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Found 7 results

  1. I don't know where to put this so if this is wrong please either move or delete it, thank you. I don't know how long it takes to update the site but the site still has the NA release date listed as Fall 2017 for Fire Emblem Warriors. It has been announced to come out on October 20, 2017 for both North America and Europe.
  2. I went back to look at the direct trying to figure out if the predicted 2018 release date was for Japan only or would be worldwide (or at least include NA). It didn't specify and I've just been assuming all this time we would be getting it then too. Not sure why I did because NA tends to get the games after Japan. Does anyone know if this has been confirmed as a WW or Japan only release?
  3. When is North America getting the last 2 DLC maps? Have they truly forgotten about us? Is all hope lost?
  4. The demo for Awakening came out January 17th, eighteen days before Awakening. I wager we've got one for Fates coming within the next two weeks, hopefully. If one does come out, just how many chapters of the game do you think it will cover? Do you think they'll allow for a transfer function of some sort? What would you like to see from it?
  5. Ok, so I was just browsing the official site today and noticed that there was an update with something that appeared to be a Japanese release date. I'll be honest, I can't read Japanese, however it appears that (from the google translation) the release date for this game is/could be the 26th of December. The translation also mentioned things about a special edition of the game ("Illusion Revelations #FE Fortissimo Edition") that comes with an "outer box" illustrated by toi8, an official art book and a CD with six songs on it. There is a definitive edition wii u as well. Also there was this picture included with the update (could somebody please translate it). Character DLC costumes: L -> R: Touma (Walter SMT IV)/Itsuki (Devil Survivor 2)/ Tsubasa (Person Q) / Tsubasa or Kiriya (Etrian Odyssey III) My friend also just sent me this for anyone that is curious about the sample box art. They end with saying that there will be more information in October. (If there are any inconsistencies with this post please notify me so that I can change it accordingly). Edits [09/11/2015] - DLC costumes for characters added.
  6. So, new here, and not sure where to post this... But here I go. I apologize for coming off as ranting at first. So, I remember that Fire Emblem: Awakening (for example) came out April 19th 2012, while in the west it first came out in North America on February 4th 2013, and April 19th 2013 for Europe. Now, with the hype for Fire Emblem: if, I've begun to worry that the same thing will happen to this game. It'll be released in Japan on June 25th THIS YEAR, while in the west it's set for 2016. And I do worry that it'll come out early 2016 in America (for one bloody reason or another...) and later for Europe. I rather that it doesn't happen, as I feel it not only makes no sense, it is not particularly fair for Europe to have to wait a (almost) complete year. And I don't want to hear that USA has a bigger gaming market, because that's poppycock. Anywho; moving swiftly along, what are your thoughts about the gap between Japanese release date and the western 2016 release date? And yes, I know the localization and such are important factors.
  7. This is directed towards the people who are getting both games. Considering they are coming out so close together what do you intend to do. I can't decide because I want to play rune factory 4 but 12 days isn't near enough to beat it, but picking up games after a long time is hard. So what are you going to be doing about them both coming out on top of each other?
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