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Found 4 results

  1. Catria, Spring Whitewing This is the other super bun-bun pal. The closest comparable blue cavalry mage would be L'Arachel, with roughly similar Speed (HATF!Catria=35; L'Arachel=31+3 against full HP enemies), but L'Arachel can hit much harder (HATF!Catria=32+14; L'Arachel=33+14+3 against full HP enemies). What HATF!Catria lacks in power is made up by having Chill Atk/Def on her Weapon, which is sort of like giving an indirect buff to her physical teammates. Level 40 stats: HP: 33/36/40 Atk: 29/32/35 Spd: 32/35/38 Def: 14/18/21 Res: 20/23/26 Total: 143~145 Default skills: Weapon: Huginn's Egg Assist: Draw Back Special: [none] Passive A: [none] Passive B: Chill Res 3 Passive C: Drive Spd 2 Huginn's Egg: Arena offense Blárblade: Arena offense Keen Blárwolf — Fury — Desperation — Brash Assault (Player Phase Anti-Cavalry): Arena offense Blárblade — Close Counter — Vantage: Arena Assault Huginn's Egg/Blárserpent: Arena Assault
  2. I just noticed that Atlas and the two Whitewing sisters can actually depart your party and gives you back all the three items that they were carrying after defeating Blake while haven't defeated Grieth yet in Act 3. I was going to the Dragon Shrine to get the Boy's Journal and promote Genny as a Saint using the Mila's Statue, then these three departed that they mentioned that this isn't the way to Grieth's Cinadel. I was scared at first that they like they did leave Celica's party forever, but you can actually recruited them back at the Zofian Harbor and Mountain Village that they said something like "You changed your mind?". I did have Atlas promoted as a Mercenary and all of them still have the same stats when they leveled up in my playthrough before departing Celica's party. Also, did anyone tested it on Jesse and see if he does depart your party or not if you didn't defeated Grieth and heading towards the Temple of Mila just like the three that I mentioned? I don't actually recall if the three can actually depart Celica's party to the road straight to Temple of Mila and haven't defeated Grieth yet in the original game or this was added in Fire a Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia?
  3. So I started Echoes. I finally get to Act 3 on Celica's first map. The thing is. I didn't talk to Palla and Catria. I thought this would be another Valbar moment where I just had to keep them alive. Nope, and of course being the idiot I am I saved. Is there a way to remedy the situation other than just restarting the game?
  4. Well, I think this image is self-explainatory. Is this a mistake in the translation? Does Catria have 40 luck due to this? I'm so confused. But hey, It was a good laugh when I saw it. Man, if only it was 40 power... OK. Edit: I know why this happens. So I'll report myself to eliminate the topic I guess...
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