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Found 14 results

  1. This post will compile a list of builds people have used to beat the game on Maddening difficulty. A link will be provided that takes you to each build. I thought it would be nice to have examples of teams/builds that people used as they beat the game and for those examples to be easily accessible. This can serve as a good reference for people who want examples to look at whether they are attempting Maddening for the first time or want something to compare their own builds to. This also brings more exposure to some of the quality posts others have put in time and effort to share. To both appreciate those efforts and hopefully help more people enjoy and potentially benefit from them. If you'd like to contribute a build, here are some suggestions for the format and requirements for keeping this a decent quality reference (An example is posted in the next comment below): It should be a team build that you beat the entire game with on Maddening difficulty. Was it an NG or NG+ game? Indicate which house/route was used. Was DLC used? If so, to what extent? Would be nice to have a mid-game progress example as well, but not a requirement. For example what did the team look like in Ch 12/13? Information to include: characters' Levels, Stats, Skills, and Progression should be included. Other useful information can be about equipment setup and battalions. All this information is made easily visible if you take a snapshot of your character's information screen in battle from either the Inventory page or Battalion page. I think images are ideal but not necessarily a requirement as long as this information is provided. Images from the Roster Status and Skills pages also provide all this information neatly. It is nice to include comments you have on your play style and characters. Were they good in your build? strengths/weaknesses? How did you use each character, did they fill a specific role in your team? Would you do something different to improve your build? Etc. Feel free to comment on whether any aspects made certain problematic battles easier in some way. Anything you feel is important/relevant or just want to mention If you built a character in some uncommon way, maybe showcase the character's build with a few screenshots of what they're capable of or how you used them in battle. Even if it didn't turn out too great it would still be useful to know. It might make more sense to have the builds submissions each in their own separate post. Especially since people might want to discuss your build, but since we can link to specific comments as well, feel free to post in this thread if you prefer. Although, if you do want to comment on a listed build, then as per forum rules don't necro-post on an an old thread. And many of these builds are old threads (check the dates). Following is the (hopefully) growing list of builds that people have kindly shared. Please note that this list in no way rates how good the builds themselves are. I think the fact that someone beat the game on Maddening indicates that they are at least 'good enough' for the settings they played the game on (admittedly though, what's 'good enough' might differ from player to player or even run to run). But also note that some builds involved a significant amount of grinding. I leave it up to the reader to go through any individual build/guide they're interested in. If you have previously posted a build somewhere please let me know and I'd be happy to add it to the list. If you are new to the game, in case you’re not aware, please bear in mind that playing the game using DLC can be significantly easier than without, depending on how much dlc content was used. The same can be said for NG+ games compared to NG games. Builds achieved in NG+ runs might be impossible in an NG run. Minor Spoiler Alert: Inevitably these builds will have some minor spoilers like revealing story-related unique classes. Screenshots might include images of enemies or story-related classes. Also, the builds posts themselves may contain spoilers in the text depending on what the poster wrote. Usually build posts don't contain any major spoilers but I won't take responsibility for posts that do. =================================================== =================================================== Blue Lions / Azure Moon Example Builds: Build by @tchin, NG, with DLC, end game stats. Byleth: Lv45 War Cleric. Dimitri: Lv45 Unique Class. Felix: Lv45 Bow Knight. Mercedes: Lv45 Gremory. Dedue: Lv45 War Master. Sylvain: Lv45 Paladin. Catherine: Lv44 Swordmaster. Shamir: Lv46 Sniper. Annette: Lv46 Dark Flier. Ingrid: Lv46 Falcon Knight. Dorothea: Lv43 Dancer. Build & Guide by @DrDimentio, NG, no DLC, offline, end game stats. Byleth: Lv48 Gremory. Dimitri: Lv46 Unique Class. Dedue: Lv45 Great Knight. Ingrid: Lv60 Dancer. Felix: Lv44 Sniper. Sylvain: Lv45 War Master. Annette: Lv48 Dark Knight. Mercedes: Lv60 Gremory. Ashe: Lv45 Bow Knight. Flayn: Lv61 Gremory. Dorothea: Lv50 Gremory. Manuela: Lv33 Bishop. Build by @Geenoble, NG?, no DLC?, end game stats Byleth: Lv41 Unique Class. Dimitri: Lv47 Unique Class. Dedue: Lv47 Fortress Knight. Ashe: Lv37 Wyvern Lord. Mercedes: Lv37 Bishop. Annette: Lv36 Gremory. Felix: Lv44 War Master. Sylvain: Lv36 Wyvern Lord. Ingrid: Lv35 Falcon Knight. Ignatz: Lv41 Sniper. Lorenz: Lv39 Dark Knight. Marianne: Lv25 Dancer. Build by u/salteas on Reddit, NG, no DLC, offline, end game stats. Byleth: Lv47 Falcon Knight. Dimitri: Lv46 Unique Class. Felix: Lv44 Sniper. Sylvain: Lv43 Wyvern Lord. Ingrid: Lv46 Falcon Knight. Annette: Lv52 Dancer. Mercedes: Lv45 Bishop. Marianne: Lv43 Bishop. Lysithea: Lv47 Gremory. Leonie: Lv44 Bow Knight. Hilda: Lv43 Wyvern Lord. Ferdinand: Lv42 Wyvern Lord. Build by @Graveless, NG, DLC class used, then items used in final 3 chapters, end game stats. Byleth: Lv42 Falcon Knight. Dimitri: Lv43 Bow Knight. Felix: Lv41 Bow Knight. Marianne: Lv43 Gremory. Ingrid: Lv40 Wyvern Lord. Marianne: Lv 37 Valkyrie. Catherine: Lv39 Swordmaster. Lysithea: Lv41 Gremory. Dorothea: Lv42 Dancer. Hilda: Lv38 Wyvern Lord. Leonie: Lv42 Bow Knight. Annette: Lv42 Wyvern Lord. Build & Iron Man run video by @Atano (on Reddit), NG, no DLC, complete play through video stream available. Byleth: Lv42 Falcon Knight. Dimitiri: Lv39 Unique Class. Felix: Lv44 Wyvern Lord. Leonie: Lv39 Wyvern Lord. Lysithea: Lv44 Gremory. Mercedes: Lv36 Gremory. Annette: Lv37 Gremory. Dedue: Lv39 Grappler. Sylvain: Lv36 Paladin. Shamir: Lv38 Sniper. Flayn: Lv42 Gremory. Seteth: Lv34 Paladin. Ingrid: Lv38 Wyvern Lord. =================================================== =================================================== Golden Deer / Verdant Wind Example Builds: Build by @LoneRecon400, NG, no DLC, end game stats. Byleth: Lv46 War Master. Claude: Lv38 Unique Class. Lysithea: Lv41 Mortal Savant. Hilda: Lv40 Wyvern Lord. Leonie: Lv41 Wyvern Lord. Catherine: Lv36 Wyvern Lord. Cyril: Lv33 Sniper. Ferdinand: Lv37 Dancer. Build by @hdawgsizzle, NG, no DLC, offline, end game stats. Byleth: Lv43 Flacon Knight. Claude: Lv43 Unique Class. Felix: Lv42 War Master. Leonie: Lv42 Bow Knight. Petra: Lv41 Wyvern Lord. Ignatz: Lv43 Sniper. Lysithea: Lv42 Gremory. Sylvain: Lv42 Paladin. Hilda: Lv40 Wyvern Lord. Lorenz: Lv41 Dark Knight. Mercedes: Lv41 Bishop. Marianne: Lv47 Dancer. Build by @overklok , NG, some DLC without items, no stats provided. Byleth: Falcon Knight. Claude: Unique Class. Hilda: Wyvern Lord. Ignatz: Sniper. Leonie: Falcon Knight. Marianne: Dancer. Lysithea: Gremory. Lorenz: Dark Knight. Sylvain: Paladin. Raphael: Grappler. Linhardt: Bishop? Build & Iron Man run video by @Atano (on Reddit), NG, no DLC, complete play through video stream available. Byleth: Lv41 Wyvern Lord. Claude: LV41 Unique Class. Leonie: LV40 Wyvern Lord. Ignatz: Lv42 Sniper. Lysithea: Lv44 Gremory. Hilda: Lv40 Wyvern Lord. Ingrid: Lv44 Wyvern Lord. Lorenz: Lv40 Dark Knight. Felix: Lv41 War Master. Marianne: Lv35 Gremory. Flayn: Lv40 Gremory. Seteth: Lv31 Paladin. =================================================== =================================================== Black Eagles / Crimson Flower Example Builds: Build by u/Rengor1997 on Reddit, NG, no DLC, end game stats. All Rout rule. Byleth: Lv36 Wyvern Lord. Edelgard: Lv40 Wyvern Lord. Fedinand: Lv36 Wyvern Lord. Bernadetta: Lv41 Gremory. Petra: Lv37 Wyvern Lord. Jeritza: Lv38 Wyvern Lord. Caspar: Lv35 Grappler. Lysithea: Lv34 Gremory. Dorothea: Lv35 Dancer. Hubert: Lv35 Dark Knight. Shamir: Lv35 Sniper. Linhardt: Lv33 Bishop. Build by @SpearBerry, NG, DLC without items, end game stats. Byleth: Lv35 Unique Class. Edelgard: Lv38 Unique Class. Hubert: Lv36 Dark Bishop. Ferdinand: Lv36 Paladin. Petra: Lv35 Assassin/Falcon Knight. Caspar: Lv36 Grappler. Bernadetta: Lv35 Sniper. Dorothea: Lv35 Warlock. Linhardt: Lv35 Bishop. Jeritza: Lv34 Unique Class. Lysithea: Lv38 Gremory. Leonie: Lv35 Sniper. =================================================== =================================================== Black Eagles / Silver Snow Example Builds: Build by @Glennstavos, NG, no DLC, end game stats, with accompanying tier list. Byleth: