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Found 4 results

  1. Dealing with reinforcements this time~ I have a team I wanted to use to beat it but it's a very physically ranged heavy map for the first wave and my planned team was mostly mages so they're struggling a bit on Infernal~ I may just try to do Lunatic with them~ I beat Infernal with a very boring H!Myrrh sitting and eating everything strat so I'm probably going to end up killing off half my Barracks trying to get the other team to do it, LEL~ I killed off only maybe 4-5 units to get Infernal, mwahaha~ Anyway, post your clears! Enemy Stats: INFERNAL
  2. Due to my ravenous boredom, I decided to write a little something based upon a character that I never had too much fondness for. I had to read her supports and get into character, but it wasn't hard considering how similar her and Maribelle are. So, I will just leave this here, and I may or may not want to write any more than this. And this is because of boredom, not because I want to write a beautiful, elaborate piece of literature, so the bare-bones feel of the story probably won't change. And yes, I am fully aware this is not how Clarine's escape happens in the game. Chapter 1: I have decided to dispel my ravenous boredom in this pitiful state by taking up a pen and paper, if only to gripe of the horrible treatment I am given while in this awful castle. The men here look at me like I am a piece of meat, and the rations they provided me are repulsive and inedible. I have refused to eat. I do not mind, I deserved higher quality nutriments. I may have lost a bit of weight, but I don't know why I would be bothered by that. There is no reason to complain about a thinner frame. But now that I have realized the error of my trusting Erik, I cannot tolerate the behavior of the people here toward me. Before, I could manage knowing that I would soon be reunited with my wonderful brother Klein, as of this moment, I am in a filthy cell below the structure I previously resided inside. I have been threatened by some pig who's name has escaped me, but to say I am afraid would be an exaggerated fib. He is simply another heartless monster with an ego problem, and his empty words, and even his true words, will not shake me. A guard turned from his seat to check on the prisoner and sneered, "Hey! Where did you get that!" "Get what?" Clarine said sharply. "The paper and pen, lassie. Where did you get them?" He growled and walked to the front of the door to unlock the dungeon cell. "I found them," she lied. The man groaned, "I have to take that." "You may not! I have a right to self-expression and personal artistry!" She continued to ramble as the man opened the door and reached out for the paper, "What do you even want it for, barbarian? You couldn't read, let alone write!" "You know, General Narcian wants you alive, but knowing how annoyed I already am 'cuz of you, I think it might be worth it to get on his bad side if it means shutting you- hrk!" A sword was thrust through the brigand's chest, and he shivered, then crumpled unto the stone floor. The man's collapse revealed another person behind him, a boy with reddish-brown hair and crimson robes. Clarine staggered to speak, something completely out of her character, "Who are you?" "That isn't your concern." The boy spoke coldly and did not seem to have any hesitation to kill. He was quite frightening, and Clarine almost shook in fear. Instead, Clarine returned to her strict and pointed manner of speech, "Not my concern? Excuse me?" "Just come here-" he reached out and snagged her arm. "How dare you touch me? Don't you know who I am!" She struggled to get him to release her, and dropped her slip of parchment. The boy saw the parchment and Clarine could have sworn he almost smiled. She yanked her arm away and picked up the paper. "You wrote on the paper." "What of it? It was given to me, why wouldn't I use it?" She paused, "Wait...were you the one that slipped the pen and paper to me?" "Keep quiet," the boy warned, "And follow me." "It was you that gave me-" "I said keep quiet," he snapped at her, "Do you want us to get caught?" She tried to keep her volume down, "Why are you helping me?" "I hate Bern," he led her up the stairs silently and tilted his head toward the door, "Outside, I have had a horse prepared for you." She looked him in the eyes, confused, "Wait, are you not coming with me?" The boy sighed, "That isn't your business, now go." "But-" "Time is running out. Go!"
  3. I've never seen them do so for some reason, even when she was in range and an easy kill. So will the AI ever target her before she speaks to Roy? I'm just curious.
  4. Chapter 4, Erik pretty much tries to sell Clarine to Narshen as a sex slave. Was this the reason Nintendo didn't localize fe6 after Fe7s success?
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