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Found 254 results

  1. So yeah... Fates is my first step into the land of the 3DS games, and only my 3rd FE game overall. My first 2 were Path of Radiance, followed by it’s sequel Radiant Dawn, and I’ve enjoyed these SO much that I really wanted to check out more of the series. Anyways, after a bit of research.. I ended up going with Conquest, as I personally found even Radiant dawn a bit too easy, even on hard mode (it was more annoying than hard, considering no enemy attack range, but w/e), and wanted a challenge. However, I feel I might be regretting my choice, not because I’m worried about the game being too hard, but because I have literally no experience with these game mechanics. So what I’m trying to figure out, and would like to know more about is the following: 1) How important is utilizing the pair-up and attack stance mechanics? Like is the game strictly balanced around using these as much as possible? 2) In regards to pair-up and attack stance.. let me know if I’m understanding it correctly. - For pair-up, you pair-up via in the ingame command, and upon pairing up.. you gain stat boosts (based on your support level with the unit you are paired with, along with additional stats based on units class). There is also some meter that builds up (how exactly does this fill up, is it based on attacking/per turn?), and when maxed, it automatically activates on your next battle negating all damage. I believe that’s extent of my knowledge on pair-up, if there is anymore mechanics/benefits that revolve around pair-up.. please let me know. - As for attack stance, this is automatically activated as long as you are adjacent to an ally unit, and when entering a battle, the unit you are adjacent to will also unleash an attack. I believe that’s the extent of my knowledge on attack stance. Does support bonuses also affect attack stance (or the units class?)? What dictates the amount damage that the non-lead unit will deal? Can the non-lead unit activate/proc combat skills? I’m assuming all weapon triangle advantage/disadvantage and weapon effectiveness is taken into account for the non lead unit? Who gets the bulk of the exp... the lead unit, or the one who dealt the final blow? 3) Promotion, seals, and so on. This part I’m completely lost on. I’ve tried reading into it, and instead I manage to get even more confused. If somebody can please explain to me how leveling and promotion works, along with a gist of how all the seals work, or even link me to something that does.. I’d really appreciate it. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it seems like it is incredibly easy to mess something up considering all the different avenues you can take in regards to promotion and using seals, and how and which skills you acquire and so on... and I’d like to benefit from these things as much as possible. 4) Is there a “calculations” page somewhere that I can refer to? On the main page of serenesforest.com, when choosing the 2 games I previously played (PoR & RD), there was a calculations tab that told me how hit rate/avoid is calculated, how attack speed is calculated along with the doubling threshold and so on. I don’t know where to look for any of this information all in one spot. In game it tells me you need 5 more speed than your enemy to double, but how is speed calculated in this game.. if the weapons don’t have weight? Is it just my listed speed value with no further calculation? Does Awakening and Fates use similar calculations, and if so.. can I just refer to the calculations tab on the awakening section? 5) The weapon triangle. I understand how it works in regards to: Swords/Magic > Axes/Bows > Lance/Hidden Weapons > Sword/Magic, what I want to know is what is the WTA/WTD in this game? 6) If there is any other general information, tips, or advice... or anything that will help for a first time playthrough, that would be absolutely awesome and much appreciated. Such as building supports, best weapons, good units, good skills, good classes, and so on. I’ve been trying to look for all this information, so I am sorry if it’s readily available, it’s just I keep finding basic guides of things I already know, or I find something else that just makes things even more complicating after reading it. Thing is I when play games like this, I like knowing how everything works and how my stats are calculated, and so on, so serenesforest has been a god send for me, but there seems to be a lack of general information on this game and I feel like I’m at the point where it’s not even worth getting into and checking out older FE titles instead. Or maybe I should play Awakening first to get a feel for the newer mechanics? I don’t know. Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated, as I really want to give this game a chance as the the art style looks amazing to me, it seems to have a lot of depth (which I like, as long as I understand how everything is working), and it’s suppose to present good challenging gameplay.. which are all things I look for in a game like this. Thanks in advance to anyone that goes out of their way to leave a comment, and I apologize for asking so many questions at once.
