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Found 1 result

  1. So I thought hey, let's make a guide for the best skill sets that the 1st Gen characters can have, because why not? Obviously the kids will always outclass their parents (with very few exceptions), so this is mainly a thing kindasorta for fun for people who feel like using the parent generation as a challenge or for whatever other reason. So basically, our mission is to come up with the best singular skill set and class (or multiple sets/classes if they exist) for every parent-generation character. To participate: Pick a Gen 1 character, propose the class, and propose a skillset for him/her, discuss. (If you like, rank the character relative to the other Gen 1 characters in terms of effectiveness; I may implement a tier/rating system into the guide as well at some point.) * About DLC: Skills like Limit Breaker, Aggressor, All Skills+2, Iote's Shield, etc. will be listed in parentheses. In most cases, DLC skills will be superior to the alternative. [spoiler=Gen 1 Men] [spoiler=Chrom] 1) Lead Chrom - Sniper / Paladin / Bow Knight Skills: Aether, Dual Strike+, Luna, Rightful King (Limit Breaker), Bowfaire/Dual Guard+ (Aggressor) 2) Support Chrom - Great Knight / Great Lord / Dreadfighter Skills: Dual Strike+, Hit+20, Charm (Limit Breaker), Dual Guard+ (Aggressor), Aether (All Stats+2) [spoiler=Frederick] 1) Lead - General / Wyvern Lord (Dreadfighter) Skills: Luna, Pavise, Aegis, Deliverer (Res+10), Dual Guard+ / Swordbreaker (Limit Breaker) 2) Support - Paladin / Wyvern Lord Skills: Str+2, Dual Guard+, Deliverer (All Stats+2), Luna (Limit Breaker), Pavise / Aegis (Aggressor) [spoiler=Virion] 1) Escort - Dark Knight Skills: Mag+2, Tomefaire, Deliverer (Aggressor), Lancebreaker (Limit Breaker), Lifetaker (All Stats+2) [spoiler=Stahl] 1) Sniper Skills: Luna, Bowfaire, Astra, Pass (Limit Breaker), Hit Rate +20/Lethality (Aggressor) [spoiler=Vaike] 1) Crittank - Berserker Skills: Axefaire, Sol (All Stats+2), Counter (Aggressor), Wrath (Limit Breaker), Lucky Sevens / Zeal [spoiler=Kellam] 1) Lead - Sage Skills: Tomefaire, Luna, Pavise (Aggressor), Dual Guard+ (All Stats +2), Acrobat (Limit Breaker) 2) Utility - Sage Skills: Healtouch / Tomefaire, Locktouch, Pass, Acrobat (Limit Breaker), Movement+1 / Pavise [spoiler=Donnel] 1) Useless (But Endearing) Country Bumpkin - Hero Skills: Armsthrift, Sol, Counter (Aggressor), Bowbreaker, Patience (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Lon'qu] 1) Lead - Assassin Skills: Swordfaire, Astra / Lethality, Lancebreaker, Vantage / Lucky Sevens (Aggressor), Str+2 / Acrobat (Limit Breaker) 2) Escort Support - Wyvern Lord Skills: Move+1, Deliverer, Pass / All Stats+2, Lucky Sevens (Aggressor), Str+2 (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Ricken] 1) Lead - Sage Skills: Tomefaire, Luna, Lifetaker (All Stats+2), Aegis (Aggressor), Mag+2 / Dual Guard+ (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Gaius] 1) 'Tank' - Hero / Assassin Skills: Swordfaire, Vantage (All Stats+2), Sol / Avo+10, Lucky Sevens / Counter (Limit Breaker), Astra (Aggressor) [spoiler=Gregor]1) Tank - Berserker Skills: Axefaire, Sol, Counter (Aggressor), Wrath / Bowbreaker (Limit Breaker), Vantage 2) Support - Hero / Assassin / Berserker Skills: Axefaire/Swordfaire, Armsthrift, Gamble (Limit Breaker), Wrath (Aggressor), Patience (All Stats+2) [spoiler=Libra] 1) Lead - Sage Skills: Mag+2 (Limit Breaker), Tomefaire, Vengeance, Anathema (All Stats +2), Miracle (Aggressor) 2) Healtank / Miresniper - Sage / Sorcerer Skills: Mag +2 (Limit Breaker), Tomefaire, Tomebreaker (/ Aggressor), Lifetaker (/ Aggressor), Renewal (All Stats +2) 3) Magekiller - Dreadfighter / War Monk Skills: Tomebreaker, Vengeance / Lifetaker, Lifetaker / Renewal (Res+10), Anathema (Aggressor), Miracle (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Henry / Gangrel] 1) Miresniper - Sorcerer Skills: Vengeance, Wrath, Anathema, Counter (Limit Breaker), Gamble (Aggressor) 2) Tank - Berserker Skills: Axefaire, Anathema, Vengeance / All Stats+2, Counter (Limit Breaker), Wrath (Aggressor) [spoiler=Basilio] 1) Lead - Berserker / Hero Skills: Axefaire, Luna, Sol (All Stats+2), Wrath (Aggressor), Counter (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Walhart] 1) Conquer live and reloaded - Conqueror Skills: Luna, Pavise, Deliverer (Res+10), Str+2 (Aggressor), Conquest / Dual Guard+ (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Yen'fay] 1) Lead - Assassin / Sniper Skills: Swordfaire / Bowfaire, Astra, Deliverer / All Stats+2, Lancebreaker / Prescience (Aggressor), Vantage / Str+2 (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Priam] 1) Lead - Hero / Assassin Skills: Swordfaire, Sol, Luna (Astra), Vantage / Bowbreaker (Aggressor), Lancebreaker / Counter (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Gen 1 Women] [spoiler=Lissa / Emmeryn] 1) Lead - Valkyrie / Sage Skills: Galeforce, Tomefaire, Dual Support+, Renewal (Limit Breaker), Healtouch (All Stats+2) 2) Rallybot - Falcoknight Skills: Rally Magic, Rally Speed, Rally Movement, Rally Resistance, Rally Luck (Rally Heart) [spoiler=Sully] 1) Lead - Paladin Skills: Swordfaire, Luna, Astra, Deliverer, Lancebreaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Miriel] 1) Support - Valkyrie / Sage Skills: Tomefaire, Anathema, Dual Support+, Mag+2 (Limit Breaker), Demoiselle (Bond / All Stats+2) 2) Lead - Sage / Sorcerer Skills: Tomefaire, Anathema, Dual Support+, Vengeance, Tomebreaker / Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Sumia] 1) Lead - Darkflier / Sage Skills: Galeforce, Tomefaire, Luna, Pavise/Dual Guard+ (All Stats+2/Iote's Shield), Renewal/Dual Guard+ (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Maribelle] 1) Gale Support - Darkflier / Valkyrie / Sage Skills: Galeforce, Tomefaire, Dual Support+ (/ All Stats+2), Mag+2 (/ All Stats+2), Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Panne] 1) Escort - Wyvern Lord Skills: Move+1, Deliverer, Pass, Lucky Seven / Str+2, Lancebreaker / Swordbreaker (Limit Breaker) Dedicated to mobility support, basically. IDK if Lucky Sevens works from the rear of a pair up, but if not, then Str+2 should always be used since Panne will probably never be at the front when attacking happens. [spoiler=Cordelia] 1) Falcoknight Skills: Galeforce, Vengeance / Sol, Lancefaire, Bowbreaker / Axebreaker (Iote's Shield/All Stats+2), Armsthrift / Anathema (Limit Breaker) 2) Non-Falco Lead - Sorcerer / Hero Skills: Skills: Galeforce, Vengeance, Anathema / Armsthrift, Tomebreaker / Patience (Limit Breaker), Armsthrift / Lifetaker (All+2) [spoiler=Nowi / Tiki] 1) Lead - Manakete Skills: Str+2 (All Stats+2), Swordbreaker, Deliverer, Lifetaker (Bond), Wyrmsbane (Limit Breaker) 2) Support - Dark Knight / Sage Skills: Mag+2 (All Stats+2), Tomefaire, Deliverer, Swordbreaker (Bond), Lifetaker / Lancebreaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Tharja] 1) Sniper Skills: Bowfaire, Luna / Vengeance, Hit Rate+20 / Pavise, Pavise / Hit Rate+20 (All Stats+2), Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) 2) Tank - Sorcerer Skills: Vengeance / Luna, Pavise, Anathema, Tomebreaker / Bowbreaker (All Stats+2), Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) 3) Miresniper - Sorcerer Skills: Luna / Bowbreaker (Limit Breaker), Lifetaker, Hit Rate +20, Prescience, Tomebreaker (All Stats +2) [spoiler=Anna] 1) Utility - Sage Skills: Tomefaire, Locktouch, Pass, Acrobat (Limit Breaker), Movement+1 2) Bride of Avatar (DLC only) Skills: Bowfaire, Hit Rate +20, Bond, Mag+2 (All Stats+2), Lucky Sevens (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Olivia] 1) Dancer Skills: Special Dance, Galeforce, Swordfaire, Astra, Lethality/Pass (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Cherche] 1) Heal Support - Valkyrie Skills: Dual Support+, Deliverer, Tomefaire, Healtouch, Lancebreaker / Demoiselle (Limit Breaker) 2) Escort Support - Wyvern Lord Skills: Dual Support+, Deliverer, Str+2 (All Stats+2), Swordbreaker (Bond), Demoiselle (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Sayri] 1) Lead - Wyvern Lord / Assassin Skills: Galeforce, Lancefaire / Swordfaire, Astra / Speed+2, Deliverer (All Stats+2), Swordbreaker / Lancebreaker (Limit Breaker) [spoiler=Flavia] 1) Lead - Assassin / Hero Skills: Armsthrift, Luna, Pavise (Limit Breaker), Sol (All Stats+2), Lucky Sevens / Move+1 / Acrobat [spoiler=Aversa] 1) Lead - Darkflier Skills: Shadowgift, Galeforce, Vengeance, Anathema / Lancefaire, Deliverer / Lancefaire (Limit Breaker) 2) Miresniper - Darkflier Skills: Shadowgift, Galeforce, Deliverer / Lancebreaker, Lancebreaker / Tomebreaker, Lifetaker (Limit Breaker) Oh yeah and we're skipping the Avatar/MU since they can do basically everything. EDIT: Actually if people want, now that we're more or less done with preliminary skill sets for everyone else, I suppose we can attempt Avatar skill sets for each class just for the hell of it if people want.
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