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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm Sull and I'd like to enlist everyone's help in a silly little challenge. I am doing a bond unit only run in Lunatic Conquest, ironman of course. I have already solo'd the first six chapters as much as I felt possible. No one other MU got to attack, but I took advantage of some healing and pair up. My Castle Address: 01261-15236-20729-07950. I plan on allowing myself to buy previously created bond units, if I do use any DLC it will have a limit of one use, and forced deploy units will have their weapons unequiped immediately. Might come up with more rules later, who knows. Have not really thought this thread through too much, but I thought it'd be interesting to update it with particular challenges or how someone's bond unit here popped off. Might just do a summary for every chapter at the very least. Thanks in advance for everyone that helps out!
  2. So I was looking at all the characters' strengths and weaknesses just to plan out what I want to prioritize, and I started thinking about some ways to mix it up if I replay one of the houses. I came up with a way to make a more challenging run that might make up for the lack of a Lunatic difficulty (I'm not actually sure about this, I've just only seen people talking about Normal and Hard). Introducing: Weakness Challenge Run! Basically, this challenge run revolves around instructing students to focus on the skills for which they have a weakness (i.e., Faith for Edelgard, Reason for Dimitri, etc.). There are only a few rules to follow in order to make this run a challenge: Obviously, the point of this run is to level up weak skills, so you can only instruct students to work on those skills. For example, Petra has to focus on Reason and Faith, while Lorentz can only focus on Brawling. If a student has no weaknesses (Ingrid, Ferdinand, etc.), you have a bit more freedom of what to have them focus on, as long as they don't focus on their strengths. However, just to keep the difficulty the same for every character, you cannot individually instruct a character with no weaknesses. If a student has a hidden talent in a skill they are weak in, such as Dorothea with Faith, that skill can not be improved. This is because it becomes a strength once the hidden talent is acquired, which would ruin the point of the run. So yeah, that's the Weakness Challenge Run! It doesn't have much replayability within the same hosue, but it's a nice way to mix it up with some added difficulty. Let me know what you guys think!
  3. I'm planning on doing a Hard Classic run where I only use units that can be recruited from Ram Village and the Priory. The only exception will be the Prologue, in which I'll use Mycen. I'll fight enemies that I see in dungeons, but I'll try to avoid grinding beyond that. I plan on making Gray a Mercenary, Tobin a Mage, and Faye a Cleric. I'll recruit Kliff with Celica, where he'll be either a Mercenary or an Archer. I plan on making Boey into whichever of the two Kliff is not. Who should be the Mercenary, and who should be the Archer? I think Boey would benefit from being an Archer more because Hunter's Volley would make up for his poor speed, but I'm not sure. Also, should I make Mae into a Pegasus Knight? That might really help with all of the Terrors later on in Celica's route. Finally, should I reclass Lukas, and if so, what should I reclass him into? I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to reclass him into an a Archer for the same reason as Boey. Beyond that, do you all have any other tips?
  4. OK to summarise the run - I can only use the following units: Pricilla, Wallace, Jaffar, Oswin, Guy, Kent, Nino, Harken, Renault, Lowen, Serra, Raven, Pent, Ninian/Neils, Florina, Hector. I am on chapter 20 with the following team (I didn't really use Raven :/) Eliwood L16 | Hector L17 | Lyn L20 | Lowen L19 | Oswin L20 | Guy L18 | Serra L11 | Priscilla L 7 | Kent L20 | Florina L19 However I have no clue if Serra and Priscilla should be higher levels (Since I am not abusing bosses or arena), and if I should promote them early to compensate this. Any opinions? Extra: I have only 1 knight crest at the moment, who should get it? Oswin Lowen or Kent? (Lowen got better lvl ups than kent :/ )
  5. People make all sorts of challenges or speed runs and the like for any game they find. Fire Emblem is no exception. We the obvious challenges, like no stave healing run, and there are others you probably thought about and want to do. So, if you have any challenge run in mind, tell about it here in this thread. I'll start us off: No magic attack run: It's common with fire emblem that people will use at least one mage in their entire playthrough. Magic is especially helpful in defeating enemies with high defense. Therefore, not being able to use magic, or use a mage at all, means more difficulty against enemies like generals and various bosses. No use of vulneraries and elixirs run: sometimes, a healer isn't close enough a unit to heal. Therefore a unit uses a vulnerary to heal theirselves before they die by a sudden attack. With no use of healing items means more difficulty in keeping units alive.
  6. Hey everyone I'm doing a Corrinquest run and I need some people to make some Corrin's for me! Here are the rules for your Corrin. Rules: 1. They have have to be level 10-13 2. They can only have one skill 3. All classes are allowed except Nohr Noble or Nohr Prince/Princess 4. They also all have to be a base class (For example: Spear fighter, Outlaw, Troubadour, Mercenary, etc...) 5. Also show what your boon and bane stat is. 6. US versions of the game. Here is how it is supposed to look: Name: Corrin Class: Apothecary Boon: +Strength Bane: -Magic Castle Address: 18974-27493-12832-7483 (This is just an example and not a real castle address) Thanks and have a good day!
