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Found 2 results

  1. I keep running into snapshot errors around FE4 Chapter 7 on Snes9x and I was thinking it was possible So I can pick up from a specific part where I left off in FE4 on Higan emulator rather than deal with Snes9x's annoying snapshot error bug, does anyone know how to do that? It'd make my playthrough a lot more fun if i didnt have to replay huge chunks of gameplay even though i save state consistently.
  2. Recently, I've tried to use the FE 4 Translation patch, "Project Naga" by bookofholsety. But I ran into many hiccups. This one is causing me the most grief. Here's the problem I ran into: I have tried to patch the Japanese Rom of FE 4 with IPS. (the description of the rom and file name says it is Japanese, but the dialogue is in English) It works, but only for the title screen and the opening narration before it. When I press "start" the screen slowly pans down a few frames, then freezes. I cannot do anything to correct this. I do not know if I am doing anything wrong, and I am using the emulator "Snes9x". The image of the Rom file appears like the logo of Snes9x (it is also saved as a Snes9x File), and the Rom file size is 2.84 MB of storage space. The reason I include this much information is because there are apparently "Headed" and "Unheaded" Rom file types. All I know about the difference between the two is that one has more "unnecessary" space. How can I tell the difference of file space? Is there a specific number in file size that I need to look for to tell whether or not it is headed? I may just be applying the patch to the wrong file type, and I want to be sure that I am doing things properly. I am not the only person with this issue either. I've spoken to another member here on SF with this problem who has not found a solution. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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