  2. Hello everyone, I am (or was....) doing my 8th playthrough in general and the third on maddening. After I already did VW on maddening because of the golden home screen, I also did an AM run (NG+ this time). Even though I am not a big Fan of Edelgard I wanted to play her route on maddening (also NG+) just to say that I cleared all of the three house leader routes on maddening ( I don´t care about SS, It was not very appealing to me). I guess you all know that after the first 2-3 runs you get sick from exploring the monastery (or the first part in general) which in my case mainly consists of raising the motivation of your students in the dining hall and gardening. Anyway while playing with the Black Eagles I got bored as I got closer to the timeskip. Hence I stopped playing for a few months. Today I picked it up again and forgot or ignored the fact that I was/am in the "holy tomb month", were you are supposed to talk to Edelgard in the entrance room and follow her, in order to play CF. I was stupid enough to just ignore the condition to play CF, namely talking to Edelgard... I stopped playing right after my dumbass saved the game before the end of the month mission, so no more exploring... I guess it is not possible, but I am too desperate right now... so is there any possibility to restore overwritten Data/ save files? Or is intelligent systems maybe going to patch the conditions for CF route? (I know that that would be almost impossible, but I am just so goddamn upset because of my own stupidity...) Hope you guys can help me, even though I highly doubt it
  3. Hi! So I want to make some sprites by editing the current sprites. I can't find a transparent PNG of the beasts (taguel, cat laguz, dragon, etc). Does anyone know where I am able to find it? If so could you please post the images (transparent if possible! if not white background will be okay) here? Thank you!
  4. I have been trying to get my animation script to work for a while but it just wont take. I followed the Ultimate tutorials instructions but I'm still having trouble to get it to work. This is my first animation script so it makes sense that I'm having issues but I always get an unexpected error I've tried to look up how to solve this issue but those solutions still didn't help. Does anybody have an idea on why my script does not work. Please help. Hawk Laguz GBA.txt
  5. I've been listening to the same songs for quite some time now and Spotify shuffle just ain't enough to keep them feeling fresh. Any of y'all wanna share some band recommendations? and some songs i should start off with? or just post your favorite bands or songs idk just share some music please. Preferably rock music 🙂
  6. Hi everyone. This is my first post, and I apologize if I'm ignorant of common knowledge on this forum. I got into Fire Emblem just last year, and Path of Radiance is honestly the first RPG I've ever played. I finished a playthrough on easy mode through both PoR and Radiant Dawn, and wanted to do another run on a harder difficulty setting. I've been looking through this forum, and it appears my efficiency at playing the game is drastically below par (e.g. I don't finish a chapter on BEXP pace, I often place characters in situations that result in their deaths multiple times, my characters are often underleveled, etc). I know this a rather difficult question to answer, given how broad it is, but do you guys have any tips for how to play the game better? I know a lot of it will obviously come from experience, but I was wondering if there were some important fundamental concepts I had to get down to stop running around like an idiot. I have some basic knowledge, such as the weapon triangle, attacking outside of range then inside it, but I feel like I'm also letting many mechanics wash down the drain, such as shoving (is it that useful?), rescue, Order/Direct, etc. Again, I apologize for asking such a broad question, but any help would be appreciated.
