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Found 1 result

  1. So I got a PM recently, this person was curious. If I was allowed to pick characters from anything (although they have to have at least appeared in a video game before), and make my very own smash roster, what would it look like? Their stipulation was, I have to think of my mindset at the time of each Smashes creation and what I was into at the time, I must adhere to the exact number of characters per smash game. I decided to make this thread as a bit of a fun project and I was curious to see what people thought of it. Honestly I don't expect this thread to be popular at all, but what the heck. I'm basically known for Smash discussion on SF so I figured this wasn't too much of a weird thread to make. So in this "alternate" reality, I am somehow in Sakurai's place, however my power doesn't extend only to Nintendo (however since I grew up with a number of Ninty stuff, the earlier rosters will probably reflect that). I have been given the power to make a cross over fighter of sorts, (that in all intents and purposes works like smash). Smash 64 was made in 1999, I was 7 years old, getting into various games, cartoons, some live action stuff, anime, etc partly thanks to my parents, family and some friends. This will also bite me in the Melee era, because I didn't know what FE was until after Melee, so I doubt FE people will show up till Brawl's timeframe, for example. So lets see where my similarities are now I will note what of 64 would be lacking here, I had 0 idea who Kirby, Captain Falcon and Ness were, I knew the others, but their impact was mixed on me at that point in my life. I didn't play DKC and Yoshi's Island until much later. So who would kid me choose for 64? I think it'd go something like this... Also there will be a spoiler below each choice for my introduction to each character and other info. Feel free to read or don't haha, I will also briefly describe how I'd have them fight, in terms of just general style. Note this is me trying to put myself back into the mindset of a 7 year old kid, forgive my weird choiceset Choice #1 Mario Origin - Super Mario series [spoiler=My Introduction to Mario] Mario's 1 through 3, were my introduction to Mario, 3 remains one of my favorite games of all time, 64 and World just expanded on what I already loved about the games, but 3 has always been a personal favorite. I've played most of Mario's adventures throughout my life and it was one of the first series my Mother introduced me to, and was my favorite gaming franchise for a time. Mario's fighting style would likely be the same, if not have some more Mario 3 influence, later down the line, or maybe the Raccoon Leaf as his recovery, but he'd be the all-round learner fighter still. Rewarding fundamental play at the higher level, with good throws etc. Choice #2 Sonic The Hedgehog Origin - Series of the Same Name [spoiler=My introduction to Sonic] The first game I ever recall playing, was Sonic The Hedgehog 2, along with my Mother once again, Sonic has remained a huge favorite of mine throughout his years, the good, the rocky and the occasional bad. The cool dude with attitude, used to be my 2nd favorite franchise, alongside Mario. His style in my set of games would be more akin to what Captain Falcon had, focusing on brutal speedy combos but also be a bit of a light glass cannon as opposed to Falcon, also his damage output would be partly based on his momentum during the attack, if you were in motion doing attacks, it'd rack up, or the faster you run into a lead in attack, the more damage/knockback it'd do. The undisputed fastest character in the game, and while he could combo his main weakness would be he'd need to setup his KO's properly or else it could be hard to do so. Choice #3 Tommy Oliver/The Green Ranger Power Rangers/Super Sentai (Well the look is from there anyways) [spoiler=Introduction to the Green Ranger] Well, Power Rangers is a huge part of my childhood, my Mom always reminds me how much I used to watch it, and the Green Ranger, Tommy who would continue to show up, with various different ranger powers, was my favorite character, but not only that he was popular. Power Rangers is something very dear to me, as silly & cheesy as it is, I absolutely adore it, also there were alot of Power Rangers based games back in the day. His fighting style would rely on Mid to close quarters combat, but also some minor disjoint with the Dragon Dagger, his golden shield can be turned into a reflector of sorts, he also has a ranger pistol, so he'd probably be a safe bets mid-ranged fighter, the dagger can also use green energy based attacks, so he'd have a projectile or two easily. Probably