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Found 3 results

  1. So, I've finally got around to playing the DLC and I must say the new history mode maps are pretty interesting, the new characters as well (though I can stand Azura even less now and they utterly botched Linde's voice, but that's beside the point). But... there is that ONE battle in Oboro's history mode map that restricts you to Spears only, so it's only Azura, Oboro, Hinoka, Cordelia and Shiida, three of whom are fliers, who are weak to bows. And what does half the map consist of? Archers and Snipers. Consider my pet peeved. Thoughts? Also, I have a new found loathing for "You have 5 minutes, kill as many mooks as you can" missions. Especially if an S-rank rewards you with a scroll for a weapon for a character you (want to) main, but you can't get it, because 1) none of the males are fast enough to kill 1,600 people in the span of 5 minutes and 2) they spawn slower than... something that is really slow.
  2. Basically what it says in the title. I just cleared Chapter 11, and it was quite hard, but I feel that overall, Birthright!Hard is a tad easier than Conquest!Normal. I had to reset once for the first time during Chapter 11, due to an unlucky miss from Oboro, whereas I had to reset at least three times overall in Conquest. I have waited until I had finished all three paths on Normal/Casual, because I wanted to enjoy the story first until I tried hard, so maybe I've just gotten better at the game, but maybe my hypothesis really is right. What do you guys think? Do you believe so as well? Or is there anything to Birthright!Hard that I am not seeing yet? I'm doing a no-grind run on Classic, by the way. And another thing: I'm scared of even trying Conquest!Hard, let alone Lunatic after thinking this. Conquest!Normal was bad enough already and I really don't want to have to rely on the Royals, which I fear I will have to, though. At least I got through Revelations without ever using a single one of them.
  3. Courtesy of Raven, here is an image source you can use as a Temp!replacement. So SF won't let me change the image in my sig. I know the new image is within site rules, I've used it before. Every time I try, SF says it can't fetch the dimensions of the image. So... Is it just me? Or are there others sharing this struggle? While I'm at it, I don't think we can upload Avis from image rule atm, or at least, we couldn't. Not sure if that's still the case. [spoiler=BTW, here's the image.]
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