  7. So, you know how Sumia and Chrom both have limited marriages? ...I made a challenge out of it, kinda. You need a number randomizer for this. Here are the rules: You can only randomize number once per character, except when you get a repeat of number. You must make sure all the ships happen before the end of the game. You must use the children, and all of the children, of the ships you get, the first time you battle Grima on that file. (Be it DLC or other things) For Chrom, if the game forces him to marry a different character than he is supposed to... RESET AND DO THAT CHAPTER AGAIN, MAKING SURE HE GETS THE CORRECT WAIFU! And if he needs to marry Olivia and he force marries the one that needs to marry Henry... Game Over. Grinding in any method is allowed. Other than the randomized pairings, you have freedom in the shipping. The way you randomize it is this: The males are numbered. 1 is Chrom, 2 is Gaius, 3 is Frederick, and 4 is Henry. For each female you will use a number randomizer to select a number from 1 to 4. Whichever one you get marries that female character. If you get a repeat of a number, randomize again until you don't have a repeat in number. For the fourth female, just marry her to whichever male is left. Here is my result: Sumia X Gaius Maribelle X Chrom Sully X Frederick Olivia X Henry I am not too unhappy with it, but I could've gotten better ships...
  8. Hello members of Serenes forest, in the link below there is a save file for what may just be the hardest challenge run ever attempted. I am dubbing it the Csc challenge. What is the Csc challenge you ask? Well let me explain. It's a run through of the dreaded Ch24x with a twist. 1:The rules are no using staves! 2:No using savestates! 3:No using a map or a guide (mainly for the warp tiles) Yes it's just these three simple rules, however these simple rules combines with the true hell that is Ch 24x makes it perhaps the most challenging run of any FE level ever! So I ask you all too attempt this run with me that is nearly impossible including you who are often considered the best Fe players of all time, because I think even you will fail to do this. Link to the save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cs7c055uisl8aff/FE5.srm?dl=0
  9. Well today, I'm starting to attempt something I've long wondered if it was possible. A lords only playthrough of LHM and HHM of FE7. The rules are simple. The only units allowed for use are Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector. Other units must be benched tho the lords can trade with them for their weapons. Well, just finished chapter 1 of LHM and Lyn is already at level 4. is this playthorugh possible or am I wasteing my time.
  10. Rules: * Male units are the only ones that can see combat. No female units can pair with men. * Hard, Classic Mode Difficulty * Avatar can only be in the Tactician class tree. He can never be the lead unit if paired with someone. * Paralogues must be played through when they appear. * All male units must be recruited, barring the children for obvious reasons. * Renown is allowed up to the Bullion(L). * Hope you enjoy! Units that I can use: Chrom Frederick Virion Stahl Vaike Kellam Donnel Lon'qu Ricken Gaius Gregor Libra Henry Basilio All that said, let's start! Avatar Creation: Gender:Male Build: 1 Face: 4 Hair: 3 Hair Color: 1 Voice: Male 1 Name: Sakurai Asset: Speed Flaw: Strength ~Premonition~ Invisible Ties 2 turns no explanation needed ~Prologue~ The Verge of History Turn 1: I start by making Sakurai pair with Chrom after trading his Bronze Sword to Frederick. Chrom attacks the Myrmidon and gets a Dual strike for the kill. Fred moves up, Lissa hides. EP 1: What you expect. Turn 2: Frederick OHKOs the Mage. Chrom parks in range of a myrmidon of the boss group and used a vulnerary. Lissa hides again. EP 2: Chrom finished off the 2 Barbarians, which made him get a level: Str Skl Spd Def Turn 3: Frederick weakens the Elthunder Mage with Bronze Sword. Chrom kills the mage. EP 3: Chrom misses the Myrmidon with a 92% chance. Gotta love dat RNG. Turn 4: Frederick uses Silver Lance on the boss for 23 damage. Chrom finishes the boss with the Rapier and gets: Str Skl Spd Res EP 4: Chump Myrmidon now dies to 100% hit Rapier. ---------------- TURNS 4 HEROES Chrom and Sakurai Nice levels for Chrom and a decent turncount. It's worth noting that I could've risked a 3 turn if Chrom had killed the Mage instead of having Fred weaken him. The problem with that is that it would've required a Dual Strike from Sakurai since Chrom would've been KO'd had the mage counterattacked. Unit Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res WeaponLv Chrom 3.33 20 9 1 10 10 5 8 2 Sword D Sakurai 1.15 19 5 5 5 8 4 6 4 Sword E Tome E Frederick(?) 1.31 28 13 2 12 10 6 14 3 Sword D Lance B Axe D
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