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Found 11 results

  1. mostly just an observation, but all the gen one mages from genealogy ended up some of the most fucked characters in the game. so yeah. thats my """"""""""thesis statement""""""""""". not much more to say edit: it might be that Kaga just really hates mages, or something like that, or maybe he's trying to invoke the mindset of witch-hunting that took place in the middle ages, by making the mages unlucky or something? i dunno. more an observation than anything
  2. So I'm officially making a thread for my Backlog and Stream promises, so I can keep track of my own gosh darn obligations. I finally opened up my ElGato capture card so I can stream from my WiiU/PS3/XB360...and I'm looking for a RGB<->HDMI converter to plug my SNES/N64/GC into (plus I have a bunch of games on STEAM I haven't played yet). I can hold myself to this with an official compiled thread binding me, now that I have my rebuilt PC that functions properly. Anyway; notes n' stuff: Join my Discord to chat with me and keep up with announcements ahead of this thread. Elieson's Twitch Tuesdays Thursdays, 11p-1a EST [spoiler=...:::Running Lets Plays:::...] I Am Setsuna and I am definitely Blindrunning this Clearly a blind run, as the game just came out. Got it on sale, so streaming it as MY FIRST OFFICIAL LIVESTREAM [spoiler=...:::To-Do Lets Plays:::...] Shining Force 2 "Shimmying Farce Too" A How-To Shining Force 2, with inserts from SF users from this thread Undertale "Life Without a Heart" Genocide Any%XCOM 2 "I'm a Veteran and This is Hell" Feat. N7 Commander John as Co-Commander Veteran mode Mock-Iron Man (Cosmetic hacks occasionally glitch out Iron Man permanently, but I won't do restarts anyway) Ruler DLC to up difficulty Klok's FE7 Chaos Mode "Father Son Run" Just Complete the damn thing, Elie!Lufia 2 "Dekar's the best, also Ancient Cave" Focus on Ancient Cave with Dekar partySecret of Evermore "Playing B-rated games about B-rated movies!" Nothing special, just a standard Game LP about a boy, a dog and their bone Anyway, I have access to just about every Nintendo/Sega console from SNES/Genesis onward (including a real live Super Famicom), as I have a friend who does streams and has a butt-ton of games. Any suggestions with method-of-play will be appreciated. Though TBH I'd prefer not to have super long games recommended.
  3. Quite curious who you guys voted for. I tried to think of as many of the most popular choices that I most often hear, but let me know who it was I missed if he/she/it is not there. EDIT: Also explain why if you want.
  4. Hey everybody, welcome to the sign-up topic for Fate/Endeavour, hosted by me, the pseudo-database who needs to quintuple check everything before even considering an answer and then misses the most obvious thing ever, and I have Opinions aka the guy who actually has some idea of what he's doing. GM dynamics aside, this is where we'll be doing preliminary signups for Fate/Endeavour, full signups will be completed in PM, so please do not post character information here thank you very much. In a nutshell, Fate/Endeavour is a Roleplay based on Fate/Stay Night, set in alternate timeline Fuyuki(this basically means we don't need a Tohsaka or an Einzbern, but we can totally have them if people want to be them), set in the year 2018. If you don't know what Fate/Stay Night is then get out I don't have time to explain this shit to you, basically, it is an all-out fight to the death between seven factions of Masters and Servants. We'll give an overview of those later on, but the goal is to have only one servant remaining, so that they can claim the Holy Grail for their Master. Your goal will be to either be part of a team, or if our interest thread failed to do it's job, play as a pair, in your efforts to prevail over your adversaries and claim victory in the Holy Grail War. Now, the entirety of Fate lore is a bit too much to note here, so I will put up a link to the Type Moon wiki, which has a lot of information. If you have any specific questions, you can ask me, and I'll try and get it answered for you to the best of my ability. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/TYPE-MOON_Wiki [spoiler=Masters] Masters are the first part of the team that you will put together in order to vie for the top. A Master is a magus, a user of magecraft, who summons a Servant with the assistance of the Holy Grail, in order to compete to win said Grail. As a master, you are your servant's link to the world, their primary source of prana, which they need to remain in existence. To give an analogy, the Master is like the King on a chess board, their survival is of utmost importance, but without careful planning and setup, they don't tend to have a lot of major impact via their own merits, simply due to servants outclassing them in all facets as far as combat is concerned. Along with being their servant's lifeblood, Masters do have their name for a reason. Given three command seals by the Holy Grail, a Master retains their Servant's obedience so long as they hold the seals, and can expend one to give an absolute, even at times impossible, order, which will be fulfilled to the greatest extent that the Grail can apply it's power. As a Master, your primary objective is to