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Found 229 results

  1. Just now got around to joining though have played fire emblem since awakening! (Sadly just as of last night got around to buying echoes) You'll have to forgive me my social skills are...Lacking to say the least so I may have issues figuring what to say at a given time though am happy to join! As I said I just last night got Echoes though have played and beaten Awakening,Fates,and Three Houses. (Its funny I bought my 3ds originally to play Persona q and got awakening on a whim but bought my switch mostly JUST for Three houses ha ha.)
  2. Hello you can call me Astra, I am a fan of all the Fire Emblem games. My favourite game would be radiant dawn. I have been playing Fire Emblem for a very long time now. I am Looking forward to meeting new people here 🙂 If you would like to check me out heres a link to my youtube. Youtube
  3. My name is NobodyKnowsTheJav. Breaking rules has ruined my life. I'm 17 years ooooooooold... Things about me no one cares about: I'm an amateur hacker and aspiring voice actor and translator. I have like a thousand mental disorders. I'm fluent in English, Spanish (my mother tongue) and French. I'm drunk on games and the Internet, though unlike some people I sometimes go outside to wind down a bit. I'm a perfectionist, but at the same time I'm not particularly skilled. I often switch between lazy and go-getting. Things about me some people might care about: I'm not going to frequent this site all that often, unfortunately. I made an account here to share one particular thing and more to come. My favorite FE game in terms of gameplay is FE12, but I also love the GBA series and know a couple things about Tellius. I also have a... somewhat nasty reputation on some other FE communities, but I'm actually really sorry for my past actions and I implore the mods to not take action against me in this site unless I have actually broken a rule. And although my username is TheJavKnowsNobody, I often call myself Jav or NobodyKnowsTheJav. I just decided to switch things up regarding my username. Anyhow, uh... crap, how do I finish this post? How about leaving it unfinished?
  4. Well, okay, maybe more like second-time poster. For my history with this series, I remember I downloaded Fire Emblem Awakening on my 3DS when I was 7. I got to the 2nd chapter and then quit for some reason. (I dont know why, I was seven.) Since then, I've beaten Awakening, 3H, PoR, FE7, SS, and am in the process of beating RD. As a note: XavierStronome isn't my real name, just an online alias I thought of for some reason. I'm also quite nervous, which was why I waited so long to make an account.
  5. Hello, I finally decide to officially join Serenes after years of reading forums and that one time I used discus to comment on recent Fire Emblem news. I've been a fan of Fire Emblem since I got Sacred Stones as part of the 3ds' ambassador program and fell in love with the series since then. As the name implies, I like cute stuff... that's it. There's nothing else about me that's remotely relevant to Fire Emblem. I also love Pokémon I guess. Uh...ask me anything??? sorry this is the first time I've ever joined a site dedicated to forums and discussion and whatnot :v pretty awkward for me
  6. Hi everyone, not really sure how to introduce myself. I usually like to just lurk around on forums and don't interact much but I don't have any real life friends interested in FE so I thought I'd finally get involved. I've always been a big fan of RPGs and playing the game Pokemon Conquest back when it came out got me really interested in what else I could find like that. This eventually landed me on FE and I've been in love since. I'm personally a big fan of the more difficult games in the series as I've never found a game series that could quite match up to the kind of intensity that FE does. I'm hugely into art and game design so I hope to create some projects related to FE that you guys would like. Anyway, I'm really excited to get to know you all and I hope you enjoy my contributions!
  7. I'm Henri, and I've been lurking about on Serene's Forest for a while now, but decided to make an account after Three Houses finally got me excited again! I've never really formally posted on forums like this, so I hope I can find somewhere to fit in eventually. I'm really interested in actually joining the community now though, and it'd be awesome if I could find a way to put myself to work on new projects and the like. I've played Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, Echoes, and I'm currently working on beating Path of Radiance. I know my member card places me as the type to have actually beaten a Tellius game, but I just already feel like I enjoy Tellius more than any of the other series I've played. After PoR I'm looking to play through Radiant Dawn as well. (after beating digital devil saga as well though lol)
  8. Finale