Lv41 War Master. Caspar: Lv40 War Master. Alois: Lv37 War Master. Felix: Lv41 War Master. Petra: Lv40 Wyvern Lord. Ingrid: Lv38 Falcon Knight. Seteth: Lv39 Wyvern Lord. Lorenz: Lv40 Dark Knight. Ferdinand: Lv37 Great Knight. Dorothea: Lv43 Dancer. Linhardt: Lv39 Bishop. Ignatz: Lv43 Sniper. =================================================== =================================================== My personal reasons for starting this list: As I’m playing my first Maddening NG game, I found myself wondering how my progress is going compared to others. Also, while I was planning my game at the start, I wanted an idea about what to expect in terms of end game character levels and stats, or even for mid-game. While I did find a few posts online showing their end game team and builds, they weren't exactly easy to find and there's a lot of rich discussions on various possible builds or ideal builds for characters that's easy to lose oneself in. Another reason for wanting something like this is because the discussions I see often focus on what are the optimal builds for each character. While I love learning about and discussing optimal builds, sometimes it can feel pressuring that I have to use the optimal build and, at least for me, can make the game less fun if I feel like I have to build my characters a very specific way. Often, the optimal builds advice comes off to someone like me as "if you do anything else you're not gonna make it". But then again considering how people are able to solo Maddening, that can't possibly be the case. Thirdly, I feel that while there is a lot of discussion on character builds, I haven’t seen much consideration given to ‘team builds’. By this I mean how a character build might fit into the context of a full team or how they might synergize with each other. I’m hoping that team example builds can facilitate these kinds of discussions while serving as practical examples. There is a lot of discussion on what is the ‘best’ build for a unit, but the ‘best’ might not always be what a player is looking for. If you’re like me, sometimes a player wants to try something different or just something they enjoy and just wants to know that it won’t be such a bad idea that it’ll make a run impossible. By providing examples of what others have used to beat the game with, I hope this category of sub-optimal but ‘good enough’ builds might get exposed. Lastly, with examples to look at including stats, skills, and battalions, it can serve as a reference for those interested in specific examples of stats at the end game. It can also show real examples of the role that progression paths and/or rng can have on your final stats. Sometimes the devil’s in the details and why one person’s run went much better than someone else’s can have a lot to do with the progression path towards the same final class, how they split up instructions, exp, battalions, gear setup, stat boosters, adjutants, how they used them tactically, whether they grinded a lot or not, etc.
  2. Hello, long-time lurker, first-time poster; hopefully I don't break any rules. I have a warm take that Three Houses does a lot to make hybrid builds more feasible than prior Fire Emblem games, but they are still underappreciated. I won't call this a hot take, because the consensus opinion that it's more efficient to invest in specialized units is not something I disagree with. It often takes a lot of investment to pull off a good hybrid build and Fire Emblem generally favors specialized units that require less input or have a higher/more certain payoff for the same input. Still, hybrid builds are at their best in Three Houses thanks to its mechanics: character-specific spell lists, class promotion base stats, weapon rank tutoring outside of battle, and New Game +. 0. What is a hyrbid? Hybrid refers to a unit that uses both their strength and magic stats in battle. Generally, units are best left using only one of the two stats, as their base stats and growths will naturally favor one. Since enemy resistance is usually lower than defense and magic offers better range than melee physical weapons, the typical hybrid unit will be a physical attacker with a sufficiently high magic stat to use a magic weapon, magical combat arts, or is promoted into a class with magic access (sometimes later in the game) but retaining access to their physical weapons of choice. In Three Houses, mages generally benefit from raising their strength stat as strength/5 is subtracted from weapon weight to determine attack speed. However, it is much rarer for a magic-focused character to actually use their strength stat offensively, because of the aforementioned advantages in targeting resistance and range, so I will not consider merely gaining a strength stat on a mage to qualify as a hybrid build. 1. Spell Lists Three Houses inherits the idea of spell lists from Fire Emblem Gaiden. Unit-specific spell lists are interesting because your best mages are often not able to fulfill every desired magical task on their own. For example, despite their great magic stats, none of Lysithea, Constance, nor Hubert make for great healers due to lack of Physic. Spells are also interesting in that they have limited uses but recharge every map, which prevents the common RPG hoarding problem. Spell lists favor hybrid units because occasionally a character will have a great spell list despite lacking a magic stat, encouraging you to invest in their magic. A great example is Bernadetta, who gets Physic, Rescue, and Thoron despite neutrality in reason and faith, 5 base magic, and a puny 20% growth. While centralizing the healing and rescuing role together, potentially freeing up a deployment slot for someone else, has its appeal, how are you supposed to use her effectively when her base magic allows for a 1 range rescue and her growth is taking her nowhere fast? 2. Class Promotion Base Stats Another mechanic inherited from Gaiden and its remakes, when a character promotes into a new class, their stats are elevated to the base stats of the new class, if needed. This can be used for a few tricks in Three Houses: 12 base defense for an Armor Knight promotion (easily attainable even for squishy characters like Annette and Hapi); 17 base defense for a Fortress Knight; 17–19 base strength from promoting to an advanced physical class (ensures base usability for low-strength physical characters and allows mages to offset weight); and, most importantly for this post, 17 base magic from Warlock and 15 base magic from Bishop. Although 15–17 base magic seems like a pittance relative to, for example, Lysithea's 11 + 60% magic, it's actually quite workable thanks to lower enemy resistance. There are several characters with decent magic growths, such as Byleth, Felix, and Sylvain, who can end up with usable magic if they correct for a low base stat with a promotion. Bernadetta learns Rescue at A-rank Faith, thus she is guaranteed 15 magic and at least a 3-range Rescue (and needs only 1 point for 4 range) at that point. 3. Weapon Rank Training Unlike other games in the series, notably Fire Emblem Fates, hybrid weapon ranks are much less of an issue in Three Houses thanks to the instruction system. In Fire Emblem Fates, several classes gain hybrid weapons on promotion: Dark Mages gain swords as Dark Knights, Wyvern Riders can now equip tomes as Malig Knights, Basaras gain lances or tomes coming out of Diviner or Spear Fighter, and Oni Savages gain tomes when promoting to Oni Chieftans. However, all of the new weapon ranks start at E, restricting usage to low MT weapons, most of which cannot crit nor activate skills. Fates is also stingy with weapon experience from combat and Arms Scrolls, also limiting the viability of any gained hybrid weapons. For Three Houses, however, it's straightforward to raise weapon ranks even without their usage. A Dark Knight Sylvain may have not set foot on the battlefield in a magic class until level 30, yet come equipped with his full spell-list. Of course, despite being easier than Awakening and Fates to have ranks, weapon ranks are still a problem in Three Houses. Instruction time comes with opportunity costs, and prioritizing magic instead of a unit's primary physical weapons might be a losing trade. Sure, Sylvain can toss a chip heal with Physic or help quickly break a monster barrier with Seraphim at B in Faith, but did it come at the cost of getting Swift Strikes (A lances) sooner? Bernadetta may be able to combine a chip Physic with a short-range Rescue at A in Faith, but did she have time to get Death Blow (D+ axes) , Vengeance (C+ Lances), Encloser (A Bows), and prep for her mid and endgame promotions (likely needing high ranks in Riding or Flying)? What about their authority and access to good battalions? 