  7. I have Radiant dawn V 1.01 and I am absolutely HELPLESS with the whole find the code in hexidecimal method. I have TRIED many different links to figure it out but i just cant. Can Anyone please tell me the code i can use for THIS version to remove the stat caps on everyone? I used to have this back in the day but i guess the updated game file changed everything?=\ or if anyone could tell me where to find the OG game version isntead it should work that way?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on hacking Radiant Dawn to make it more in line with PoR's mechanics. Here are some of the things that I have been able to accomplish: Characters have higher base stats similar to what they would if they were that level in PoR. For example, a Level 5 promoted Marcia in PoR would (on average) have 2 more points of Str, Skl, and Spd. Similarly, any character growths that were lowered in RD have been restored to their PoR growths. For example, Nephenee's Str growth is now 40%, just like it was in FE9. Gave the same stat caps to tier 1 and 2 classes as they have in PoR. (For tier 1 units, it's mostly the Res stat) For example, Soren now has the same stat caps that he had in FE9 (as a Sage) Renamed classes for consistency. (Lance Armor ---> Knight) (Wind/Thunder/Fire Sage ---> Sage) (Lance General ---> General) (Dragonmaster ---> Wyvern Lord) Made Jill and Ilyana pre-promotes, making every playable PoR character promoted. Brom is now a Lance General. All Thunder tomes are more powerful and accurate. Their stats are a mix of FE9 and 10's. Bolting has the same weight as in PoR. Light has 1 more might. (Like in the GBA games) Certain characters have different stats in their initial chapters. For example, Nephenee now has a Steel Lance in 2-1, which doesn't weigh her down. Meg is now a Lance Knight and comes with an iron and steel lance in her joining inventory. I have attached some screencaps to exemplify. What I need help on is: Modifying Ilyana and Jill's levels in their joining chapters (1-3 and 1-6, respectively, as they now join as pre-promotes) Giving Lance Generals Swords instead of Axes (like in PoR) Modifying the starting gauge of several laguz. For example, I want Lethe and Jannaff to start every chapter with full gague like PoR. Modify gauge decrements so it decreases slower for cats, hawks and ravens. Fitting some names properly. (Dracoknight ---> Wyvern Rider) I changed Dracoknight to WyvernRider (without the space) because otherwise that would add bytes to the file and crash the game. Give Paladins access to a second weapon. (Geoffrey Bows, Titania Lances) (Possibly) Making Tormod an Archsage in 4-4 (Possibly) Make every enemy Armor and General a Lance Armor/General. Basically tier 1 uses Lances and tier 2 uses Lances + Swords. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me on this project, please let me know. I appreciate any help.
  9. Hey all, I’ve been using this site for a while for general stats/class info and stuff, and I’d like to think that I have a generally good understanding of the game. however after around 10 attempts, 4 of which I reached the final map on (2 azure moon, 2 Crimson Flower) I still cannot beat NG maddening. I’ve been using dlc Boosters, units, classes, battalions, additional paralogues, those online spirit things, hell I did my last run on casual, but I just can’t seem to get more than 2 or 3 units to a point where they’re useful. So, before I inevitably restart again, I wanted to try and retrace my steps on my latest run, to see where I went wrong. Before I get to team comp, I’d like to admit to three big mistakes i know i’m making. 1: spending too much time on the supports and paired endings aspect. I need to save that for normal and hard runs (or ng+). 2: overusing warp skipping (especially in BL). I feel like this probably led to my units being woefully underleveled for the final confrontation. 3: I’m stone cold broke cuz I spent all my money on things to trade for renown for the wayseer (see problem 1). Luckily I had enough to fix up most of my weapons for the fight, but yeah. Budget is non existent but anyways, heres what I’m working with Byleth: lvl 38 Wyvern lord hp 55 Str: 35 Mag: 18 Dex: 25 spd: 28 lck: 25 def: 20 res: 17 cha: 42 Abilities equipped Alert Stance lancebreaker axe prowess 4 hp +5 death blow inventory is sublime sword, hexlock shield, killer, steel, and training axe (all +) Arts are smash, helm splitter, and wrath strike (no better one to use :/) battalion: cichil wyvern co (5) Pretty Certain I went wrong here. Got relatively early wyvern lord despite not having req. lvls. I recruited every unit, so likely my lack of focus killed this one. But yeah, poor stats and a poor understanding of how much time I should be spending in certain classes was bad. Dmitri: lvl 39 great lord (masters halfway thru map) Hp 63 mv 9 (dlc shoes) str 38 mag 14 dex 27 spd 31 lck 19 def 26 res 11 cha 36 Abilities: battallion wrath lance prowess 5 mv +1 swordbreaker lance crit +10 inventory is silver shield, spear of assal, lance of ruin, brave lance, areadbhar, scythe of sariel. arts are tempest lance, knightkneeler, glowing ember. battalion is blue lion knights 5 Dmitri can crit p easily, and tanks alright, but can’t orko, so I need to soften units up beforehand, which