    Hi people, it's me, ya boi. I love all things Fire Emblem, and I'm just waiting for Three Houses to be released so I can truly be the shut-in that I was meant to be. I've been wanting a home-console Fire Emblem for years, and I can't wait to be with the House that doesn't look like they are going to murder actually everyone.
  9. Hello everyone, glad to meet you all ^^ First of all I would like to talk about myself, I'm from Spain and I'm 25, my liking for Fire Emblem started since I played Awakening years ago in my 3DS, I also played Fates and I thought Conquest was my favourite game until I played Shadows of Valentia, the game I'm currently playing. Everytime I needed some help with the games I came to these forums, but never took the initiative to sign up and make a presentation, I hope we all will get along. Take care~
  10. Alright alright now that the title's out of the way, here's my intro for you all! So, my first Fire Emblem game? First actual game I would say would have to have been Heroes, when I just found it from Nintendo on the play store one day. And sure enough because of playing Heroes (still "sorta" am to this day!) I started watching other people play some mor Fe games such as the lovely Mangs, and I eventually went to play Fe7 and Sacred Stones via emulation. Had a lot of fun with those! For 3ds, I had gotten a 2ds alongside Echoes last Christmas and played the heck out of it( even though I knew every spoiler cause of me watching Mangs's playthrough)! Still have my first save file of hard classic to this day(Which had the somewhat demonic Est in there with her multi stat level ups. Im not even joking 0_0)! And Ive also completed both Birthright and Conquest (Conquest on hard) and still trying to get Revelations. And Im currently playing through the Fe8 Pme! Other than that, I hope to become apart of the community here as a kind person to you all, and I can't wait for Three Houses!!
  11. Hello people of Serenes. I dont know what to say other than my experiance with Fire Embem, so here we go. My first fire emblem was either path of radiance or shadow dragon and radiant dawn shortly after. next i played awakening and sat on the series for a while before i tried playing the snes and gba games (emulation). lastly and most recently i picked up shadows of valentia and fates beat SoV and Birthright and am currently playing Conquest. so thats what i have to offer though i havent beaten any of the snes, gba games, or path of radiance which I cant seem to play for more than 2 or 3 chapters at a time. I look foward to hopefully being a decent enough member of the community.
  12. Hello! I am Snail Racer. I've actually been on this site for years, but I've decided to make an account today so that I can start interacting with fellow Fire Emblem fans. I'll introduce myself in the style of Naruto's Team 7. My hobbies are watching educational & entertaining internet videos; giving feedback & new ideas for Fire Emblem: Heroes; examining news from Serebii, Serenes Forest, and Event Hubs; and playing Fire Emblem: Heroes and recently Dragalia Lost. I like hard work; having a lot of time, which I don't usually have; video games, especially turn-based JRPGs; good grammar, so I like people correcting me about it; gentleness; and respect. I dislike cursing, which sadly prevents me from having fun playing many JRPGs; kissing; spoilers; and loud sounds. My dream is to get a job in developing video games; ideally I'd give feedback there. I'm a deep thinker whom gives lots of thought on what I say, so I'll edit my posts often so that they better match what I want to convey. Let's be friends.
  13. Well, this took long enough. I have been an active lurker since around when Fates came out, with the activity skyrocketing in commonality with the release of FEH. So, I got to know some people before even truly meeting them. Learned a lot of things. Anyways, I am one of many introduced to the franchise with Smash, as well as part of another many who became fans through Awakening. Currently (in order of release), I have played Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, Awakening, all three paths of Fates, and SoV. And Heroes. Lost of Heroes. Not F2P btw, I am part of the $75 bundle problem (only bought Fjorm pack, though). I also like Smash, various other video games, classic rock, Bruno Mars, YouTube (the people, not the site), and have really high interests in anime, writing, acting, role playing, and others. Edit: I need to know how I put spoiler tags down on my posts. I will also only talk about progress in my gaming experience in weekends, as I only play video games then to help my focus on school. That was my introduction. Cue Enterlude with this pic I made.
  14. Darknight97


    Hi I'm Darknight 97, currently I'm working on two hacks which are basically rebalance hacks and probably done to death in here and other forums, one is for FE 8 which is likely done and the other one is FE 6 which somewhat leans towards making hm a lot easier and maybe broken, I am also present at the fire emblem amino, ft. mangs discord server and mekkkah's keep discord server .
  15. Soul

    I just exist.

    Soul here. The title is self-explanatory, I just want to see and do some FE things. Hobbies include punning and being a historian.
  16. Hey all, I'm a long-time user of SF data, having completed FE4-SoV (on hardest difficulty when available) + TRS and am working through Berwick. I've done a few RR's and did a bit of RD 0% growths until I got bored out of my skull. I'm also a retired small-time streamer. Figured I'd finally stop lurking since I've completed a basic FE6 ROM hack.
  17. Hey, Everyone, While I'm a habitual Lurker, after visiting on and off for close to half a decade, I figured it was probably time to make an account (and even post an introduction!). I grew up a Sega kid, so I didn't have any real exposure to the franchise until Awakening, though I've been slowly working my back (my gaming backlog is so big it has its own orbit). I enjoy tinkering with games in ways the creators did not intend, which is how I ended up here. I'm not a big Nintendo person, in terms of their first-party titles, but Fire Emblem is the exception, and I actually bought my 3DS just for Awakening, and will be buying a Switch solely for Three Houses. Anyway, I'll stop here, since I'm currently sick with Pneumonia, and my doctor would strangle me i they knew I was out of bed. See you around!
  18. Diler

