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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for some members to join a small, dedicated guild in ESO on the PC. We're looking for people wanting to PvE or PvP together and just have a good time! If you're at all interested just shoot me a message or reply here and I'll message you.
  2. Hi there! Welcome to the Serenes Forest Guild Card/Grimoire Trading Post for Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight! Here you may post your Guild Cards and socialize with other guilds. You can also try to request certain grimoires or just have friendly discussions with other players. If you want to upload your Guild Card, you can do so by uploading its file to imgur, which is the method that I think works best. If you don't know how to share your Guild Card, you can go to Regina's café, then select "Guild House", then "Manage Guild Cards", then select your card and press X. You should see an option that says "Output QR Code", select that. Congratulations! Now your Guild Card is stored in your SD card! If you don't know how to scan a Guild Card, go to Regina's café, select "Guild House", then "Data Settings", and finally "Read QR Code". I'll start by uploading my low-level Story Mode party, but Classic may be uploaded as well: (Link to GC) i.imgur.com/YbfTDOr.png Also, if the people demand it, I may create a Trading Post for EOU: The Millennium Girl. Good trading everyone! And please never forget your warp ropes(Ariadne Threads).
  3. Founded on the principles that the Oxford Comma is punctuation worthy of recognition throughout the English Language, the Oxford Comma Guild strives to support clarification of all things ambiguous! The Oxford Comma Guild supports those who support it! With SecondWorld and myself as Co-founders, and Hattusili as our local expert in the field, the Oxford Comma Guild will do nothing but bring confidence to those communicating in English.
  4. So I bought Etrian Odyssey IV about a week ago. After about 40-50 hours put into the game I finally beat it, and let me say it has to have one of the best told stories of every video game I've ever played. However, I raced through most of the game, collecting less than 50% of the monster, food, and items data, barely completing any quests, and obtaining only a couple of the parts for my airship (I hope there is more). Anyway, I wish to start a new game, and though I'm glad you get to keep your characters from your previous game, at their current level they are a bit game breaking. So in order to keep things fun I decided to form a new team. I came across this thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=38296&page=2 And I really want to do something like what these guys did, so starting... now, I am looking for 7 people who wish to join me in the adventure of a life time (which, with the life expectancy of explorers these days, may or may not be short lived XD) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ application is simple, Name: your name will be you username (unless you want to use something else. Apps with vulgar, discriminating, etc., names will be ignored) Class: choose any class you want (I'll provide a list for those who haven't played Etrian Odyssey before. No "aquired" classes aka arcanist, bushi, imperial). Subclass: This wont be decided until it is unlocked. Edit: I think there may be some confusion with my explanation on choosing classes. Your primary class can be any class except arcanist, bushi, or imperial. That restriction does not apply to your secondary class (sub class), however, if you wish to sub class one of those classes, you will have to wait until it is unlocked, as you gain access to them by playing the story line. I should also add that you can change your sub class whenever you want. Background (optional) : Not required, however I may add one for you if you don't. [conditions] : I will only be accepting up to 2 people with the same class (so only 2 of any class at most) You only get 1 character. Once the character is decided, it is final. The only exception to these rules is if you posted a character with a class that is not available (ie. 2 people have already taken it) or you wish to change your class before the end of recruitment phase (please send a PM) Classes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once all guild member positions are filled, I will be posting daily (in-game) journal entries of the guild progress and what we accomplished. I wish this to be fun, and so to keep that way I will try and write entries that are fun to read! :D Hoping to see your application, ~Lagaan Rand Philistine
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