can be a pain. Overall a little dissapointing for a lord, but far from my worst unit Lysithea: lvl 40 dark flier (certed for gremory) hp: 36 str 11 mag 42 dex 37 spd 37 lck 14 def 13 res 22 cha 23 abilities reason 5 dark mag range +1 mag+2 fiendish blow alert stance inventory is thrysius art is draw back battalion is Nuvelle Fliers Corps 5 lysithea has been a beast, but at the same time hasn’t been orkoing enemies like in previous runthroughs. I believe I spent too much time in dark flier (no mag growths), but canto and thrysius are a hell of a drug Constance: lvl 38 war cleric hp 44 str 31 mag 37 dex 21 spd 14 lck 14 def 16 res 17 cha 20 abilities: brawl 5 reason 5 fiendish blow brawl avo +20 miracle (I know I know) arts are mystic blow (woohoo) healing focus, fading blow and pneuma gale inventory is aura knuckles +, training gauntlets +, silver gauntlets, vajra mushti, magic staff and crusher. battalion is Leicester Dicers Corps 5 i make no apologies for this one. Mystic blow is so strong early/mid game and she can still orko p much anyone late game with aura knuckles. She’s also great with rescue, which has been a bonus. Marianne: lvl 39 dancer hp 46 str 12 mag 35 dex 21 spd 26 lck 22 def 9 res 28 cha 38 abilities: defensive tactics battalion renewal faith 4 reason 1 special Dance arts are wrath strike, sword dance, soulblade inventory is levin sword and healing staff battalion: seiros holy monks (stride) my best healer by far, I never use marianne offensively (as I have in other runs with blutgang), I wish I had just had Yuri cert for dancer to get sword avoid tbh, cuz I feel I missed out on a Great bishop. speaking of Yuri... Yuri lvl 43 Assassin HP 46 str 36 mag 24 dex 33 spd 53 lck 33 def 24 res 21 cha 28 abilities sword prowess 5 swordfaire sword crit 10 vantage duelist’s blow arts finesse blade, windsweep (never used) deadeye (to aggro enemies) inventory rapier +, wo dao +, thunderbrand, training bow +, sword of zoltan, fetters of dromri battalion: brigid hunters 5 (get that avo) my best unit and hard carry, nothing hits yuri, but yuri hits hard. High crit and stupid speed means he rarely loses a combat. Idk what classes I should maybe have taken him through tho, cuz I can see duelists blow and vantage being overkill. Canto is stupid good on him, also. annette: lvl 13 noble (woops) hp 34. All else irrelevant literally there to fill out the roster and be a rally bot, unfortunately cuz shes squishy af she cant get in hegemongard’s range, so she’s just useless. She does have blue lion dancers and rally str spd and res. hapi: lvl 37 valkyrie (certed in gremory) hp 39 str 19 mag 31 Dex 25 spd 20 lck 17 def 16 res 30 cha 20 abilities: fiendish blow uncanny blow move +1 reason 5 dark mag range +1 arts: tempest lance and draw back inventory: caduceus staff battalion: timotheus magi corps great utility unit, but heals for shit. Banshee and canto and warp are really good tho, so idk whether to use her in this or gremory. Hilda, Hilda, Hilda: lvl 37 wyvern lord hp 65 str 35 mag 15 dex 21 spd 31 lck 21 def 28 res 14 cha 32 abilities darting blow death blow alert stance + lancebreaker Axe prowess 5 arts: Helm splitter, smash, diamond axe inventory: seiros shield, freikugel, brave axe, training and iron axe +, silver axe battalion: galatea pegasus co. no complaints here. Very solid, got her up to B authority and it was worth it. She came with c+ lance so all I had to do was raise axe a lil then focus flying and auth. Darting blow will let her orko Bernadetta: lvl 39 sniper/bow knight hp 57 (i really wanted vengeance to work and it kinda has) str 31 mag 14 dex 39 spd 27 lck 24 def 26 res 22 cha 21 abilities bow crit 10 bow 5 close counter move +1 hit +20 arts: encloser, vengeance, deadeye, and hunters volley if sniper. inventory: failnaught, accuracy ring, iron bow +, silver bow, iron lance +, luin battalion: goneril valkyries great utility unit, I think she’s better as a sniper with hapi around. That said I could go either class. Generally been good for me whole game. caspar (I was surprised too) lvl 39 war master hp 64 str 38 mag 17 dex 22 spd 26 luck 25 def 22 res 12 cha 18 abilities axe 3 brawl 5 lancebreaker battalion wrath quick riposte arts: bombard, mighty blow, healing focus, war master’s strike. inventory: short axe, crit ring, killer knuckles, silver gauntlets, and training gauntlets all +, and silver axe battalion: bergliez war group recruited him at the last possible day, said “fuck it I’ll try it” for battle at garreg mach, and I’ve been switching between him and hapi/felix for the 10th slot. He’s a crit machine, tho in future I likely want Ferdinand or sylvain over him. to round it all out... felix: lvl 36 war master/wyvern lord hp 57 str 38 mag 17 dex 20 spd 32 lck 23 def 18 res 13 cha 15 abilities: lancebreaker death blow brawl 3 axe 5 hp+5 arts: helm splitter, smash, nimble combo inventory: iron axe, killer axe, and hand axe all +, silver gaunts, axe of ukonvasara, and crit ring. battalion is king if lions corps. felix has consistently been slinging massive amounts of damage around. His class is map dependant, but I’ve had him in war master for a fair bit now. anyways, thats my team. What things am I missing? What am I overvaluing. What am I underrating? Please help before I go insane. many thanks!