    Hey everyone

    Hey everyone, i'm Diler and i'm new here in SF. I'm not too much of FE head, I started playing the series last year with FEH and played Awakening after. I plan on playing Blazing Sword some time this year and if you have any other games to suggest to me, feel free to! I'm to this day an addict of Fire Emblem Heroes and i'm pretty excited for Three Houses later this year, just need to get myself a Switch. I think that's all I have to say, I don't use forums very often but i'll be sure come here every now and then to see some new threads and discussions ^^
  19. Erinyes

    Hey guys

    Hey guys, my name is Erinyes. (Not my real name of course) At the age of 11-12, I found out about Fire Emblem when I watched a Youtube video of a guy complaining about how they removed Roy from SSBB. Ever since then, my curiosity had me delve deep into this wonderful franchise. I never had a chance to play many FE games in my childhood. I wasn't very knowledgeable about emulators so the only FE game I played before picking up Awakening was FE7. Now that I'm in college, I finally learned how to download and patch the older FEs. Unfortunately, I don't really have to much time on my hand because of college and work. Hopefully with Spring break coming around the corner, I can finally experience FE the way I wanted to in my adolescence. Anyway, I don't really use this site often. I only use it to keep track of priority in FE4's jealousy system and other information. I'm kinda hyped about Three Houses and I hope to have interesting discussions about it. Although, I should probably lurk around before I try.
  20. Blattodea


    you'd think after being on the interwebs for so long i'd eventually figure out how to make introductions and stuff but i don't :( hi i'm leo!! i'm uh. a noob. played through fateswakening, now i'm working my way through path of radiance! i uhhh draw and write and junk sometimes, and my crowning achievement is that i was part of that weird buff FE trend that happened on twitter for like a week anyways here's libra with a worm on a string because i've lost control of my love for the blonde femboy healer trope...............
  21. Hello, my name is JaphethMario21st. Last year, I've become a fan of Fire Emblem, starting off with Fire Emblem: Binding Blade. And currently I have five FE games beaten, or at least beaten the last chapters. And those are Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, Awakening, Blazing Sword, and Echoes. Currently I am playing Path of Radiance. I've been lurking around this website, downloading custom animations, since for some reason, this newbie wants to create a hack of his own. But it's time I create an account, so I can interact with people, get to ask questions, etc. So anyways, thanks for reading and I look forward for the future.
  22. ~Hello everyone!~ My name is astriferous_gem and I finally decided to make my first post on this site! I've been trying to introduce myself for a while but I was too nervous before since I have never really posted anything to anywhere. I've had a pretty great day so far though and it encouraged me to finally try! I have lurked around this site for a while and really enjoy what it has to offer. The games that I have played so far are Awakening, Fates, and Echoes. I have Warriors for my switch as well but I haven't gotten around to starting it yet. The Heroes app has been taking up my recent time as I try to build up units that I have collected. My favorite FE character is Marth! I haven't played the games he is the main focus of but his appearances in other games introduced me to him. I absolutely adore him and try collect as much merch of him as I can! I am also very invested in FE Cipher! I don't know how to play with the cards but I love the artwork and characters so I collect them! I took a break from the cards a while ago due to college classes but I got drawn back into it a few months ago. I got behind on the series boxes so I decided to focus on collecting the promo cards instead of trying to catch up on the boxes. I am now close to having all the currently released promos! Since I am close to having all the released promos, I have started working on obtaining the series boxes I have missed. I saw that there was a cipher thread on this site so I'll definitely check that out! ~Thanks for reading and I hope to make some great friends on this site!~
  23. Hello! I'm a newbie here and I normally go by Pierrie. My first FE game was Awakening which was great. I have finished the Fates series and Echoes. Currently I'm playing FE Blazing Blade and stumbled across this forum while doing some research. Uhh I don't really use forums much so let me know if I mess up somewhere and I hope I can be a part of the community. o7
  24. Hi guys I'm Sam I'm newish here, I'm a poet, writer and composer, I'm 17, and this is my favorite gaming franchise! I've also got kind of bad social aniety and stuff so I hope i don't get trolled!
  25. Hello everyone! I'm BlazingSwordOfSeals, nice to meet you. I'm not much for lengthy posts, so I'll just get straight to the point. Like a lot of members of this site, I'm a big fan of fantasy fiction and Nintendo, and one of my favorite pastimes is coming up with my own ideas for characters and games. I've been a fan of Fire Emblem ever since the GBA days and my favorite entries in the series are (as of this writing) Rekka no Ken/Blazing Sword and Awakening, while my least favorite is Shadow Dragon. I joined Serenes Forest to get some feedback on my ideas and maybe find some people who can help bring them to life (even if it's only as a few mock-up screenshots and pixelart sprites). That's all I have to say at the moment. For now, have a great day everyone! I look forward to discussing FE and spitballing ideas off of you.
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