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Found 3 results

  1. Which Fighter promotions do you prefer? Not much else to say.
  2. So I'm planning ahead for my Lunatic Mode Classic Revelation Run. I'm pairing Kaden with Azura, but i'm having a little trouble deciding what class Shigure should be. Berserker from S-Supporting Velouria stood out to me (Azura and Keatons modifiers are attack/speed/skill oriented, which would help a Berserker greatly) Here are his growths and caps as a Berserker: Shigure(Berserker) Growths: HP/70% Str/67.50% Mag/7.50% Skl/50% Spd/75% Lck/37.50% Def/35% Res/32.50% Shigure(Berserker) Caps: HP/70 Str/42 Mag/26 Skl/31 Spd/39 Lck/27 Def/23 Res/28 His awful Magic growth diverted my attention away from Falcon Knight and to Kinshi Knight. Kinshi Knight is generally a lackluster class, used as a Flier Killer niche. One of my favorite tactics involve sending a squadron of fliers (Wyvern Lords, Falcon Knights, Malig Knights, etc.) at a small group of enemies. With Shigure's Personal Skill and a few supportive skills, he could be a great assist unit and Flier Killer. Shigure(Kinshi Knight) Growths: HP/40% Str/47.50% Mag/7.50% Skl/50% Spd/55% Lck/55% Def/35% Res/47.50% Shigure(Kinshi Knight) Caps: HP/50 Str/29 Mag/27 Skl/32 Spd/37 Lck/37 Def/21 Res/34 Berserker's stats are no-doubt better than Kinshi Knight, but Kinshi Knight provides a rare opportunity to apply tactics instead of raw force. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. okay is this a good setup? axefaire armsthrift vengeance vantage wrath asset +speed Flaw -luck
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