4. New Game + While discussions focused on efficiency will focus on Maddening NG since the highest difficulty helps separate out the best strategies, it is worth mentioning that despite unfocused weapon ranks being one of the primary deficiencies of a hybrid character, especially ones needing at least B+ in reason or faith by level 20 to gain a respectable base stat, NG+ resolves the issue. If you trained Bernadetta in a prior playthrough in Axes, Lances, Bows, Riding, and authority, it's no longer a stretch to train her in Faith and maybe put her into Holy Knight for that Rescue (or, even better, toss in some Reason and Flying for Dark Flier). While this does emphasize one of the limitations of hybrid units in a post promoting them, at least there is a straightforward in-game mechanic to address it. 5. What about mages attacking physically? I focused a lot on physical units gaining magical traits and not the reverse. A lot of that is the previously mentioned advantages in targeting enemy resistance, typically the lower defensive stat, and magic's range advantage. Felix has an amazing strength stat that will typically be much higher than his magic, even with a promotion to Warlock at level 20; however, he still might be able to do more damage to a high-defense Fortress Knight with a magic weapon, and more safely at range with all of them besides the Aura Knuckles. Lysithea's 17 strength after acquiring a promotion to Swordmaster does not particularly encourage her to use physical weapons compared to her 2–6 range magic, allowing her to attack safely despite her frailty. There are a few exceptions though. Annette, for example, has an unimpressive spell list with little utility (just Recover) and not much attack power, so she is better off getting on a Wyvern to focus on Lightning Axe, Bolt Axe, Crusher, and higher-mobility rallies. However, because Wyvern Rider gives her base 18 strength, Wyvern Lord gives +4 strength modifier, and class growths bring her up to 40–45% strength growths, she can end up with surprisingly good strength. For example, it wouldn't be surprising for a Wyvern Lord Annette to have higher strength than the canon Snipers: Bernadetta, Ashe, and Ignatz. Though she will typically get more damage off with magical axe attacks, she could occasionally equip a Brave Axe for a kill she might not otherwise get, such as a fast mage. 6. What about combat arts? Combat arts really open up the potential of hybrids further, particularly in Maddening where inflated enemy speed makes it difficult to double naturally. A Magic Bow combined with Hunter's Volley or Point-Blank Volley will do good damage off just a decent magic stat, and a bunch of archers have decent magic growths (Felix, Ashe, Ignatz, Cyril). Fierce Iron Fist and Aura Knuckles can work as well, though the low MT doesn't scale well with enemy resistance. Ingrid has fairly balanced and mediocre strength and magic bases (in-house) and growths, so she can use Frozen Lance to some effect. While Edelgard's spell list is interesting, with Luna, Hades, and Seraphim, the opportunity cost of Wyvern Lord is simply too high to justify the jump into spell-casting (Dark Flier misses out on Axefaire and 4 points of strength), but she does get Lightning Axe and a 45% growth (14–15 magic at level 20, on average, means she doesn't particularly need the magic rank for a base stat). Sublime Heaven adds 30% of Byleth's magic stat to its physical MT, the closest the game gets to Ignis from Awakening, which might be worth buttressing with a dip into Bishop thanks to their budding talent. In conclusion, are hybrid builds outclassed? Generally, yes. But there are plenty out there and Three Houses does a surprisingly good job making them feasible. Even on Maddening difficulty there's some room for experimentation (just make sure you aren't experimenting on too many fronts at once). If I was able to get a Dark Knight Sylvain to work on Maddening NG Azure Moon while not getting 17 base magic until the Dark Knight promotion at level 30 and him being strength screwed for a good chunk of the early time-skip, I'm sure you can get your hybrid build off the ground too.
  3. I finished Silver Snow recently so now the only route left is Crimson Flower. I wanna finish my time with Three Houses off with a bang, so I decided to play it on Maddening Mode. But I couldn’t find a definitive “These are the best characters, and here’s how to build them” like I could with Awakening, so I took matters into my own hands and here’s what I came up with. Also if you have any tips on how to best spend my days off, please tell me. (Edited Specification) This is a fresh save with the intent on grinding for class EXP via waiting in defensive tile with a rusted/broken/no weapon equipped. THE TEAM F!Byleth (Required, Frontliner) Edelgard (Required, Frontliner) Felix (Frontliner) Petra (Frontliner) Bernadetta (Physical Backliner) Lysithea (Magical Backliner) Yuri (Offensive Jack of All Trades) Mercedes (Healer) Linhardt (Healer) Annette (Rallying Dancer) ADJUTANTS Caspar (Guard) Raphael (Guard) Balthus (Guard) MISC. Sylvain (Free Lance of Ruin) Lorenz (Thyrsus) Leonie (Linhardt’s Paralogue) Ferdinand (Lysithea’s Paralogue) Characters that get me Hero’s Relics Everyone else BUILDS BYLETH Final Class: Falcon Knight Abilities: Darting Blow, Death Blow, Hit +20, Lance Prowess, Swordfaire/Prowess Combat Arts: Windsweep, Tempest Lance, Healing Focus Class Progression: Commoner, Fighter, Archer, Brigand, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider, Falcon Knight EDELGARD Final Class: Wyvern Lord Abilities: Darting Blow, Death Blow, Hit +20, Axe Prowess, Speed +2 Combat Arts: Smash, Lightning Axe, Healing Focus Class Progression: Noble, Myrmidon, Brigand, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord FELIX Final Class: War Master Abilities: Death Blow, Hit +20, Axe Prowess, Brawling Prowess, Quick Riposte Combat Arts: Smash, Nimble Combo, Healing Focus Class Progression: Noble, Fighter, Archer, Brigand, Grappler, War Master PETRA Final Class: Wyvern Lord Abilities: Darting Blow, Death Blow, Hit +20, Axe Prowess, Bow Prowess Combat Arts: Smash, Waning Shot, Healing Focus Class Progression: Commoner, Fighter, Brigand, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord BERNADETTA Final Class: Bow Knight Abilities: Darting Blow, Death Blow, Hit +20, Vantage, Desperation Combat Arts: Encloser, Curved Shot, Vengeance Class Progression: Noble, Fighter, Archer, Cavalier, Mercenary, Brigand, Pegasus Knight, Paladin, Bow Knight LYSITHEA Final Class: Valkyrie Abilities: Darting Blow, Fiendish Blow, Hit +20, Reason Prowess/Dark Tomefaire, Dark Magic Range +1 Combat Arts: Draw Back Class Progression: Noble, Monk, Mage, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Valkyrie YURI Final Class: Trickster Abilities: Death Blow, Fiendish Blow, Hit +20, Sword Prowess, Reason Prowess Combat Arts: Windsweep, Finesse Blade, Curved Shot Class Progression: Commoner, Fighter, Archer, Mage, Brigand, Trickster MERCEDES Final Class: Bishop Abilities: Faith Prowess, Miracle, Renewal, HP +5, Magic +2 Combat Arts: Draw Back Class Progression: Commoner, Monk, Priest, Bishop LINHARDT Final Class: Bishop Abilities: Faith Prowess, Miracle, Renewal, HP+5, Magic +2 Combat Arts: Draw Back Class Progression: Noble, Monk, Priest, Bishop ANNETTE Final Class: Dancer Abilities: Rally Resistance, Rally Speed, Rally Movement, Special Dance, Reason Prowess Class Progression: Noble, Monk, Mage, Dancer
  4. Or rather I should say OHKO Frozen Lance, I just happen to be looking at Lorenz right now during my GD Madenning run. I think Lorenz is the most obvious character to use this build on but other characters who can learn Frozen Lance are Marianne, Hubert, Ingrid, and Flayn. I'll get into discussing each of them at the end. I noticed during my current run that Frozen Lance is actually a pretty strong skill with high damage output. Especially when you pair it with one of the Effective spears like Horse Slayer, Spear of Assal, or Blessed Lance. Most commonly though, it will probably be used with a Silver Lance+ making it essentially a 17 mt spell (14 mt from the spear +3 might from the combat art itself). So I started considering building my Lorenz around just spamming this skill and to my pleasant surprise, it looks like he can eventually OHKO most physical and some magic class enemies with the right set up. I don't want to get too ahead of myself here and make any definitive claims though. As of now this is just hypothetical (hopefully sound at least), and I'm hoping others will chime in with their thoughts/experiences to either agree or disagree with this idea. Especially if you've already tried something like this before, I'd like to hear about your experience. Damage Calculation For the analysis I looked up the enemy stats from the final chapter (last 2 battles) using my previous BL saved states that I still have. I got examples of end game stats for Lorenz from those listed in the Builds Examples post. Here are the following stats and setup I used for the calculation: Stats Dex: 28 Mag: 32 Abilities Mag +2 Fiendish Blow (+6 magic damage when attacking) Lancefaire (+5 mt with lances) Distinguished House (+2 Mt if battalion equipped, personal ability) Setup Magic Staff (+3 Mag Attack) Gloucester Knights (+6 Mag Attack) Ferdinand Adjutant (special support with +3 mt) The damage formula is: (Weapon Mt. x Effectiveness) + (CA Mt.) + RoundDown(0.3 x Dex) + [Total Mag Attack] + [Bonuses] - (Target Rsl.) Here the (0.3 x