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Found 1 result

  1. Are there some things that even now, you feel a bit ashamed of? Or have done in FE or not done in FE that may be worthy of confession? I have not ever played Hector Hard Mode. Ive never beat Radiant Dawn on higher than Easy mode. Ive not finished Shadow Dragon cuz it bored me to tears. FE4's big maps and my bad patch scared me. I didnt finish FE6 with the special ending/gaiden chapters complete. (wheeh) Ive never even seen FE12. I never play Normal mode in FE13, but i always play with Nancy/Casual mode on cuz less headaches that way. Ive actually gotten Lyon in FE8. And then got real mad that he has unbreakable tome and junk, but ive done everything in the game there is to do. So he was useless. Ive bought Apotheosis, but have yet to try the actual map. (~preparation~ lol) I use Bartre. I shamelessly grind in FE13. If im grinding in FE8, its for supports. Ive never used Brom in FE9. Your turn~
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