  10. does the valkerie staff reset love because ayra is unable to be saved
  11. I accidentally autosaved when Lachesis died is is it possible to start the chapter over
  12. I'm having trouble deciding what paralogues are I should do before the timeskip. I have beaten Cindered Shadows and recruited all of the Wolves. Their paralogues are available as a result. The file I'm playing is a Fresh Maddening Mode file on Golden Deer Route and I'm at the start of Chapter 9. I know there are some rewards that catch my eye like the Rings of Drommi, Caduceus Staff, the boots reward, and the Experience Gem (I desperately Need that), but there's some with at least decent Battalions that I wouldn't mind doing. I would appreciate any feedback for helping me get the most benefits before doing the timeskip on Maddening. This is also my first post on Serenes Forest. Thanks in Advance!
  13. I don’t know why but the only units who are reliably killing things right now are Boyd and Titania. Units like Oscar who are apparently really good, can’t even double anyone and even my Ike is hardly slaughtering thanks to all these damn lance users and can’t even kill an archer in one turn. Marcia is way to frail to even think about touching these enemies so I’m having to spoon feed her. It takes both Mia and Oscar teaming up on an enemy to get kills. Ilyana feels ridiculously pudgy and can’t really consistently kill anyone on her own, but I love her design and I really want to use her. Soren does pretty well against anyone I throw him at. I’m playing the game on normal mode. My main question is, am I somehow playing this wrong or screwed myself over somehow? Or is it just that I’m used to newer 3ds/switch title(s) in which all the killing happens during the player phase? I have heard a lot of people say that the majority of killing happens on the enemy phase in this game, but it’s just extremely frustrating that none of my units seem to be even denting these enemies consistently. I also don’t know what to do with all the units the game keeps handing me... Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. i did the GD route but i wasnt sure which one to choose next. i know which order u go doesnt rlly matter but i just wanna know which ones best to pick. i also heard there's a church/rhea route n if i should bother going for that one? i was gonna choose edelgard bc her route is the shortest apparently n then finally finish w dimitri ... anyways any thoughts would be appreciated ! ^^
  15. i got to the final boss now. thanks for your help, but i decided to use my other units as decoys, then my MU didn't have to fight them, (also forgot to equip my S -Sword Skill, +10crit) and it was surprisingly easy because edelgard was easy
  16. So I'm in the process of making my 30th FE4 run (or something like that, I just love this game...) and I've two things to ask about: One concerns gameplay, what I think is a glitch I've never seen (or even seen mentioned before) and one is a question about a storyline aspect that I never really thought about too hard before. First the 'glitch' - so, on this play-through I'm doing some unconventional and silly things I've never done before - the relevant part of that is that it's taking me AGES, without a doubt the slowest play-through I've ever done (Just started chapter 4, 60+ turns taken on both chapter 2 and 3! good lord are foot units tough to use consistently in this game...) and I at least think this caused the strange effect. As soon as Tiltyu was recruited, Azel's love was listed as her though they've spent zero time together, obviously, while her own... is still listed as none. And this still persists in Chapter 4. How did that happen? Did the latent love growth just pair them up while I was taking forever in chapter 3? Even though Tiltyu "didn't exist" yet? I've never seen something like this before and I just have no idea what happened here and how or why it created the only one-way relationship I've ever seen. I promise it wasn't caused by a runaway AR code or anything like that, I don't have any enabled. Second, the storyboard bit. Again this just never really occurred to me before and I'm wondering if I missed something or am misunderstanding. Okay: In Chapter 2 one of the cutscenes with Manfroy has a Lopt dude telling him Kurth has been assassinated, so this is presumably the moment that Vylon goes into hiding/on the run/whatever. Then, most of a year passes in between in end of Chapter 2 and the start of Chapter 3. Afterwards, Sigurd & Co. end up in Silesea where they spent another year? Once Chapter 5 starts, am I to believe Vylon has spent the last TWO YEARS fleeing from or hit&run fighting against Rangobalt's forces?? That's... insane. That's somewhere between very stupid and incredibly badass, and I can't make up my mind which.
