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  1. Fellas, i haven't played Blue Lions, does the fact that Faerghus committed genocide get properly addressed, like, at all?
  2. neither have I, made the meme after viewing her second c support with Byleth
  3. Also, while we're on the topic of comparisons here's some OC linking her to another character who did absolutely nothing wrong
  4. The objectively correct comparison is with Reinhard von Lohengramm, with Hubert as the lovechild of Kircheis and Oberstein
  5. Is there any specific amount of a stat that needs to be attained to fit that unit's requirements? Looking to recruit Ingrid by rushing flying, but my dex is only 12. Also, what is the required level of a skill?
  6. And this is one stat and one skill on Byleth, or on any of your class?
  7. So, I want to be clear on this: what exactly do you do in order to recruit anyone? Where is it that you put in, for example, charisma and lance in order to attract ther students?
  8. Quite like his content, though as a writer I feel it's more good for entertainment value rather than real lessons. I do love his video on dark lords, though that's probably because I have a major soft spot for that villain type.
  9. The worldbuilding is on the level of some fantasy novels I've read, and I like that, at least so far, the game isn't essentially handwaving the stratified society; classism is a genuine problem in this world, and it has an impact on the characters beyond the superficial. Plus, imperial German aesthetics anywhere are a good way to win me over, and the Black Eagles are no exception.
  10. Yes I do. I'm talking about the Nazbols, who are a meme ideology everywhere but Russia. We can only speculate, but most serious historians who have speculated have come to the conclusion that the regime would have collapsed from unsustainable economics.
  11. This is an important point that is often overlooked; the Nazis, for instance, pursued an utterly contradictory policy whose only rationale was building the wehrmacht, and in Russia many Fascists actually adopt the aesthetics and, presumably, economics of the USSR; if under Communism the nation was strongest, Communists we shall be.
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