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Found 19 results

  1. euler


    Updated as of 02/28/2020 Gallery (Click the names for links to the insertable hackboxes) Archive:
  2. Hi SF! It's actually been awhile since I've actually haven't completed a sprite, like a few months, so I'll be taking requests and whatnot to help with my derusting and inspiration. A Pseudo-CvS style that I did when the style piqued my interests. I still do this style, but I've yet to perfect it. I remembered trying to make the style a bit bigger to help in terms of detail, and I thought that Eirika would be a good design to practice on. It needs some huge refinements here and there, but I like the general shaping and lineart. Eirika again, but in SSF2's pseudo-JUS style. I wasn't planning on being a dev; did it just for fun. Really liked what I did. The original Myrm Lord, Lyn, in the same style as Eirika, but this one is older. The one in the middle was a reference edit for the colors. I can't remember if the left or the right one was the one with the fixes, because I was told that the colors needed to be darker. Giro from MMZX in the same style, and Heiachi in a similar style. I was just brainstorming and came up with this design. Not sure what I was planning with it though. Now for some incomplete stuff... Roy with his Sm4sh redesign. This came before Eirika, but somehow the poses were exactly the same, which is weird because I referenced her GBA sprite like I did with Roy. Chun-Li. I still needed to improve the anatomy and the general base colors. Also, the red boxes were placeholder areas for Kyo and either Ryo, Terry, or Leona, and the Ryu was a quick edit I did of my Ken sprite. Cable from the Marvel Universe as a request. He wasn't too complicated, but being the lazy bastard I am, I never got around to finish him or even start my other requests. I want to break out of that soon. And my most recent unfinished sprite, Zinnia from ORAS. Why did I decide to do that hunched down pose? The lineart is good imo, but the cape is gonna be a royal pain in the arse. That pretty much covers most of my recent stuff. Like, Comment, Subscribe Tell me what you think! Also, since there's a lot of threads here dedicated to FE GBA sprites and portraits, I was wondering what's the general guidelines for them? Like size, color limits, etc.? I'm actually interested in learning the style myself.
  3. So uh, in a sort of attempt to show off what I've learned in the past three or four months (spriting is still very new to me), but also because I'd really like to join a project of some kind, I'm posting some of my mugs on this forum. I have a lot of ideas, stories, stats, characters, etc., and due to my inability to understand hacking (it makes my head hurt profusely every time I try to get back into it), I can't really do anything with them. But that's beside the point. Here are some of my portrait splices. A few are older than others, and thus have a little less polish because have yet to come back to them (namely Taren and Tyken, the blonde boy and girl, respectively). My favorite one so far is Simon, the pale boy with the black hair. His hair actually originated from Lute, and I transformed it into a solid bowl cut His sister is Ramona (I hope you can tell which one that is just based on appearance). The others are Afrey (pink haired dude yes I am aware his color scheme is similar to Makalov's), Beaumont (green headband guy, Beaumont is a temporary name, I made this mug without really knowing what would come out of it), and Crystal (black haired girl with her eyes not showing) Anyway, totally open to constructive criticism And if anyone knows of any FE projects currently looking for portrait making, writing story or support content, etc., please let me know, I'm up for it
  4. Hello everyone! So I've recently thought of making some sprites and I had the idea of posting them, so everyone can use. I'll try posting atleast once per week. Here are all the item sprites sprites till now ;
  5. I crave attention and validation. Welcome to the alter of my obsession. Stills (yet to be animated or sheeted) Mugs (not my bread and butter) GIF animations (I love this stuff) Thanks for... Looking I guess.
  6. hi, i'm eise. i do sprites. ---Most Recent Finished Work--- --Current Workload-- --- cnc is much appreciated!
  7. Edited this one a bit. Hope she looks better. Two New Sprites of mine. (Personal on the left, gift for my brother on the right.) one of my first animations ever. I'm pretty proud of it. (Will soon be spoiler tagged, just gotta figure out how to do it)
  8. Going to be making this a more dedicated thread where I can post progress and such. Still very much open to critique. [spoiler=Old Topic]I'm rather new to this whole spriting thing, so forgive me if I've made any rookie mistakes. These are a handful of the character mugs I've been working on. To be clear, I'm looking for ways to make the mugs look cleaner, things like coloring and shading, etc. Please let me know if there's a format more convenient to critique I can upload in. EDIT: Two more I think could use some work Just a couple of things to note, I realize the outline color of the Cavalier isn't consistent with the others. I will adjust it when I go back to make changes. I also don't care about the 15 color limit, as I intend to use these portraits in FEXNA when it's finished. [spoiler=10/17/16 Update]
  9. As you can see photobucket has changed how they treat 3rd party hosting, so I'll have to change locations. If you're really curious and want to take an archaeological expedition you can dig around my photobucket account. R.I.P. thread ----- Collaborations Battlesprites Mugs Fanart and Misc: If you would like to use any of my work, please send me a note. More than likely I'll let you, but there are some items that I would like to keep as my own.