Dex) comes from the way Frozen Lance works. CA Mt. = 3. It's just the mt of the combat art. [Total Mag Attack] includes: Mag stat (32), Mag +2, Fiendish Blow (+6), Magic Staff (+3), and Mag Attack from battalion (+6). [Bonuses] include: Lancefaire (+5), Distinguished House (+2), Ferdinand special support (+3) I tested this formula in one of my current battles to be sure I have it right and it looks to be exact. The one thing I'm not 100% certain about is whether Lancefaire would apply to Frozen Lance. I'm unable to test that at the moment but I think it does. Hopefully I haven't done anything embarrassingly dumb/wrong with these calculations, but here are the results from some example enemies in the BL Maddening final chapter (from both battles): Unless they were on horseback, I didn't bother looking at magic class enemies, including mortal savant. Their resistance is so high that there's no point, but in the case of horses there are effective lances that can overcome that. Admittedly, that means a lot of enemies are left out since the BL end game is full of magic class enemies. Is the GD endgame similar in this way? Without spoilers pls. From the enemies I did include here, it's pretty clear that with this setup, and I think typical end game stats, Lorenz can OHKO many of them and quite a variety. Admittedly for some, just barely or even exactly, making it somewhat sensitive to his final stats in those cases (see hp and damage columns). Thoughts: The most important stat is obviously Mag, while Dex also factors into the damage of Frozen Lance. So the recommended path for this build is probably: Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Dark Bishop > Paladin / Dark Knight. (REVISED PARAGRAPH) - Being in Paladin might be a requirement to OHKO some of these enemies since it gives you Lancefaire. However, going Dark Knight results in only an instant net loss of 3 damage since it provides +2 mag modifier. That said, in the long run, Dark Knight's boost to mag growth should result in higher damage in the long run after gaining some levels. One can later switch to a Paladin for Lancefaire after benefiting from the Mag growth. The damage output in some cases just barely gets him the OHKO (see hp and damage columns). However if you can get his Lance skill to S+, which is possible with some dedication, you can choose to either go double Lancefaire or, ideally stay in Dark Knight with both Lancefaire and Black Tomefaire to combine with his decent list of spells. It's always possible to squeeze out a little more damage from adjacency bonuses too from Hilda's PA (+3), Byleth's Sacred Power (+3), and any lord's Charm (+3). Getting 2 of those could make up for Lancefaire. In fact, Dark Knight automatically adds 2 Mag as a class modifier, so you only really need 1 of those adjacency bonuses to make up for Lancefaire to get the same amount of damage as a Dark Knight. The nice thing about this build is that it can OHKO many physical units using ordinary weapons that only require smithing stones to forge/repair (silver lance+ and horse slayer). But for magic class cavalry and monsters you need Mythril for Spear of Assal and Blessed Lance which one might want to consider carefully before spending -4 endurance per hit. Looking at Frozen Lance build candidates: EDIT: A very important consideration when attempting this type of build is: How long does one need to spend in magic classes (to aid mag growth) before switching to a riding or flying class? The answer depends somewhat on the character and rng, but i'll offer a rule of thumb. If going as a riding final class, you'll be able to keep a significant Mag boost from battalions (I'm assuming +6 to +8). So you want your base Mag stat to reach a minimum of 28 by the end game to get at least some OHKO's on more vulnerable enemies. Ideally you want to get over 30. This is also assuming +3 mt from a special support, which if you don't have, then add +3 Mag to your base minimum. If however you're going for a flying class, I don't think there are any flying battalions offering Mag Attack boosts, in which case you want a minimum of 34 for your base Mag stat to even maintain at least some OHKO's in the end game. So you should judge based on your run whether the character should spend more time in a magic class or if they're doing okay. Stat boosters can obviously help. One thing you can do, though it can be inconvenient, is if the character is close to a level up before a battle, switch to the magic class for that battle to boost mag growth chances, then switch back to a riding/flying class afterwards. That said, anyone going along a traditional magic class path for example Monk > Mage > Warlock > Dark Knight, shouldn't really have to worry about this. Finally, looking at other characters who might use this build. Bear in mind the paths I'm suggesting are not to be taken as said character's ideal path, simply the path I recommend if you want to focus on optimizing Frozen Lance specifically: Like I mentioned before, Mag is the most important stat here and of the candidates, Flayn and Hubert have the highest mag growth at 55. Flayn also gets 2 possible special supports in Byleth and Seteth. Not the best adjutant, but comes already in a flying class and can add follow-up attack damage so not too bad either. If you build her along Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Pegasus Knight > Falcon Knight, then she'd have Lancefaire too and could potentially reach higher damage than anyone else with Frozen Lance. Dark Flier allows her to use magic but has neither Lancefaire nor a Mag stat modifier so depending on how high her natural Mag stat gets, might hinder her ability to OHKO with this. Dark Knight is another option but her weakness in riding makes it undesirable for her. The biggest concern with her and most of these characters is how fragile they are. Frozen Lance is a melee attack and even Canto might not allow her to always fly back to safety after attacking. Hubert has a special support with Edelgard only. That's a little harder to guarantee the extra +3 mt than using an adjutant, but not too big of a deal. He too should be able to reach high damage with Frozen Lance and might surpass Lorenz's damage even without Lancefaire. Hubert is only neutral in Riding but that doesn't make Dark Knight too difficult to achieve. Just go Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Cavalry > Paladin* > Dark Knight. His natural mag growth is good enough to spend less time in magic classes and more in cavalry/paladin to boost his riding while relying on frozen lance during that time. He too is a fragile character however. With his high mag growth and relatively easy access to riding, he might be the best character to pull this off with. Marianne has a mag growth of 50 which is also very high. and can likely deal more damage than Lorenz with Frozen Lance, the major caution being just how fragile she is. Recommended path for her is the Dark Knight route (or even Holy Knight): Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Bishop / Cavalry / Paladin > Dark Knight / Holy Knight. Dark Knight has an extra point in Mag modifier over Holy. The advantage here being that she still has access to her spells, as well as access to Mag boosting battalions. She may want to use Paladin for Lancefaire if her damage is a bit shy of the OHKO threshold. Alternatively, she can be built similar to Flayn: Monk* > Mage* > Warlock / Pegasus Knight > Falcon Knight. The major downside is that flying battalions don't offer a Mag boost, and depending on how her growth is going this might prevent her from achieving the OHKO threshold. While Marianne is also very fragile, she has decent enough speed to double as a decent evade tank if she goes the flying route. Alert Stance will likely be delayed, but she'll get it eventually. Ingrid - (REVISED) - has a very low mag growth stat of only 35. As a result I doubt she will be able to get many OHKO's with Frozen Lance even if she does follow a magical path unless she gets mag blessed or you give her many boosters. Combined with the fact that flying battalions don't offer a Mag attack boost, she probably won't be doing anything useful with Frozen Lance in a flying class. Her low mag stat makes it super important to fully optimize her build and even then, I'm not entirely sure how well she'll do against anyone other than cavalry using an effective lance. So her suggested path for anyone who really wants to try it is: Monk* > Mage* > Warlock > Dark Knight. She has some decent Black Magic spells in Thoron and Fimbulvetr, both boosting Crit. So if you focus on maximizing her Dex she can follow a crit build and potentially deal some decent damage (maybe even use Killer Lance+ for Frozen Lance and land some crits there and use a Crit Ring instead of the Magic Staff). The added Dex also contributes a little to Frozen Lance damage. Ingrid also gets 2 special supports in Felix and Sylvain for a possible +6 mt although that's not easy to pull off. Never thought of Ingrid in this way before, could be an interesting option for her if someone wanted to try something different, but probably RIP