more power oriented overall. Also likes roundhouse kicks. His recovery would likely be teleportation Choice #4 Leonardo Origin - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [spoiler=My introduction to Leonardo] I watched the late 80's TMNT cartoon and was a huge fan of the TMNT games on the NES and SNES, I had some of the old highscores in my local arcade, Leonardo was my favorite at the time, the awesome leader with dual katana's Leonardo would most likely utilize his dual katana's for really dazzling fast attacks, but his middling speed, and lack of a true projectile would be his downsides to his heavier type (I mean he is a turtle after all) yet good close range frame data. He'd also probably have some very cool throws, due to his ninja training, really solid on stage, but a poor recovery. So basically a combo heavy fighter, but he needs some proper skill to get in right, however his disjoint would be pretty massive, woe to those who have to get in, he'd also have some ways to cut through projectiles, but not stronger ones. Choice #5 Samus Origin - Metroid [spoiler=My Introduction to Samus] Another story centering around my Mother, she loves the Metroid franchise, and is very good at it, I used to watch her play the games all the time, to the point where Samus can remind me of her sometimes, just an overall great awesome character, who kicks alot of ass The Samus of my game would likely focus more on her Ice Beam, stunning enemies, and brutalizing them with missiles, bombs, and also when she ran for a little bit, she'd get the speed booster properties like in Super Metroid and beyond, in which you can then activate the shine spark, her up close game would be serviceable, but she'd also have regular A moves be projectiles somewhat, like Megaman in 4, but not all. Her moves would deal hefty shield damage overall. Also if you get frozen in mid air, she can use you as a platform or spike you, or both even, the freeze properties would last longer depending on their current damage. She'd also be fairly floaty ala Super Metroid. Choice #6 Link Origin - The Legend of Zelda [spoiler=My introduction to Link] While I watched my Mom & Dad both play Zelda I and II alot and both of them beat them, my introduction to the hero with actually playing, was Ocarina of Time, Link would cement himself as one of my favorite designed protagonists, based partly on Peter Pan and the like. While i'm not the biggest fan of the franchise I do think he's really cool, he's kind of like fantasy Batman, where he has all the tools to do all the jobs Link's been fairly poorly equipped for all the smash games, except maybe Project M and to an extent Smash 4, but I don't really find myself thinking his moveset would be much different in my eyes, except giving him faster and better landing options so he isn't stuck in the air for eternity, and perhaps his ye old sword beams while he had 0-50% damage with all his sword swings except if you hit them at close range, so it doesn't eff your combos up, giving him some better ground mobility, however I still think he'd be one of the slower more tanky characters, but he'd have more options to deal the pain and keep people away better, also his hookshot would be a bit faster I think. Choice #7 Cloud Origin - Final Fantasy 7 [spoiler=My introduction to Cloud] One early summer, my Uncles were playing Final Fantasy 7 and I watched it, I grew attached to the various characters, more so Aerith, but Cloud was really cool his signature Buster Sword was ridiculous, and he had some wickedly cool moves, still one of my favorite RPG protagonists to this day, I still play the game every once in awhile Not going to lie, but I'd probably have Cloud keep his moveset the way it works in Smash 4, but his entrance animation would be a motorcycle, and his color pallets would be based on his fellow party members Choice #8 Ryu Hayabusa Origin - Ninja Gaiden [spoiler=My Introduction to Hayabusa] Ninja Gaiden, one of the hardest series i've played I picked it up randomly actually when I was very little, but one that remains a favorite of mine going into their more modern games, this Ryu is a heroic ninja who fights for vengeance and slays demons, generally a guy you do not want to mess with. Hayabusa would be really fast, with a focus on grapples, his grabs would lead into various combos, he'd probably have multilayered grabs like DK does and potentially a command grab leading into the Izuna Drop, he'd also have annoying little projectiles, like the shurikens and small fireball power ups, along with a good nair, a spinning slash. Probably would also have the best jumps in the game along with wall clinging and climbing abilities. Also he'd focus somewhat more