  10. So this is unfortunate, Photobucket decided to be a prick and now my gallery's a graveyard, will be putting up archive sorta images with all the sprites if anyone cares but yeah, at least for the opening post, these are all that remain....thanks for nothin Photobucket Mugs: Not-so Animated Battlesprites: Megaman stuff:
  11. Now that I'm back into the groove, I figured I should start posting some of the work I've completed. Characters can be seen in my art gallery Here. Original Characters: Fire Emblem Characters:
  12. Hello! Welcome to my topic for my art, specifically character designs from an old ROM hack idea, as well as any other main series Fire Emblem art, should I decide to post any. Enjoy! (To see more art, as well see updates about projects, leave character suggestions, and attend occasional live streams, follow my art blog here: http://keldeart.tumblr.com/ ) Fire Emblem X Pokemon Main Series Fire Emblem Other Art
  13. Hey Everyone. Thomas here, again. I thought, since I just got done with a few sprites, that I could post 'em here. Feel free to post your own if you want.
  14. So these are some splices and icons I've been working on.
  15. I'm TheGreatXyz, and I hope you enjoy this gallery. I'm starting this sprite gallery as a way to improve, and I am looking for critique. Credit to NICKTofficial for the NICKT collection with. First Up, I have Xyz, an oc and the namesake of my account. A splice of FE7 portraits and some from the NICKT collection. Next, a personal portrait, though I do not have green hair. Made from sprites from FE7. Then, another original character, this one named Tsabhira. Splice of two FE7 thieves. Next, another character, named Agent Smash. Splice of some NICKT collection and various FE7 characters. Followed by another character, this one named Tik. Splice of FE7 characters. Finally, a semi-custom portrait, the first one I've ever done, Forrest/Foleo from Fire Emblem Fates, Hair taken from FE7 because I couldn't figure out how to sprite the curls. Nose, eyes, and mouth also taken from other portraits, the nose was slightly edited, the eyes were recolored and positioned differently than the original, mouth mostly the same.
  16. Why hello there! You can never have enough sprite galleries, so I decided to make my own. [spoiler=Mugs!] 2013 2014 2015 2016 [spoiler=Battle Sprites] Griffon Knight Kentarch class Griffon Rider Swordfighter (scratch) Wicked Flier [spoiler=Maps] [spoiler=World Map]
  17. So, I've decided to share some of my stuff :) Critique is much appreciated. xD [spoiler=Custom Mugs] [spoiler=Battle Stills]
  18. Some sprites for an upcoming ROM hack that I wanted to share. -- To be updated regularly -- -- Cobalion -- -- Virizion -- -- Gardevoir -- -- Gallade -- -- Vaporeon -- -- Arceus -- More Coming Soon! Updates: (03/22/15) - Removed Absol for Art Theft (Sorry); Resized sprites (03/23/15) - Added Vaporeon
  19. ~Moonie's Art thread~ Hello everyone! Will try to get more active here so I figured I could post some of my art to kinda break the ice? Comments and critiques are appreciated. Some stuff is old though so don't be too harsh ówò Maybe I'll actually post FE art someday, haha. --Pictures-- Summer Breeze (OC) WIP - Younger Rani (OC) Springtime with Tussilago (OC) Christmas Card (OCs) Rani with longer hair (OC) Tussilago Maia (OC) Sophie (ToG) Tear and Mieu (TotA) Rani WIP (OC) Lady Amalthea (TLU) Presea (ToS) Renamon (Dgmn) --Sculptures-- P-chan Spider Pig Jigglypuff Numel Makar Quickie Oshawott Culumon Black Spy Pyramide Head bros Metool Saizo the pig --Other stuff-- Necklace ------------------- If you happen to like any of this crap, feel free to watch me on DA: http://www.moontoon.deviantart.com/ or follow my (f)artblog on Tumblr: http://tsukiarare.tumblr.com/ (Main Tumblr: http://moontoon.tumblr.com/)
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