if she doesn't land her crit against certain enemies lol. Finally, back to Lorenz, the reason I say he might be the most obvious option to use this build for is simply because it lies along what is arguably already his best class progression path. He's not great at too many things. Also, his special support is with Ferdinand who can easily be built into an armored class making Lorenz a serviceable tank on top which is very useful when you're getting up close and personal. While his Def growth is higher than most of the other candidates, at 30%, it isn't exactly good. His Str is the highest of the bunch though, a decent 40%, which might allow to him avoid getting doubled a little better but I doubt it'll make a difference on Maddening. His HP growth on the other hand is one of the highest in the game at 55%, while the others in this group have abysmal HP. So again, while most of the others can potentially deal more damage, he will have higher survivability. And since his damage allows him to OHKO most of the same enemies, dealing even more damage is useless, while survivability remains valuable. Well, I hope this offers an interesting idea to others. I haven't seen a lot of discussion of this ability myself. Has anyone already tried this kind of build before, and if so what was your experience like with it? Anyone know for sure if Lancefaire applies to Frozen Lance damage, or is able to confirm? I will be doing this build for Lorenz in my current NG Maddening run of VW so I guess I'll be able to give a more concrete account later on about how good or bad it turned out. Also, if anyone noticed anything I've overlooked or did wrong with my calculations please do let me know. (Hopefully nothing so bad to make everything I said meaningless lol, that would be terrible after all this.)
  5. Hi guys! this is my first post here, I'm SweetiePie! I just wanted some advice and opinions on my Helbindi! Thank you for having me here! <3 <3 <3
  6. so, after gathering enough data regarding the 1st gen( and finally ending the first session of the game for the last time ), i've decided to make this thread in order to not only share some infos, but also to eventually give ideas to new players and veterans alike in case they wanted to try out something new/different in terms of unit build for both 1st and 2nd generation with inheritance. what follows are some of the best units i've managed to obtain throu the first part of the game. there was actually more, however some of them were not promoted yet, so i've decided to leave them out since they didn't manage to reach their default potential. for details about classes and skills: https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/classes/introduction/ https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/classes/weapon-ranks/ https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/miscellaneous/skills/ ...and be prepared for a long topic! [ disclaimer: keep in mind that items swapping was also partially involved, so it's virtually impossible to have multiple rings of the same type in 1st generation, along with other unique items ] - Mid game units - [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile tank | Mobile damage dealer - Pros: Cuan's role is basicly a mobile frontline tank that can hit&run, and also counter ranged units with a Javelin when needed. relies mainly on one-shot tactics when dealing damage, and works well at covering angles in wall-formations. works even better with a Shield ring, as he basicly gets close to no damage by physical attacks. can eventually defend castles, as long as there's not many mages around. - Cons: sadly, by the time he will obtain his Crusader weapon, he won't actually be able to use it for long due to story development. his low Resistance also makes him a good target for mages. weak to Knight Killer lances. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile healer - Pros: Ethlin starts as main healer in the first chapter of the game, and becomes a good kiting unit once she obtains the Light sword. her Skill will let her land critical hits quite often, and even more with a Skill ring equipped. a well balanced, multi-role unit. - Cons: same as Cuan, by the time she promotes it will be too late to actually enjoy her new class due to story development. weak to Knight Killer lances. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile damage dealer | Mobile Dodge-tank - Pros: a speed-based version of the Duke Knight, Fin will be able to land 4 hits on most enemies thanks to the sinergy between his base speed, Pursuit and the Hero lance. Prayer also gives him more survival chances when he gets low on hp, and becomes almost untouchable by most enemies. the Speed ring is a nice boost for both damage dealing and survival chances. can counter ranged units as well with a Javelin. can also defend castles well, as long as there's not many mages around. - Cons: low Res means getting tons of damage from magic units, so always be careful about wich targets you want to pick. weak to Knight Killer lances. - Late game units - [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile damage dealer | Mobile Anti-mage unit | Mobile Dodge-tank - Pros: here's our main Lord in top form, the anti-mage unit by excellence: Sigurd. he mainly plays as mobile frontline tank, and thanks to Prayer on his Crusader weapon he will become almost impossible to hit when he gets low on hp. he can eventually counter ranged units too with magic swords and Javelins, but against mages it would probably be better to equip the Tyrfing in order to not only lower the damage, but also to increase the chances to dodge attacks. together with a Barrier ring, it's the bane of mages. using his Silver sword as much as possible would be a wise idea as well, since it can unlock the weapon's critical chance quite early compared to other units( 50 kills in total ). the Leg and Elite rings aren't necessary, but Seliph can always make good use of them pre-promotion. - Cons: he can get his Crusader weapon only in the last chapter of 1st gen, he needs to save a certain NPC to actually obtain it, and he even needs to repair it in order to use it( 50.000 gold isn't cheap either, but it can be made easily by visiting villages and farming arenas ). weak to Knight Killer lances. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile tank | Mobile damage dealer - Pros: yet another mobile frontline tank unit, Lex is probably one of the strongest mounted units in 1st generation when equipped with the right tools. he can often deal 4 attacks on armored units with the Hero axe+Pursuit ring, and double on other common enemies as well. the Elite passive skill will help him to become a good unit quite early in the game, and Vantage will turn him into a good counter-attack unit as well when he gets low on hp. he can counter from the distance too with a Hand axe. can also defend castles very well, as long as there's not many mages around. - Cons: low res makes him weak against mages. you also need to know some secret event locations in order to obtain the Hero axe for Lex, and the Pursuit ring from another character. weak to Knight Killer lances. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer - Pros: a killing machine, Aira is one of the strongest sword users in the game. due to her high speed, Pursuit, Hero sword and Astra, she'll kill anything that moves in most situations, and even armored units with Great Shield will struggle against her. the Speed ring will also give her better evasion chances, since it's her main way to survive enemy attacks. - Cons: you'll have to be very careful when trying to recruit her, because there's specific conditions that have to be met before being able to talk with her, and she starts the chapter as an enemy unit to make things harder. she will also need some care before promotion, in order to allow her speed to grow properly. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer - Pros: an awesome unit, Holyn is yet another strong sword user that will literally destroy the arena. his high Skill will allow him to use properly most Blades, and with Pursuit+Luna he'll deal tons of damage against any unit. he can eventually counter ranged units too, but close quarters combat is where he truly shines. he relies mainly on Speed to avoid damage as well. - Cons: you need to actually defeat him in the arena first in order to recruit him, wich is something that can become quite tedious at times. his default stats also makes him weak to magic. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Healer | Supporter (becomes mobile after promotion) - Pros: she has pretty much the same role as Ethlin, with the difference that she starts on foot, and gains different kinds of gear as the game goes on. an overall balanced unit meant for supporting allies with Charisma, that can eventually kite with magic swords and increase her survival chances with the Prayer sword on low hp. the Earth sword should also be able to negate the Big Shield effect of armored units, while the Thief sword helps with getting some money out of brigands attacking towns. - Cons: if you want the Knight ring for double movement when on foot, you'll have to save all of her Paladins and keep them alive by the end of the chapter. getting the Earth sword is also no easy task, as she will need to speak with her brother during a specific battle. pre-promotion, she's not very suited for combat either, so it would be better to use her mostly as a healer until she can become a Master Knight. