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Found 9 results

  1. I saw that there was one draft about a year ago where you drafted various generic units that you could capture, and I thought it was an interesting idea. I haven't really used captured units for the most part (Rallyman and Pass!Falcon Knight aside), so this seemed like a good excuse to try them out. Das Rules: 1. MU,Niles and Azura are free the entire game. 2. Corrin may have any talent. 3. Kana and Nina's paralogues are free up to 10 turns. 4. Mozu's paralogue is optional, but will count towards your total turncount if you do attempt it. 5a. You may only have one unit of any given promoted class. (Example: No getting two Heroes) 5b. However, you may capture a generic, and then later on capture a different generic of the same class to replace the previous one if you so wish. For example, you can capture a Ninja in Chapter 11, but you can replace it with a different Ninja from Chapter 17 if you wish. The first Ninja would no longer be used in maps after being replaced. 5c. Capturing a prepromoted version of the class you drafted is fine. 6. Each participant drafts 8 scrubs, in snake drafting order. (1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1,1,etc.) 7. The difficulty will be on Hard Normal, cause apparently generics have even shittier growths than I realized. 8. No Wifi or route bonus items may be used. 9. Because you will have to go to other people's castles to obtain the items needed to recruit your generics, the Mess Hall and Smithy, which are normally banned in drafts, will be allowed to slightly make up for the likely shittiness of your generics. Thus, the allowed buildings are : Lilith's Shine, Staff Shop, Armory, Prison, Mess Hall, and Smithy. So basically everything relevant except the Lottery and the Private Quarters is allowed. 10. You may not buy weapons/staves/items from online castles. You may only obtain food/gems from them. No +2 speed from Shurikens for you! Penalties: 1. Using any unit besides Corrin, Niles, Azura, or your drafted generics after Chapter 10 will result in a 5 turn penalty per unit per chapter. Exceptions: 1. Everyone is free up through Chapter 10, after which only Corrin, Niles, Azura, and your drafted generics may be used. The Scrubs: Participants: Carmine Sword: Pegasus Knight > Falcon Knight, Spear Fighter > Basara, Ninja > Master Ninja, Outlaw > Adventurer, Archer > Kinshi Knight, Fighter > Berserker, Mercenary > Bow Knight, Knight > General TempestStorm: Spear Fighter > Spear Master, Cavalier > Paladin, Samurai > Swordmaster, Shrine Maiden > Priestess, Dank Mage > Dank Knight, Onichan > Oni Chieftain, Maid, Fighter > Hero NaOH: Wyvern Rider < Malig Knight, Pegasus Knight > Kinshi Knight, Cavalier > Great Knight, Outlaw > Bow Knight, Diviner > Onmyoji, Apothecary > Mechanist, Strategist, Dank Mage > Sorcerer Eclipse: Shrine Maiden > Onmyoji, Wyvern Rider > Wyvern Lord, Apothecary > Merchant, Onichan > Blacksmith, Ninja > Mechanist, Samurai > Master of Arms, Diviner > Basara, Mercenary > Hero Also, if there are any issues or contradictions with the rules, tell me. Also tell me if there are any suggestions for rule changes that you think would make more sense than what is already posted.