act as a tactician, and ensure your own survival above all else. Leave the fighting to the Servants, that's what they're here for... unless you find a juicy unattended other Master weaker than you... be mindful of traps though! It's game over if you die! http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Master [spoiler=Servants] Servants are spirits of legend given form by the Holy Grail, summoned to fight for their Masters and claim the Grail itself. Being spiritual in nature, Servants are a bit different from flesh and blood humans. -Servants default to a 'Spirit form', during which time they do not give off magical presence, and can accompany their Master's undetected. Servants will conserve prana while in Spirit form, so it is preferable to remain this way whenever able. In order to enter combat, a Servant must reveal themselves and exit spirit form. -While corporeal, servants will consume prana in order to stay around in this world. The amount consumed varies depending on activity... if someone happened to make their servant get a broom and dustpan and clean the living room, it would require less prana than actively fighting. While in combat, servants will consume prana at an accelerated rate, moreso when receiving injuries, or using skills or Noble Phantasms. While basic prana use can be replenished fairly easily with a connection to a master, extended combat, heavy injury, or using a powerful Noble Phantasm can put a servant out of commission until the Master has had enough time to safely replenish their prana to a sufficient amount. -Noble Phantasms are a symbol of a hero's fame and legacy. They are the be-all end-all representation of a Heroic Spirit, the item or ability that comes to mind when you hear their name. Be it King Arthur's Excalibur, or Cu Chulainn's Gae Bolg, a Noble Phantasm is a powerful trump card that can be used to devastate an unprepared opponent. But using a Noble Phantasm is highly likely to tip off any witnesses to the identity of the Servant. -Why does my identity matter?, you might ask. Because information is a powerful thing indeed. If I know that you're Bob, that you use a knife, and that you like to try and use sneak attacks, and all you know about me is that I exist, if everything else is equal, who is more likely to win? Not Bob, the poor SoB... shouldn't have shouted "I AM BOB, THE SNEAKY STEALTHY STABBY ASSASSIN, COMIN' FOR YOU!" from the top of that radio tower with that megaphone... well, live and learn, kids. Don't be a Bob. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Servant [spoiler=Servant Classes] Still reading, huh? Well, I suppose masochists are people too- I mean good on ya, champ! You're well on your way to becoming TUMBLR FAMOU- I mean, knowledgeable about how this RP is going to work. Now let me explain servant classes while cleaning up all of this horribly misplaced confetti... hehe... ugh... So in order to summon beings as powerful as Heroic Spirits, and have everything not go completely to shit within twelve second, even the Holy Grail needs to use a filing system. That filing system is in the form of seven classes, which servants are fitted into when summoned. Saber - The Knight of the Sword. Pretty iconic as powerful melee fighters, with high overall statistics, who use pointy slabs of metal to beat you down with. Saber Class servants come equipped with the highest base magic resistance of any class, as well as riding skill, though not quite as A+ as another servant class. Sabers are generally the strongest class in close combat. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Saber Archer - The Knight of the Bow. Archers specialize in ranged combat, and despite the class name, not always of the bow variety. An Archer is at their best when they can kite back an opponent, whittling them down until they can finish them off, or simply wiping them out from afar before they can retaliate, depending on the Archer. Archers possess some inherent magic resistance, though not as much as other classes, and the ability independent action, which allows them to survive longer than other servants without the support of a master. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Archer Lancer - The Knight of the Lance. Rounding out our Knight trio is Lancer, a class specializing in longer pieces of metal, less slabs and more pointy sticks. Generally, Lancers specialize in survival, being difficult to kill, and are generally the most agile servants. Overall, Lancers require high attributes to qualify for the class, though not quite as high as Saber. Lancers have inbuilt magic resistance, usually not as much as Sabers, but more than an Archer, as well as Battle Continuation, the ability to keep fighting in a bad situation, and to be able to pull off a successful retreat and regroup after suffering a loss. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Lancer Rider - Remember how I mentioned a class better at riding than Saber? Guess which one it is, I dare you. Don't say Berserker. Anyway, Riders are classified as having a famed mount included in their legend. A Rider themselves usually has lower statistics than a knight class servant, but make up for it with powerful Noble Phantasms and other abilities granted by their legendary mounts. Riders come inbuilt with some magic resistance, as well as a high riding ability. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Rider Caster - An odd conundrum among classes, Casters specialize in magecraft, just like the magi that summon them, and are faced with opponents carrying high levels of magic resistance. Typically considered the weakest class due to low overall attributes, Casters need to take advantage of their unique strengths in order to have a shot. Casters specialize in territory creation, which allows them to alter the surroundings in their favour, and item creation, which allows Casters to create magical items to use for their benefit. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Caster Berserker - The Mad Warrior, Berserkers are Heroic Spirits who have gone berserk in their lifetime, and when summoned into this class, trade their coherence and sanity for strength. As the barrier for entry is quite low, Berserkers vary wildly in strength, from weaker heroes that need the boost to keep up, to feared heroes in their own right, that leave a swathe of destruction in their wake. Berserkers require a larger amount of prana from their master to maintain, and are thus the most difficult servants to control. The Berserker class comes equipped with Mad Enhancement, which trades sanity for power, greatly increasing all attributes, the amount depending on how much sanity is taken away. Berserkers may lose access to abilities or Noble Phantasms if too much sanity is taken, rendering them unable to recall how to make use of them. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Berserker Assassin - The dirty fighters of the Holy Grail war, while most classes maintain a sense of honour, no such thing will hamper the Assassin. Generally not a match for other servants in a straight fight, Assassins specialize in sabotage and taking advantage of perilous situations to come out on top, and in some cases, evading Servants entirely to strike directly at the Master. Assassins have the skill of Presence Concealment, which allows them to avoid detection until the moment they choose to strike. http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Assassin [spoiler=Statistics] Each servant has different statistics when it comes to combat, which will alter the course of battle. Strength - The physical power of a servant's attacks and body. Endurance - How much punishment a servant can withstand Agility - Reaction time, speed, reflexes. Mana - How proficient a servant is in handling prana, as well as how much magical power they are able to harness, along with maximum capacity. Luck - Effects many things, one's ability to be assisted or hampered by fortune. Noble Phantasm - Represents the overall rank of a servant's Noble Phantasm. If a servant has multiple, then each has their own individual ranking. A servant's overall Noble Phantasm rating is tied to the strongest they possess. A servants parameters will be effected by various things, including their own base parameters, their class, any skills they might possess, their master's strength as a magus, their own fame, where they are summoned, as well as any number of other things. [spoiler=Setting] This is the basic map of Fuyuki, with some locations removed, such as Emiya, Matou, and Tohsaka residences. If we end up with Masters from those families, one can choose to use those locations as a base, which we can point out for you at the time, or somewhere else entirely. And I believe that's all the information I have for you to begin with, Address any additional questions to me so I can answer them, and let the sign-ups begin! Now, how this is going to work is, anyone who wishes to join us to post in this thread with a Confirmation of Sign Up, bolded as I have done to make it nice and visible. In addition, invite both of us GMs to a PM including the following, Character Preference - Master/Servant/Either Your attachment to said preference - How willing you are to play something else if need be. Whether you would be willing to take part in a Hydra - A Hydra is a team consisting of more than two members, be it a pair working together as Master such as Kiritsugu and Irisviel, or Sola-Ui and Kayneth. Depending on number of signups, we may want to implement a hydra in order to allow more RPers the chance for significant contribution. Whether you would be willing to play an "Extra" - An Extra is a character who is not a Master or Servant, but may still play a part in the war. Characters such as Maiya who act as an assistant to a Master, or perhaps significant others who do not directly provide prana, but might perhaps assist in other ways, such as strategy. You need not be specifically tied to a faction to be an extra. In addition, some may choose to put a preference on being an extra, and if such is the case, please note it. Once we have everyone's preferences, we will sort out characters to the best of our ability in order to accommodate everyone, but please note that you may need to play outside of your preference if we have too much demand for a single role. If you are chosen as a Master, we will request your three top requested servant classes, and if you are chosen as a servant, we will request your top three classes to play. Once we have matched everyone accordingly, we will begin character creation.