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer - Pros: probably the best archer in 1st generation, Jamka is meant to be a critical machine thanks to his stats and unique bow. a Skill ring always help with increasing his critical rate, and the Killer bow alone will be more than enough from early to late game chapters due to his passive Critical skill built in, and good accuracy/weight. he relies mostly on one-shot tactics, but can also deal double/multiple attacks on most enemies thanks to his passive skills. - Cons: he's actually even harder to recruit compared to Aira, and starting as an enemy ranged unit fighting inside a forest doesn't make things easier either. prepare yourself for many restarts, if you really want this unit. he is worth the trouble thou, i guarantee on that. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Healer | Debuffer (can be a damage dealer after promotion) - Pros: a good healer that can eventually become quite strong against armored units, Aideen will be the one taking care of your un-mounted units for most of the game. her high Magic will also allow her to debuff most enemies with staffs such as Sleep or Silence. - Cons: starting as a "pure" healer, she'll be stuck with only healing until promotion, and even then, she'll always be more suited for healing rather than dealing damage. her low defence makes her a good target for physical classes, so don't leave her without protection. you'll have to be fast in order to save her from some bandits, and she's also the only one who can recruit Jamka. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer | Dodge-tank (can be a healer/debuffer after promotion) - Pros: stats and skills-wise, the best mage in 1st generation, Levin can obliterate pretty much any enemy without Great Shield thanks to Holsety and his critical hits. after promotion, he can also debuff enemies with staffs, and heal allies when needed. his Crusader weapon will eventually allow him to play as dodge-tank as well, althou it's not something really viable due to weapon repair costs. - Cons: he needs some time and dedication before becoming really good. damage spikes based mainly on rng. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer | Anti-mage unit - Pros: a good archer that can double attack quite often, brigid can one/two-shot most common enemies thanks to her Crusader weapon, while keeping a good evasion rate too. with a Hero bow, she can deal up to 4 hits and save money to repair the Ichival, wich will become more like a survival tool for critical situations in this case. she works well as anti-mage unit too, even better with a Barrier ring. - Cons: same as Aideen, you'll have to hurry up if you want to save her from some pirates chasing after her. you'll also need some specific pairing if you want to give her the Hero bow too. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Healer | Debuffer | Damage dealer - Pros: actually the best healer in 1st generation, he can AoE heal allies and even resurrect fallen comrades once thanks to the Valkyrie staff. he can't be touched by most enemy spells, and can deal some damage to armored units too. - Cons: you'll need to keep him alive during the pirates raid involving Brigid. while he's very strong against magic, he's also very weak against physical classes, so don't push his luck too much. well, i guess that's all for now. if anyone else is willing to share his/her ideas and discuss about different units and builds, feel free to do so.
  7. I finally, FINALLY pulled Sigurd just a few moments ago only to find he's -atk +res. I plan on using him on a res-based cavalry team (aka lots of ward cavalry and such) along with Berkut, Titania, and a yet to be chosen 4th member, but will his -atk hurt him enough that I should roll for a new one? I'd prefer not to waste orbs if he's salvageable!
  8. I have completed my Revelations pairings and would now like to know which of my kids should be paired with one another or if some should just be completely left out to be a solo galeforce assassins. Your suggestions should have a reason behind the pairings along with the build the pairings should be (i.e: A nohrian trust build, dodge build, galeforce taker build, go wild with your imagination because there are probably plenty other builds out there). Also would appreciate if you went into depth and gave me the whole skillset rather than just name a build as i'm not that experienced in this in the first place. Without further ado, here is the list of kids I need help pairing and optimizing: (I'll also be leaving the class/es that i'll be making each of my kids but feel free to suggest a different class if you feel necessary) Elise!Ophelia - Witch Orochi!Rhajat - Witch Oboro!Sophie - Paladin or Hero Rinkah!Caeldori - General, Great knight or Falcon Knight (Has S rank with Ignatius) Setsuna!Dywer - Master ninja (Has A+ rank with Asugi) Nina!Kana - Witch Kaze!Shigure - Swordsmaster or Master Ninja (If I want him as a Swordsmaster I need to make him A+ with Hisame) Selena!Hisame - Master of Arms, Hero or Blacksmith Felicia!Forrest - Strategist or Sorc Charlotte!Siegbert - Berserker, Hero or Paladin Hinoka!Mitama - Dread Fighter Camilla!Velouria - Wolfssenger Nyx!Nina - Adventurer or Onmyoji Mozu!Kiragi - Sniper or Kinshi knight Effie!Percy - Hero, Wyvern Lord or Berserker Beruka!Ignatius - General Azura!Midori - Master Ninja Kagero!Shiro - Spear Master Peri!Soleil - Paladin or Hero Hana!Selkie - Nine-Tails Sakura!Asugi - Dark Falcon
  9. This is under major overhaul. How do you go about planning builds for your characters for Arena? These are my general build processes, but they need a lot of improvement and streamlining so critique is much appreciated. Hopefully, this will also help players who have trouble figuring it out how to build their own units. Disclaimer: Here is arcticsilverfox's calculator that is required for this process; it is based on Andu2's calculator which you can also use. You can also use the calculator to experiment with your own ideas. The introduction covers general game play philosophy and a little bit about my play style. It is not necessary to read it, but you will have a better understanding of the build process. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — This section's information is pending deletion/revision/overhaul to be incorporated into the above section. Before building a Player Phase unit, you should decide what kind of Player Phase unit you want to build. Player Phase builds are divided into two main categories: high Spd builds and low Spd builds. High Spd builds are your regular Player Phase builds that utilize an A skill that boosts both Atk and Spd and the B skill is usually Desperation. Low Spd builds consists of one shot builds, Brave builds, and Special spam builds. Here is the build process for Player Phase units: Here are my build processes for maximizing wins and minimizing losses on Enemy Phase. I do not enjoy planning these as much since they do not suit my play style as much. Here is the build process for Enemy Phase units: Here is the build process for Enemy Phase survival units: What do you guys think? Are there any flaws or things that I overlooked? Obviously, my build processes are not able to give you cool builds like Medic Lucina, Medic Linde, Galeforce Lyn, Wings of Mercy Hector, or Wings of Mercy dancers/singer; that takes creativity and creativity does not sprout from static formulas. You can also check this same guide on fireemblemheroesforum.com in this thread. The formatting there looks less "wordy" so it may be easier to read. Edit Log: Wishlist: — — — — — — — — — — — — — — - - - BEGINNER POINTERS - - - Here is a list of pointers. Not a big fan of most beginner guides since they fail to mention important concepts and drone on about obvious stuff. If there is anything you think is too obvious on here, please let me know so I can remove it. I do not want new players reading about things they already know about; it wastes their time. —<>—<>—<>— Before you start doing anything, please read these. —<>—<>—<>— Rerolls Natures DO NOT SEND HOME FREE UNITS!!! —<>—<>—<>— Here are pointers for general housekeeping right after the tutorial. —<>—<>—<>— DO NOT COMPLETE CHAIN CHALLENGES ON NORMAL DIFFICULTY!!! Positioning Units at the Start of the Map Upgrade Castle Upgrade Barracks Skip Animation —<>—<>—<>— Playing the game. —<>—<>—<>— Grand Hero Battles Team Composition Ranged Versus Melee Units Player Phase Versus Enemy Phase Combat Use Dancers/Singer/Assists Skill Inheritance Merging —<>—<>—<>— Here are some other pointers. —<>—<>—<>— Online Resources Common Abbreviations/Jargon This section is still under construction. I will add more pointers when I encounter something new players should know.
