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Found 5 results

  1. So... forgive me if I'm posting wrongly. I haven't done this sort of thing before, I'm still new to this website and have no idea how to use it. I mostly use the subreddit or my own Tumblr, but, well, here goes. In this thread I'll be posting mostly Awakening art pieces I've done, though there might be a few other stragglers here and there. (If that's allowed? I read the rules I'm just not sure is all) Anyways... So here's my stuff from 2016: This one was a commission! Someone asked me to draw them as a Fire Emblem character in Severa's clothes and I had a ton of fun with that: Here's a few WIPs I'm doing: And this was a commission of someone's Corrin! Currently, I'm working to color this, but a friend and I also agreed to collaborate. I drew it, she's going to also color it! and while this piece is a little old, I still do like it: so again, apologies if I did any of this wrong, I'm still new to this, thank you for looking!
  2. Ok, I may not be posting this Topic in the correct forum (if this is the case, Mods- please can you move this to the correct forum please?). Anyways- I was watching the Super Smash Bros Direct yesterday and I didn't realise just how badly I wanted a crossover between Bayonetta and Kid Icarus. I have no idea how this crossover would work (I've never played Bayonetta, and I've only played Kid Icarus: Uprising) and it's probably the most stupid, dumb and generally crazy idea I've ever had. But I want it so bad.
  3. PIT: There's something weird about this fighter, Lady Palutena. PALUTENA: That's Robin, also known as the Avatar. PIT: I wonder where Chrom is... PALUTENA: Who knows? Probably taking a nap at home. CHROM: I'm no idle layabout. PIT: Whoa! Where did you come from?! CHROM: Robin is a skilled strategist and master of both the Levin Sword and magic. Certainly more useful than a simple swordsman like myself, though each of Robin's tomes, along with the Levin Sword, can only be used a limited number of times before it wears out. VIRIDI: Hey look, it's that Ike wanna-be! CHROM: Excuse me?! I think you're sadly mistaken. I lead the Shepherds, not the Greil Mercenaries. VIRIDI: Shepherds, Greil Mercenaries, same difference. CHROM: The Shepherds may have a lot in common with the Greil Mercenaries, but both my leadership style and my fighting style are very different from Ike's. VIRIDI: Pfft! You and Ike are pretty much carbon copies. This is the reason why you were rejected as a playable character. CHROM: If I was rejected for being a "carbon copy" of Ike, then explain why Dark Pit is able to fight alongside Pit. VIRIDI: Because Dark Pit has a wicked staff that Pit doesn't have. Meanwhile, your Falchion is pitifully short compared to Ike's Ragnell... DARK PIT: Yeah, suck it, Pit! This is why the ladies love me! PIT: Don't drag us into this, Pittoo... CHROM: Too late! I'll turn you into bear meat... Once Robin gets a hold of a Smash Ball. PIT: Why wait for Robin to get one? Don't you have a pair of Smash Balls already? Unless the doctor removed them when you were a little boy... CHROM: If they had been removed when I was a little boy, then how could I have possibly fathered Lucina? VIRIDI: Perhaps "Freddy Bear" is the real father... CHROM: Now I'm angry!
  4. Kid Icarus Uprising is a pretty popular 3DS game. While opinions on the game vary highly (especially on the note of controls), I'm sure most of us who like it can agree the vast amount of resources to use and the fast, on rails action are a blast. And the multiplayer is pretty popular to, which is why this thread exists! Here is a place for you to meet and challenge fellow players, organize tournaments and special battles, and seek out new opponents to sate your blood lust! So without further adieu, go out, battle, and have fun! CHALLENGERS BULLETIN: [spoiler=Rules/Introduction]Have no particular foe or challenge in mind, but would just like to battle? Then take your pick from the Challenger's Bulletin! Here is a list off all foes similarly just looking for a fight! Upon finding an opponent who you'd like to fight, simply ask them either in this thread, a PM, or some other convenient, non-disruptive means to battle, set up and have at it! To be put on the Challenger's Bulletin, simply make a post here or send me a PM requesting to be on and include times you should be available! Giving your Friend Code is not required to be put on*. If you ever wish to edit information on the Challenger's Bulletin, then simply do the same thing as you did to get on with the desire changed included. Should you decide you want to be taken off the Challenger's Bulletin, simply make a post here or send me a PM requesting to be put on. *- Note, if you do submit your Friend Code it will be put next to your name on the Bulletin unless otherwise is requested. AnonymousSpeed Necromancer (1332 7737 2201)
  5. Come and discuss any character pertaining to the Kid Icarus Franchise. WARNING, SPOILERS. Veterans: Pit Potential Newcomers: Palutena, Medusa, Dark Pit, Viridi, Magnus, Hades, Eggplant Wizard
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