  17. So I know it might seem like a stupid answer, but what I really mean is the ability you get when you master a class. I found out that its class specific. For example, I leveled Petra up to max out Theif, but when I change her into a mercenary, her steal ability is gone. So what's the point of maxing out your class? What if I get too many abilities and i wanna trade one out for a new one? Is there a way to keep your abilities, of so how? I know that there are leveling stats the differ based on what class you're in, bit is that it? What's the benefit of mastering out a class? Sorry if this is confusing, it's just that I've never been confused with a class system before xD
  18. I'm making a rpg project for my computer class. As for our dialogue, I've been looking for ways to generate my own clips or drift among the internet to try to find any custom made dialogue text noises. Like in Fire emblem Blazing blade, whenever they talk, its the repeat of the 'blip' noise. Does anyone know where I can download this, or link me to? Thanks.
  19. ok so... the morphs are literally on par with my units or maybe even better. I have no idea how to survive this level as even the lords can't hold their on. At the start of the level I am guaranteed to lose one unit because the one morph with reinfleche bow. I finally got here and now I can't win lol. Help please
  20. Hello all, I would like to seek some advice from you all on how to have better success in this game. Unfortunately I'm pretty young (just turned 16 last week) so I had the pleasure of being introduced to Fire Emblem through Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl at a very young age and didn't play a game till Awakening. Due to that I have an extremely hard time playing the older fire emblem games. I got pretty far into Sacred Stones until towards the end of the game I got completely SLAUGHTERED 😫. I've always wanted to beat Blazing Blade but I'm just having a very difficult time thanks to Awakening practically spoiling me. Units run out of weapons and die all the time and it just feels like my army is just BARELY trudging through levels. It feels like I get to levels and am just completely screwed because my army is extremely unprepared. Do you all have any advice on how to better approach these older games? More specifically Blazing Blade in general? Awakening spoiled me and now I'm unable to do well in these older titles 😭
  21. Am I permanently stuck? I completed Celica’s path first but did not go to Duma Tower yet. I use Alm’s path to go up to Dragon Crater, then I get locked in. I go over to Duma Tower and complete and Jeddah just mentions about watching Alm struggle. I go back to Alm and try to move a few times (thinking this would trigger a story event). It does nothing beside telling I can’t move. I go back to Celica’s side and she’s not on the map (because she’s in Duma Tower). Did I break the game? If not, how do I get out of this mess?
  22. Apologies, I did my best to search the forum for a solution before asking a previously resolved question, but I am trying to figure out how to implement a feature I've been digging through both FEbuilder and the rom for patched Midori, and have yet to figure out A. how to split magic and strength or B. how to implement growths for stats like movement and Con (a la Midori/FE4) in an FE8 hacked rom Any answers are appreciated, even if it just "lol, can't be done in FE8, get nightmare and FE7, scrub" Thank you!
  23. I'm looking for someone who has successfully patched FE4 with the Project Naga translation patch on an android phone to give me a step by step walkthrough on how to do so, because I've had no luck trying to do so myself, nor have I found anyone who has done so that went into great detail of how they did so. I have RAR, Snes9x EX+, a working FE4 (Gharnef) rom, and the Project Naga patch all download on my phone.
  24. Accidentally deleted one of the armories in Chapter 5. Is there a way where I can add it back?
  25. As some of you might know, I am working on my hack Fire Emblem: Traitors Tale. It has been dead for some time, but I have come back to it. Last time I asked for help i waited 10 minutes and gave up, don`t worry, I learn from my mistakes(and suspensions). Returning to the original topics, I need to know how to make custom portraits. Could anyone lend so help?
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