  10. Mild spoilers for FE13 and FE14 ahead Hi all! So I have had a Revelations file planned for a while now, in which I pair couples based on the colours the mother will pass down to her child to get the closest to the official sprites as I can. Official sprites (as used on Twitter) compiled here This poses some immediate challenges. Some children could use the same mother for the closest hairstyle. My choice? The characters with the most hair or the most plot significance (i.e. Heirs of Fates or Awakening references) will get precedence over non-plot relevant children. For example, this would imply that Soleil wins Felicia's hair colour over Miitama as Soleil's hair references Olivia. There are some highly sought after hair colours (i.e. blonde) that we just don't have enough units for or colours that are rare/inaccessible. So I will be using a female Avatar to wed one lucky guy - though I'm undecided on who. This is where you come in! Below is a list of chosen pairings that create near-canon hair colours for the children. Midori - Kaze x Setsuna (closest to green) Asugi - Saizo x Sakura (commonly paired for near-orange hair) Caeldori - Subaki x Selena (implied as Caeldori's 'canon' mother) Siegbert - Xander x Charlotte (Siegbert is an Heir of Fate. Charlotte provides a near ideal blonde.) Soleil - Laslow x Felicia (Priority over Miitama as reference to Awakening) Ophelia - Odin x Elise (provides same shade of hair as Odin) Shiro - Ryoma x Mozu (Mozu's hair is darker and thus closer to Shiro's canon shade than her other contender, Kagero) Rhajat - Hayato x Nyx (Black hair that references Tharja in Awakening) Miitama - Azama x Rinkah (White is closest to her sherbet pink) Kiragi - Takumi x Hana (Closest to Takumi's hair colour) Hisame - Hinata x Kagerou (slightly lighter brown is closest to Hisame after Hana) Dwyer - Jakob x Effie (Silver hair is close to Dwyer's grey) Unsure: Sophie - Silas x Beruka? Selkie - Kaden x Hinoka? Percy - Arthur x ??? Nina - Niles x Azura? Forrest - Leo x ??? Ignatius - Benny x ??? Velouria - Keaton x ??? Please post your feedback and suggestions below! All suggestions for couples will be considered, even the "established" ones! Let's canonize!
  11. This forum is for any and all over powered builds for pvp to make the best teams possible
  12. So, I don´t know if there is an existing post for this, but yeah, I had some ideas, mostly names for my builds but I´ll try to complete them soon. Well, here is the list of names. Clumsy Maid Felicia - Maid Sol Shurikenfaire Inspiration Live to Serve I really don´t know give me some ideas Multitalented Mushroom Hater Jakob - Butler Luna Shurikenfaire Inspiration Live to Serve Armored Blow Old Spice Gunter - G. Knight Luna Deadly Breath Line of Death Galeforce Aggressor Ice Cold Flora (or maybe Ice Ice Flora...) - Maid Vengeance Shurikenifaire Lifetaker Inspiration Live to Serve Dragoncursed Ninja Kamui - Master Ninja Lethality (or something else, I like Lethality..) Draconic Curse Deadly Breath Replicate Cut Through (couldn´t think of anything else..) My idea with this one is like to replicate the unit and separate them in order to drop the stats of enemies so that others can finish them up. Lobster Wannabe Kamui - Hoshido Noble Astra Swordfaire Hoshidan Unity Dragon Fang Vantage High Lobster of Hoshido Ryoma - Swordmaster Astra Swordfaire Death Blow Line of Death Lancebreaker Lobstar Ryoma - Lodestar Dancing Blade Speedtaker Astra Swordfaire Lancebreaker Dragonborn Hero Kamui . Hero Sol Dragon Ward Swordfaire Replicate Amateratsu My idea is like the Dragoncursed Ninja, use replicate but this one is to support your other units, halve their damage give them health or defense. Greedy Little Anna - Merchant Hana Banana - Swordmaster Tactical Puppeteer Yukimura - Mechanist Suicide Squad Saizo - Master Ninja Line of Death Lethality Shurikenfaire Deadly Breath Galeforce 50 Shades of Niles - Adventurer Little Boy Hayato - Onmyoji Little Cheese of Hoshido Shiro - Weapon Master Friend Bear Benny - General Cirque du Soleil - Hero Fabulous Forrest - Strategist Corn Prince Xander - Paladin Swordfaire Aegis Luna Armored Blow Lifetaker Little Princess Kamui - Nohrian Noble Swordfaire Luna Nohrian Trust Dragon Fang Draconic Curse (or another one?) Pieridorito - G.Knight Hoshidan Dragongirl - Kanna Nohrian Dragonboy - Kanna If you have any ideas for Names for the builds post them, or if you also have builds of your own post them. Edit* I also need you to change my ideas a bit since I haven´t thought much of if the skills will work right.
  13. I haven't seen a thread like this and the regular Unit Optimization thread is super long I didn't bother to look for an avatar section of it. Seeing as how there are so many options for the avatar's optimization, I figured it made sense to start a new thread. Now, I'm new to PvP and do not yet own the game so my whole build is hypothetical and could really suck when it comes down to it. I like the male avatar quite a bit but I think having two children, while apparently not as good as it was in Awakening, is just too hard to pass up. I'll play both male and female to make a final call, but Kamui (+Spd/-Mag) (maybe + Skl?) Dark Blood Growth HP 60 Str 60 Mag 25 Skl 55 Spd 65 Lck 60 Def 45 Res 25 Not bad. Dark Blood Max Stats HP 60 Str 32 Mag 28 Skl 30 Spd 35 Lck 29 Def 29 Res 30 Also not bad. Not sure if I'd end in this class or not, but definitely a sword wielding class. Galeforce Aether Copycat Puppet Hoshido (for Aether, admittedly not the best skill choice but idk what else to do, maybe Dragon Fang or Draconic Curse) Swordfaire Most likely marrying Femui to Zero and Mamui to Camilla. Let me know what you think, suggestions, criticisms, your own builds, anything.
