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  1. ok, so I've read most of the posts here, and I agree with most of what's said. As much as I want to imput my thoughts, I'd look like an idiot and am better sticking to asking the questions and not answering. So, If I may ask, why is Marisa above Amelia in the Bottom teir? Doesn't she have 1-2 range ability with javelins at base? And what of the speed wings that you can get from her on eirika's route? Are those more valuable than Marisa's usability as a whole? I like how the list is now, and personally I believe that Amelia is the worst unit in the game. But I want to know if my belief still holds up when 1-2 range is such an important factor in GBA FE and FE as a whole.
  2. What I mean is, why would it matter if she is the best unit in the game when she's already considered to be on par with some of the best the game has to offer? The game is almost 10 or 11 years old now. It doesn't make much sense to go and change Jill's status of "one of the best" to "the best" when your list of top units already states who is worth the most investment.
  3. But why though? She's one of the best, so why not settle for like 3rd or 4th place?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Very solid points all around. I remember overlooking jill because the res units I ended up using were mages or elincia. and mostly putting a ton of effort into edward left me to do little with jill. But I never took the time to invest in jill heavily so I suppose that;s why she always turned out bad for me when I wasn't actively putting effort to train her. Do you that it matters that haar is with the greil mercs in terms of his usefulness? Because Haar can be good, and sometimes even better with assistance of the greil mercs in my opinion. Just another thing I was thinking of.
  5. Ok, so I have not played RD in 3 to 4 years. Lost the game, and I'm too broke to buy a used copy. So, I can't test this kinda thing out for myself. I was always under the impression that Haar was the best unit in the Game. But now people tell me it is jill. So, if I could get some clarification on why jill is so great for the dawn brigade's chapters, that'd be great. Flying utility is good, and I get she has good levels and starting bases for her level. But is that really all it takes to be great in a sea of lesser units?
  6. I haven't flown on a plane in a long time due to expenses and college. But If I had to recall any flights, I guess I never really got worried about turbulence or anything. The only thing that worries me now is someone doing some dangerous shit on the flight when they managed to bribe security with a Taylor swift album. Yes, that's a horrible joke, but I have fears of that stuff happening. And I guess I'd feel calm on takeoff.
  7. I was out there today. I was fortunate enough to live pretty close to the line of totality (I was around the high 90's, maybe?), and the eclipse, while not the most spectacular thing I've seen, was one of the coolest experiences in my life. One of. Not only did the thing last 2 and a half minutes (which is small) it may never happen again in your life time. Except by 2024. That prediction is... uh? Next one, I guess. Anyway, it wasn't just the sun being blocked by the moon, causing a shadow to be cast dark enough to see venus and such during the day and looking at the sun. Around me, on the grass, the shadows cast by the trees in the partial eclipse were crescent shaped. A completely different shadow was cast and it looked like a ton of half eaten Nilla wafers littered the grass. In the totality, the trees were blending in with the dark sky. The horizon was donned by an orange and purple glow. The orb in the sky could be stared at with no damage to your eyes. It was Totality awesome. It was a very neat experience. I also got to look in a box and see the reflection of the eclipse in there, like they did in the 70's. A cardboard box holds up with current technology folks. I've seen it all. Also, viewing the eclipse at the line of totality gives you bragging rights. Kinda.
  8. Tip for lunatic: Fredrick Spam. Also, speed is how fast a unit is. 5 or more than your opponent and you double attack. Skill helps with most procs (activation rates) of skills like sol, Aether, Vengence, ect. I've never played lunatic, but grinding is almost neccesary from what I've heard and seen. Get your Robin to have a defense boon
  9. Let me re-phrase the question. Why should a fire emblem player know if someone is a "good" unit or not and how to identify them? I kind of know the answer to this, but it's difficult for me to explain it. A lot of times I like to encourage others in the community to use whoever they want, and play however they want. I personally don't care about turn count, see. After 3 years now, I've come to know what a good unit is and how to utilize one optimally, even if I still don't care about turn count too much. For me, it's helpful to tell if a unit is good or not so you can have less trouble playing the games. But I imagine some would argue that the franchise is relatively forgiving with resources and units to a point where this doesn't matter. Again, why should a fire emblem player care about who's good and who's not? Why would it matter to know about growths and bases when you can, in theory, use whoever you like, however you like?
  10. Now we just need someone to make a boomerang hand axe.
  11. That's what I think. And people tell me it wouldn't work because it's long range only. Uh... hello? The thing has wheels? if you slap some sort of magical gas pedal or gear on that thing, you can get it to barrel through enemies like a battering ram. Spikes in front and everything. Who knows? Just put jake in there anyway as a warrior, and have his special combo moves be the balistician stuff. At the end of a combo/chain or whatever, he pulls the thing out and charges forward with it. IT's not that hard to work it in there when these people made the harp from Skyward sword a weapon. Come on.
  12. Three favorite: Julian, Catria, and Macellan. Who I want in warriors, if I had to pick from SD: Minerva, Balistician Jake, and Merric. I'd say why, but it gets too long.
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