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Found 3 results

  1. Current Progress [Last Updated August 18, 2019]: maps: 36/41 (87.8%) complete system text and menus: 99.9% complete As some of you may know, after redoing the TearRing Saga: Champions of Yutona translation, I decided to continue on to the next game in the series, Berwick Saga: Lazberia Chronicle, Chapter 174, which was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. I decided to take up the project in December 2016, though I wasn't able to actually do any work until February 2017 when the programmer Lightgazer volunteered to remake the Chinese fan translation's tools into a more workable format. It's thanks to his programming prowess that I've been able to translate and insert the text at all. Progress has been much more slow-going than I'd hoped, but I now have a working beta of the patch (beta version 39, see FAQ for details on what it covers.) To see a video of the patch in action, you can watch: this recorded stream for Extra Life 2018 with LordRaven, Aggro Incarnate, and myself commentating this Let's Play by Deltre this recorded stream of LordRaven playing the various early releases (with me co-commentating); continuations can be found at the end of this YouTube playlist Story Primer: For nearly five hundred years, the western alliance of the Berwick League has been in on-and-off warfare against their ancient enemy, the Raze Empire to the east. These conflicts have dominated history on the continent for centuries, with times of peace as ephemeral as smoke. At the head of the Berwick League is the Kingdom of Veria, ruled by the King, who is spiritually guided by the Apostle, the voice of the Goddess Veria. Fourteen years ago, while the Berwick League was embroiled in a bloody civil war, the Apostle and all her kin were brutally murdered by assassins. When the Raze Empire was revealed to be the culprit, King Mordias IV of Veria declared a holy war against the Empire. The civil war was quickly brought to a close as the Berwick League united against their common enemy, but Raze was not so easily defeated. Under the Razite General Zephyrus, the Berwick League's forces were pushed back to Fort Sakiria, a border fortress between the Empire and the League. As the war slowly turns against the League, even the states who had supported Mordias during the civil war now consider the tempting option to side with the Raze Empire... Screenshots: Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions: Patching Instructions: Known Errors/Bugs/Issues: Other notes for all playtesters: Know that there's a chance I missed some lines, especially when it comes to generic text with citizens in Navaron. If this is the case, please kindly let me know. Certain lines of conversation text run on to the next lines by mistake, or a random blank line loads for no reason. This is a problem that needs a specific workaround, but I can't tell when they happen just by looking at the script, so I need people to tell me when they find them. If you encounter a typo, misaligned text, inconsistency, or a visual glitch that isn't present in the original version, please post a screenshot or verbatim description of the error here--but check the Known Errors spoiler above first! (You can take screenshots in PCSX2 with the F8 key. They'll be saved as BMP images in Documents/PCSX2/snaps by default on Windows. Alternatively, you can use the key combination Alt+PrtScr, which copies a screenshot of the currently opened window to the clipboard on Windows.) Just like Champions of Yutona, Berwick Saga uses circle for "yes/confirm" and X for "no/cancel." The triangle button is for "help/details," and the square button will usually display the currently available controls. L1/R1 cycles between units, the Start button places marker flags, and the Select button displays HP bars (and on fog-of-war maps, it also shows the vision range of visible enemies). Gameplay is substantially different from Fire Emblem and Champions of Yutona. There are some in-game guides that are given to the player as gameplay advances, but if you want some in-depth information before playing, I suggest reading through either my two guides here and here or Aggro Incarnate's guide. I've also been slowly working on updating the Serenes Wiki pages on Berwick Saga, now that I've got an account to do so. Aggro Incarnate has helped with this immensely, checking item data and such for errors (of which there were a lot). Once the whole game is translated, I'll put more effort into revamping the item/skill/character names on these pages.
  2. Hello all! I just had a very quick question about Berwick Saga: how many units does the game allow you to bring to the final map? Also, other than Reese and Ward, are any units mandatory? Thanks for any help!
  3. I haven't been particularly vocal about it, since we're still in the beginning phases, but I'm translating Berwick Saga now. As such, I'm seeking saves for the game so that we can test various inserted text. (I played it on the PS2, so I can't use mine.) If possible, one thing I want to check in particular right now is the tournament Ruby enters in when she promotes.
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