  5. Help me feel better about myself. How many times did you try the Lokomo song with Rael before you got it.
  6. considering the position and general vulnerability of male genitalia, wouldn't wearing skirts be infinitely superior option? Pants really seem like something made without much consideration for male genitalia~
  7. Ask for clarification if needed. Guidelines: -Submit your entry via PM to me, Kitty of Time, I will post them all anonymously and reveal the entrants after the voting is over -Make your maps original, don't copy/steal someone else's design. -If you have any constructive criticism to offer to an entry, feel free to post it in the main topic(Keep this civil) -If your map is being talked about and you want clarification, PM me this as well and I will ask it for you - If you want to re-submit your map after changes, just re-send it to me. - Please refrain from using backgrounds in map submissions unless they are specifically stated to be allowed in the requirements Fun Links: GBA FE Tileset Zelda Tiled Ganondorf Mappy Vaati Requirements: Any fields tileset, 40x40 minimum, 60 x 60 maximum size must have an ocean or lake with at least one tributary Additional Information: Winners shall pick the next map to be revamped, any map from FE(or anything similar to FE ex Tear Ring Saga) that isn't GBA FE for obvious reasons or a new map and tileset like normal Winners of 3 contests in a row are barred from entering the round following their 3rd victory. They are still allowed to submit a submission, but I will post it separate from the poll. All participants must vote in the round they entered or they will be barred from entering the following round. Refusal to cooperate consecutively will result in multiple bars. Barred Contestants: None Due Date: March 12th, 2014 Winner Count: Round 1 - Kitty of Time Round 2 - Celice Round 3 - Sairento Round 4 - Koopa Round 5 - Koopa! Round 6 - Matt Snow Round 7 - Haku(Koopa) Round 8 - ShinyPichu Round 9 - ???
  8. Ok seriously. I have had it with being called by my first username. I mean. Seriously. Like, seriously. It's. Seriously. I mean, seriously. Being called that by people who knew me then, ok, but others? I mean, seriously, why? And, besides, I'm not cool enough to be called that, seriously. So, the only ones allowed to call me that (as of this writing) are people who knew me then (some are safer then others), senpai (because I don't remember if we met then or not), and the dear I like. And Chuck Norris. And people who have actually played those games. So yeah. Seriously
  9. Not sure if many people have seen this, or if its been posted around here before, but I found a very amusing tumblr post that specifically addresses the woes of the Chrom x Olivia users. Here's the original post: http://hckleinman.tumblr.com/post/45116782437/from-wifey-fire-emblem-awakening-chrom-gets-no-love Have a laugh. I sure did! ^_^
  10. kk so i've been like working on this for a while and it's not completely finished The aim of the team is to kill things. To kill things,it uses good offense. Defenses are generally neglegible as i see no reasonable way i'm surviving hits from paired up things Speed is similarly useless since there's no point in trying not to get doubled Priorities: Luna > Aggressor > --faire > Counter > Breakers > Lethality for all combinations (this doesn't really matter though) Breaker priority: Tome (res+10 also works) > Axe > Sword > Lance > Bow Notes::assume all forgable weapons are +3 mt/+25 hit and that all units have LImit Breaker My Unit: Assassin +STR,-HP Swordfaire,Luna,Axebreaker,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Vaike!Gerome: Berserker Aggressor,Axefaire,Counter,Swordbreaker Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Vaike!Gerome!Morgan: Berserker Aggressor,Axefaire,Counter,Luna Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Olivia!Lucina: Assassin (maybe Great Lord? not sure if it's worth it though) Luna,Lethality,Rightful King,Swordfaire Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Frederick!Yarne: Berserker Luna,Axefaire,Aggressor,Counter Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Stahl!Severa: Assassin Luna,Swordfaire,Lethality,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Gregor!Nah: Hero (probably my biggest mistake) Axefaire,Axebreaker,Swordbreaker,Astra Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Brave Sword Gaius!Noire: Assassin Swordfaire,Luna,Counter,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Henry!Cynthia: Sage Tomefaire,Tomebreaker,Luna,Acrobat Inventory: Celica's Gale Rescue Libra!Brady: Sage Tomefaire,Aggressor,Luna,Tomebreaker Inventory: Celica's Gale Rescue Another question wrt the AI: It will attack with the Brave Swords/Axes over the 1-2 range weapons (solely there to counter 1-2 range turn one but it's not really nessecary I guess?)
  11. Any substance which would make one throw up for hours on end on their birthday needs to be removed from society post haste.
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