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Found 2 results

  1. PKL

    DS Tag Team

    I got this idea from the FE3 tag team. Basically, all 7 of us will be playing the DS FEs and alternating turns until we beat both games. Each of us gets 2 "safe units". Those units can never be undeployed unless required (too little amount of deployment slots) and can never die and must be trained regularly by all members. The Safe units are: PKL Jedi Elliot Ice Sage Shin Breezy Terrador Anti-troll rules: 1. Difficulty for both games is H2. 2. None of the safe characters above can be undeployed or killed. They must also be recruited. Any characters that recruit other important characters or safe units must also be recruited and alive. 3. No massive selling/buying of items to make everyone poorer in either game. 4. Drill Ground training is fine, as long as it's on a safe character or on Marth. 5. Don't drop items intentionally. 6. Warp and Rescue is banned. Again is ok. 7. Reclassing is ok. But don't reclass more than 1 of the safe characters to curate to halt their growth to troll others. 8. FE12 must be played out to the true ending. 9. FE12 Chapter 23 Gharnef has to be killed. 10. FE12 Chapter 21 you have to visit starlight village. 11. Have fun. 12. Trolling will not be tolerated unless it is extremely minor and humorous. Trolling exceedingly will result in someone else taking the spot from the troll and extreme shame to the troll. Let's get this thing started :D. I love the safe team.
  2. Hey, guys, I'm bored and need to play this game. Without further ado, I'll begin Book One! [spoiler=Book 1 Chapter 1] BLAH BLAH STORY An excuse to go crusading across the continent? I'm in! We start off by giving Marth this lady's Iron Sword. No need for that when you suck, right? Right. Unit stats, minus HP and WL. Boy, I can't wait for Abel's first WL proc. Silver Lance with no WTD? COME TO DADDY~! Jagen confirmed for MANLY CHIP! I didn't catch it, but--this was a crit. This is gonna be fun~ To the bench with you, harlot! Let's go spend it on booze and hookers! DOGA WILL CHOKE THIS POINT. DODGEMASTER DOGA SAVIN' THE DAY It's a 1-RN system! What could possibly go wrong~? ...I don't think I've had a Cav not crit yet. Go shopping, whorsebird. I'm about 80% certain that's the first time anyone has taken damage. Aaaand the dented Pirate finishes himself on Able. Nice~ I missed the combat screenshot, but... this guy has a few more HP than I'd like him to have. I knew that Gordon chip was useful for something! Jeigan cuts in, because Abel is kinda gonna die if I don't do that--seeing as he's eaten all the abuse this map has doled out so far. Go Kain! Cav duo is the answer to everything. I missed the combat screencap, but this is DOGA after facing three 70%s in a row. I'm pretty sure he's invincible. ...dammit, Abel, why...? Y'know how this ends. ...with a Skl/Lck/WL level on Abel's part. And I think a crit. Abel is, in fact, a boss. I almost forgot doubling existed in this game! Kain's up top, Doga's CHOKING DA POINT, and all is right with the world~ Like lambs to the slaughter, I swear. Because two 68s hitting just isn't likely enough, is it. NO NO ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY HIT DOGA. THIS SHALL NOT STAND!! Nor does this Pirate! This was a dodge. Kain killed. And, although I didn't get the screencap, another Pirate attacked him! You'll never guess the level. Skl Spe Def WLv HP. Kain, you boss. ...A Vulnerary. Wrys doesn't exist. Nope. Just a stinkin' Vulnerary. ...I... have no words. Pretty sure the answer is always JAGEN CHIP! ...this is getting a tad spooky. Another one bites the dust! That's... cool? Pity my Cavs aren't proccing what they need to to double with non-Slims, but eh, it happens. ...and I just realized both Cavs can use the Silver. BOOYAH. ...of course, Abel has 20 Atk with Silver, and the chip missed. Of course. Horsebird slut, however, has proven useful for once! SPLOOSH! Gehehehehehehe. Abel, keep on being a CHAMP. Disregard anything I said earlier. And that's Chapter 1. Tune in for Chapter 2 later tonight! This feels classic, in the truest sense of the worried. I should have quite a bit of fun with this~
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