on aerial combat as a whole Choice #9 Pikachu Origin - Pokemon [spoiler=Introduction to Pikachu] I was a victim of the Pokemon Craze, I saw the anime and played the games, was hooked from day 1. Pikachu was even my favorite pokemon back in the day, so this choice stays consistent with that Pikachu would likely remain the exact same. Choice #10 Sarah Kerrigan Origin - Starcraft [spoiler=Introduction to Kerrigan] Starcraft, I played this along with my Dad when it first came out, yes I played an M rated game when I was 6, so what. But anyways, Kerrigan starts as a hero but eventually becomes infested by a race known as the Zerg a rather feral alien race, that wants to destroy, or so people think in the first game. She was known as one of the greatest antagonists Blizzard ever made, and her tragic story just oh man... Its a doozy Kerrigan would likely be in her infested form and the only villainous character of the first game, she'd be very powerful, only average mobility, but she also has psionic powers including some lightning stuff, so those would likely help her close the distance for her "wings" and claws. Probably lots of KO options, but not many combos to speak of. She'd also probably be a tad floaty. She might be able to summon a minion or something, as she is "the Queen of Blades" and ruler of the Zerg during her tenure, so it'd likely be a little Zergling for a small Zerg Rush Choice #11 Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Origin - Sailor Moon [spoiler=Introduction to Sailor Moon] Toonami is where I first saw it, it was a team based series where Usagi (Serena in the English Dub) and her friends defended the world from Demons, using various powers based on the star signs & such, generally was kinda sappy power rangers, but managed to have some shocking moments. Its still a anime I go back to, and it has some very solid beat em ups & a fighting game Sailor Moon would focus on medium range combat almost exclusively with some focus on aerial combat with her Sailor Kick, her medium range options would include her Moon Tiara Magic (which makes her Tiara a projectile), also her hyper voice like scream enhancements, she also would have a small healing factor, to reference the fact that she has healing powers but it'd be minor and semi slow so it can't be 100% relied on, she'd also use her Scepter for above said medium range combat. She'd be a zoner, and have to keep enemies out of her box, so to speak. Choice #12 Goku Origin - Dragon Ball [spoiler=My introduction to Goku] You all knew this was coming, when I was 6/7 Dragon Ball Z was around on Toonami and I saw it and got absolutely addicted to it, I still love Dragon Ball, Z is kinda hit & miss for me nowadays but I overall adore the franchise, and Goku is a pretty cool protagonist before the latter parts of Z Goku would be the high skill ceiling character, he'd have tons of capabilities, but he'd also have kind of lowish defense, as in he wouldn't have the best landing or get off me options, but he would have hyper aggressive options, and a good projectile in well, what else, but his Kamehameha Wave, he'd have solid mobility, but he'd be combo food, (I mean in the series proper he gets beat up a fair bit at points). But his combo game would be insane, with generally good mobility, powerful strikes, good ko options, and two other factors would play into his moveset, the Kaio-Ken, which is a temporary power/speed boost, but its draw backs would be it'd drain you (you'd gain %) and after it wore off, you'd be dazed for a little bit depending on your current %. His gimmick would be that of the in series Zenkai boost, which after he got beat up heavily, he'd become stronger, so how this would happen would be, a temp boost on a new stock, it wouldn't last THAT long, but it'd be potentially long enough to deal some massive pain if he knew how to use it. But if he was in unskilled hands, he'd probably die really fast, even with an ok aerial dealilo. And there you have it... Whew this took forever to write, but Jedi's 64 Smash roster would be at a Tl'dr glance and their general playstyle Mario - All-Rounder Sonic - Glass Cannon Combo Master/w Momentum Mechanic Tommy/Green Ranger - Mid-Range Anti Projectile, Power Leonardo - Close Range Master, Tanky Samus - Projectile Master, Zoner, Stunner Link - Zoner, Defender, Early Stock Annoyance Cloud - Pressure, Zoner Hayabusa - Grappler/Acrobat Pikachu - Hit & Run/Close Combat Kerrigan - Adaptive/Power Sailor Moon - Mid Range, Zoner, Healing Factor Goku - High Risk High Reward, Aggro Pressure I guess I'll do a Jedi Melee character list later, if people liked this for whatever reason. I was bored haha.
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