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Found 3 results

  1. Me: http://www.hdwallpapers.net/images/mother-of-god-meme-wallpaper-for-ipad-3-88-589.jpg Edit: Also, he is a link to the topic where this came from: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=59386
  2. Since I recently started using an Emulator, I'm already a little new to the concept and all that, but I have a question... I'm playing FE7, and the tutorial chapters are awful considering I've already played 4 games in the series and know how to play, but are the level ups scripted in these chapters? What I mean is, I create a save state once one of my units are about to level up so I can keep loading it until I get the stats I want. I'm on chapter... 3, I think? And I keep using Lyn, and not much of anyone else yet. I create a save state at the beginning of the match, or maybe just before she gets the EXP. But I keep getting the same stats from the level ups. TL;DR: Are the stats scripted (at least, during the tutorial chapters)? Or am I making a save state at the wrong time, after it has already rolled for what stats she will gain?
  3. I'm playing PoR on hard mode at the moment with random growths for the second time. I expected that random growths work like in other FE parts. The growths of the units influence their level ups. http://www.serenesforest.net/fe9/fixed.htm But in this run most of my level ups are extremly strange: Jill always level ups in magic instead of strength and defense, while Soren and Ilyana have ridiculous high strength growth. Level 19 Ilyana has almost as much strength (8) as Nephenee and Oscar (both 10). I know I could spend bexp to my units to prevent bad level ups or giving them status items, but I want to save them till the finale. And in general the level ups remind me on Shadow Dragon. Unlike in FE10 my units often get 2-3 stats in their level ups in average. The only ones good characters are Ike and Rolf at the moment. So my question is, if these growths/level ups are normal in FE9?
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