this tutorial, I was informed by my friend and fellow palette scholar Teraspark from FEUniverse that there is an alternate, simpler way to do this, which some of you might find easier, so I decided to keep both methods just in case. Alternate method: Step 1: Take your sheet and open it in either paint or usenti, and make sure it has the palette inside it. Step 2: Now take the palette and flip it horizontally so that the black is looking to the right. Then, take the 2nd row and place it to the right of the first row. It should look like this: Just make sure that the palette is parallel both horizontally and vertically to any other pixel, like in the image below: Step 3: Now just open it in FERecolor and the program will automatically sense the correct palette index! Isn't that convenient. And it works equally well, too! Admittedly this is the first tutorial I've ever done, so some feedback is appreciated, and I hope this was helpful. Happy hacking! ; ]
  4. I haven't been using using FERecolor in a while since I have been playing the FE6 Redux patch after watching Mangs playthrough. So my question is that the directory for the classes is missing a lot of the FE6 style animations and I was wondering is there a way to find them or in the event I have to do them myself, how could I go about doing it?
  5. So I tried using FeRecolor to export a hex, but it crashed. I was going to use it for BSPalette. Any suggestions? (I'm running on a mac with wine, and it WAS working earlier, thanks!)
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