  2. Current Question: Q65. Would you rather wield fire or ice powers? Last Question: Q64. Would you rather fight off the undead with an Axe or a Machete ? Previous Questions: Q63. Would you rather be the monster or the lone survivor? Q62. Would you rather have to wear a mask or a wig? Q61. Would you rather read or watch a story? Q60. Would you rather, play Smash Bros or Mario Kart? Q59. Would you rather be a good person's Dream or a bad guy's Worst Nightmare? Q58. Would you rather be a Viking or a Samurai? Q57. Would you rather train a Charizard or a Pikachu? Q56. Would you rather, rob a bank or a train? Q55. Would you rather be the tank or the dps? Q54. Would you rather, use an Axe or a Spear? Q53. Would you rather, play XBox or Playstation? Q52. Would you rather, do you duty or play? Q51. Would you rather, follow an elitist or a populist? Q50. Would you rather, be Robin or Corrin? Q49. Would you rather, fight a bear or a bull? Q48. Would you rather, be Luke Skywalker or Han Solo? Q47. Would you rather, be Zelda or Ganon? Q46. Would you rather, be a troll or a gnome? Q45. Would you rather, be an artist or a programmer? Q44. Would you rather, be a sausage or a condiment? Q43. Would you rather, be a hero or an anti-hero? Season 2 thread[spoiler=Season 2: Revengeance questions] EmeraldFox Posted 22 November 2015 - 01:02 PM Yo yo, I decided to revive this. Question 42: Would you rather eat a horse or a bison? Question 41: Would you rather be the Hot Blooded Hero or the Distant and Aloof Rival? Question 40: Would you rather bust down a door or carefully pick the lock? Question 39: Would you rather be a mercenary or a knight? Question 38: Would you rather eat turkey or ham? Question 37: Would you rather drive or be driven around? Question 36: Would you rather be the protagonist or the antagonist? Question 35: Would you rather be a major character or a supporting character? Question 34: Would you rather be the chosen one or the person who worked for the legendary weapon? Question 33: Would you rather cook or go out to a restaurant? Question 32: Would you rather keep quiet about a gold mine, or share it with everyone? Question 31: Would you rather be a heavily modified cyborg or have a suit similar to Samus' Varia Suit?(and upgrades) Question 30: Would you rather sacrifice everyone to save someone important to you or sacrifice said person to save the world? Question 29: Would you rather be a Pokemon Trainer or a Digimon Tamer? Question 28: Would you rather drive a tank or fly a jet? Season 1 thread [spoiler=Season 1 questions]
  3. Got some burning questions you need answered? Have things you wanna know but nobody seems ready to talk about it!? Do you like shitposters!?!?! Well then you probably will hate this thread. Go away. Or wait, ask a question, any question and I will answer it. But lbr, sometimes the answer is gonna be... I do not know, or can you tell me more about that? Sometimes a question will be your answer! Only limit is, I will not answer more than 5-10qs at a time from the same poster. But once I answer those I will answer another set. Ready? Let's go!
  4. Current Question(s): Q5. 'What are you working on currently?' Previous Question(s): Q4. 'What styles of spriting have you tried? What would you like to learn/try?' Original Post
  5. So... I used to do a fair bit of music and drama... Did lead role in multiple highschool musical dramas, and have done lead vocals in a number of bands... I would not say I am great. But I am decent... and creative. So... let's try this out? Taking requests ATM for stories, or random stuff to read... or songs to sing. I am not a shy sort, or an easily upset type so any feedback, criticism or suggestions for improvement will be much appreciated as well. Should I link one of my #shepstorytime or #shepsings recordings? I shall leave that up to you... the "audience" Let's have some fun! :D
  6. This edition's FINAL QUESTION: "would you rather host or not host WYR?" Last Question: Q27. Would you rather, Defend or Attack? Previous Questions: Q26. Would you rather, be a greater LOVER or a greater FIGHTER? Q25. Would you rather, learn from multiple failures, or only have minor success? Q24. Would you rather, have Soup or a Sandwich? Q23. Would you rather, Paint a Picture or Tell a Tale? Q22. Would you rather, be completely bald and hairless or super hairy? Q21. Would you rather, have piercings or tattoos? Q20. Would you rather, do a guitar solo or drum solo? Q19. Would you rather, be/play/watch/read Spider-Man or Wolverine? Q18. Would you rather, be/play Nintendo or Sony? Q17. Would you rather, be/eat Sweet or Savoury? Q16. Would you rather, be Disney or DreamWorks? Q15. Would you rather, be isolated, or forced to perform? Q14. Would you rather, Have a Blast in the Past, or go Back to the Future!? Q13. Would you rather, Trick, or Treat? Q12. Would you rather, be a Zombie Pirate, or a Robot Ninja? Q11. Would you rather, go out in a blaze of glory, or peacefully but alone? Q10. Would you rather, be spaghetti, or a waffle? Q9. Would you rather, be a Fish, or a Bird? Q8. Would you rather, Sing for your Supper, or Dance for your Dinner? Q7. Would you rather, be INVULNERABLE, or IMMORTAL? Q6. Would you rather, be LOST on a deserted island, or in the jungle? Q5. Would you rather, be a Kid(inkling), or a Squid? ~SPLATOON edition offered by EmeraldFox~ Q4. Would you rather, be Rich yet unknown, or poor yet Famous? Q3. Would you rather, be set on Fire or be thrown into an Arctic Sea? Q2. Would you rather, fight a Shark or a Bear? Original Post:
  7. ...cause I damn well need some. Best intentions only go so far... ...I would love to hear what helped some people here in terms of getting class stuff, or work stuff, or whatever done in the midst of a super busy schedule... [spoiler=a lil about me?]I currently get about... One day off a week. Three upper level classes, in two days... Three days of work... Then Sundays are family day, so not really a day off at all. I have a wife, and two small kids... I often get asked how I do it... Well z answer is... I dunno. I fly by the seat of my pants and improvise sometimes... I have all the best intentions... But I need to get my own personal stuff in order. I want to be the guy that does it all right? The good guy... The good student... The good Dad... The good husband... The good employee... The good community dude... The good spriter as well? Or actually, I wanna be great at those things... I wanna be EXCELLENT! 'Cause I believe I am capable of excellence, maybe that is arrogant... But I think I can really, do almost anything if I put my mind to it. :\ Anyways... I sabotage myself a lot, in not planning things properly, or taking on too much at once? ...so yeah... Any advice?
  8. UPDATE: please read the latest posts of the thread to follow with our current discussion. We now have a poll on events that have been discussed, please vote for all you would like to see/participate in, and please share your event idea if you have a suggestion! :) Original outdated post... From a recent Skype conversation ...had this idea at school today. What are your thoughts, peoples?We would celebrate artists, critics, commenters and people who give back to the community in various ways by nominating and voting for categories like for example... "Best Sprite Art of the Year" "Best Artist of the Year" "Best new artist" "Most improved artist" "Best commenter" "Best Critic of the Year" "Most helpful commenter" "Community Friend: individual who has contributed the most to the Sprite Art Community this year" These are of course rough ideas... Any suggestions on either better ones, better titles, or just how you might like this process to go in general? Probably would have separate categories for Portrait, Battle Sprites, Animations, Maps... Any other potential ones? ...my reasons behind creating this discussion/proposing these awards, BTW, are not for any sort of self-congragulatory BS, or back-patting shenanigans (like for instance not sure if people should be allowed to nominate themselves for categories :\) but because... Well, I really like this community. :0 For all our arguments/differences of opinion we also have a ton of creativity, great art, strong desires to learn and improve, and people who are super helpful in various ways... And I think that is worthy of recognition and celebration. So that... Maybe some of the lesser known artists get encouraged/recognition of their awesome stuff,and some of the people who have been around for a while, even if they mainly comment get celebrated for their efforts and contribution to these forums as well. :) Anyways... I would love to hear your thoughts, guys! :D Is this a good idea, how would you like to see it set up? BTW also... When would work best timewise for this? ...would it work to have voting closer to Christmas or the New Year? Should it happen earlier/later? Please lemme know! ;) Edit: had some good feedback in a recent chat. Edit: so some new ideas and poll for them, loving the feedback and discussion... Keep it coming. :D
  9. Hey there, I call myself the Errant Shepherd, or just Errant. I am a hobby pixel artist who has taken up Fire Emblem sprinting again after not doing anything with that for a couple years do to real life business. Now I am still busy with real life responsibility, but enjoying doing sprites and Fire Emblem as a way of relaxing and using my creativity. I used to frequent FEplanet and Fire Emblem Sprites back in the day... About... Geez, 6 years ago now? Now I feel old. :0 ...anyways, so hi there general Serenes Forest peoples. I'll probably be lurking/commenting in the sprite forums, lurking the ROM hacking section and browsing the general fire emblem threads too. (I also love to use ellipses for some reason...) =p
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