  14. (tl:dr if you are having trouble in PvP due to a certain build the enemy has, then come here and explain the issue, and at least I will analyze the situation and try to create the set and how to check it.) Hello everyone, I made this thread to discuss some of the common(and maybe even uncommon) builds present in PvP and what people can do to check them. You don't have to follow my format, but I like organizing information. If someone brings to my attention a new build or check to a build, I'll add that information to the original post so others can see. Copycat will not be listed in the skills section, as literally any set at least WANTS Copycat. Terminology: Atk = Total Attack Power Cap = Capacity Dmg = Damage FW = Falcon Warrior GK = Golden Kite Ranged = Tome/Kunai/Bow Melee = Sword/Lance/Axe Physical = Kunai/Bow/Sword/Lance/Axe WRB = Weapon Rank Bonus WTA = Weapon Triangle Advantage BOLDED ____ = Strong ____ Ex: A bolded "skills wanted" means it is a strong skill for the build. Underlined ___ = Important ___ Builds: Strength & Skill Based ORKO Character: Any, but prefers FW/GK Matoi, Rinkah, Takumi, Pieri, and any high Str Caps Class: Any, but prefers fliers or high movement classes Weapon: Physical Brave Weapons, Ranged Weapons that allow you to double Skills needed: Flamboyant, Luna, Breaking Sky OR Nohr, Flamboyant with proper teammate Skills wanted: Aggressor, Swallow Strike, Galeforce, Extravagance, Hoshido, Lethality(only Nohr set) Checks: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle, Aegis(for ranged), Pavise(for melee), Defensive Formation(for non-brave weapons), Counter(for melee Brave weapons), Trueblade Dodge Tank, Draconic Shield Magic & Skill Based ORKO Character: Any, but prefers FW/GK Matoi, Rinkah, and any high Mag Caps Class: Any, but prefers fliers or high movement classes Weapon: Snake God, Lightning, strong tome or spell Skills needed: Flamboyant, Luna, Ignis OR Nohr, Flamboyant with proper teammate Skills wanted: Aggressor, Swallow Strike, Galeforce, Extravagance, Hoshido, Lethality(only Nohr set) Checks: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle, Aegis, Defensive Formation(for non-brave weapons), Magic Counter, Trueblade Dodge Tank, Draconic Shield Strength & Damage Based ORKO Character: Any, but prefers FW/GK Matoi, Rinkah, Takumi, Pieri, and any high Str Caps Class: Any, but prefers fliers or high movement classes Weapon: Physical Brave Weapons, Ranged Weapons that allow you to double Skills needed: Extravagance, Line of Death, Aggressor Skills wanted: Swallow Strike, Galeforce, Prescient Victory, Weaponfaire, Raven Strike Checks: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle, Aegis(for ranged), Pavise(for melee), Defensive Formation(for non-brave weapons), Counter(for melee Brave weapons), Trueblade Dodge Tank, Draconic Shield Magic & Damage Based ORKO Character: Any, but prefers FW/GK Matoi, Rinkah, and any high Mag Caps Class: Any, but prefers fliers or high movement classes Weapon: Snake God, Lightning, strong tome or spell, or Magic Physical Weapons(ex: Levin Sword) Skills needed: Extravagance, Line of Death, Aggressor Skills wanted: Swallow Strike, Galeforce, Prescient Victory, Weaponfaire, Raven Strike Checks: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle, Aegis(for ranged), Pavise(for magic melee), Defensive Formation(for non-brave weapons), Magic Counter, Trueblade Dodge Tank, Draconic Shield Critical Based ORKO Character: Any, but prefers Takumi, Ryoma, Arthur, Odin, Ophelia, Charlotte, Crimson Class: Any, but prefers Berserker, Trueblade, Sorcerer, Holy Lancer, Holy Bowman, Elite Ninja, Witch, Lodestar Weapon: Killer Weapons, Aurgelmir, Great Club, Berka's Killer Axe, Excalibur, Odin's Black Tome Skills needed: Ogre Strike, Galeforce Skills wanted: Swallow Strike, Raven Strike, Roundhouse, Awakening, Aggressor, Line of Death, Extravagance, Flamboyant, Luna, Ignis, Breaking Sky, Nohr, Defensive Formation, Vantage Checks: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle, Pavise(for melee), Aegis(for ranged), Lutz' Lucky Soul, Holy Lancers+Suisha, Beast Classes, Marth's Replica, Marth Lodestar+Divine Falchion, Trueblade Dodge Tank, Draconic Shield Lethality Build Character: Any, but prefers Takumi, Pieri Class: Any, but prefers fliers or high movement classes Weapon: Brave Weapons, Lightning, Ranged Weapons that allow you to double Skills needed: Lethality, Flamboyant, Hoshido OR Nohr, Flamboyant, Hoshido with proper teammate Skills wanted: Miracle, Pavise, Aegis, Swallow Strike, Raven Strike, Diamond Strike, Galeforce Checks: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle, Defensive Formation, Trueblade Dodge Tank Physical Tank Build Character: Any high Def Cap but prefers Hinata, Silas, Avatar, Ignis, Benoit, Kanna Class: Great Knight, General, Shura, Wyvern Lord Weapon: Guard Naginata, Javelin, Siegfried, Ike's Replica Sword, Handaxe, Arthur's Manly Axe, Quick Draw Katana, Kodachi, Throwing Club, Diamond Club, Reverse Spell, Horse God, Dragonstones(any of them) Skills needed: Defensive Formation(except for Shura and maybe Wyvern Lord), Counter, Aegis Skills wanted: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle(on an ally), Pavise, Dragonic Shield(on an ally), Magic Counter, Strength/Magic Seal, Confined Defense, Vengeance, Sol, Aether Checks: uh.... taking 2 rounds to kill it instead of one?, use Magic ORKO sets? (???), I'll expand this section if we ever make solid rules of what is restricted. Magic Tank Build Character: Any high Res Cap but prefers Avatar, Ignis, Benoit, Nyx, Hisame, Kanna Class: General, Basara, Falcon Warrior, Elite Ninja, Nine Tailed Fox, Dread Fighter, Paladin Weapon: Any Lance/Kunai, Guard Naginata, Javelin, Siegfried, Quick Draw Katana, Kodachi, Throwing Club, Horse God, Reverse Club, Reverse Yumi, Mirror Yumi, Magicslayer Arrow, Brunnhilde, Missiletainn, Book of Thoron, Robin's Manuscript, Guard Beaststone, Dragonstones(any of them) Skills needed: Aegis Skills wanted: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle(on an ally), Pavise, Dragonic Shield(on an ally), Magic Counter, Strength/Magic Seal, Confined Defense, Vengeance, Sol, Aether, Defensive Formation(for General), Counter, Tomebreaker Checks: use Physical ORKO sets? (???), I'll expand this section if we ever make solid rules of what is restricted. Trueblade Dodge Tank Build Character: Any high Spd character, but Kisaragi, Avatar(with Jakob paired up), and Subaki are notable Class: Trueblade Weapon: Hagakure, Reverse Katana Skills needed: Lucky Seven(NOT FOR KISARAGI), Underdog(only for Kisaragi and other children) Skills wanted: Miracle, Kaze's Miracle(on an ally), Pavise, Dragonic Shield(on an ally), Aegis, Sol, Aether, Flowing Strike, Line of Death Checks: Raven Strike Critical set ups, Raven Strike Swallow Strike Damage Based Set Ups, getting lucky
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