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Found 14 results

  1. So, I want to do some cosplay one day. This had been a thing at least since Momocon last year. Now, I have some series that I feel I could do as of now (as in, I have experienced them to a good extent): -Fire Emblem (obviously) -Kingdom Hearts -Fullmetal Alchemist (might start after watching Brotherhood) -RWBY (though, I kind of lost interest) -Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid -Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Here are the characters I am considering: -Link w/Champion’s Tunic and black hood (BotW) [Think of the horse-riding Link Amiibo without the horse. Might do this one first.] -Fafnir (Dragon Maid) [Might need something to temporarily pale my skin, as well as some red contacts.] -Zexion (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) [Just thought he would fit my body type well.] -Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) [I’d feel comfortable with a mask. Might do him in the Organization XIII garb like in that one KHIII trailer.] -Leo (FE: Fates) [May need brown contacts. This would be a later project.] -Spider-Man Noir [Spiderverse design (complete with a Rubix Cube), not the one from Scattered Dimensions.] -Naesala (FE Tellius Duology) [Might need an extra mold to make my nose look taller. Could be among my first.] -Ike (FE: PoR) [Can do Ranger garb, Lord garb, Brave garb, and Greil’s Devoted Garb (maybe that last one during Kami-Con, which is closest to Valentine’s Day).] -Male Robin (FE:Awakening) [Can do any outfit. Since Robin is an avatar character, I do not feel the need to get contacts and hair (okay, maybe I’ll need brown contacts).] All of these are based on how well they can fit my build and complexion.
  2. So I did this with Oni-con last year but now it's time for Matsuri. We are about 7 weeks out and it's here in Houston. Is anybody interested in discussing it and/or maybe wanting to hang out to make new friends and pass teams for FE? I was contemplating bringing my switch to see if anyone wants to play Fire Emblem Warriors. I know on the 2nd or 3rd floor of the George R. Brown Convention center they have a game room and usually have one TV free for set up. I wouldn't even mind bringing my own if I can get permission from staff. If only it was after the July release of 3 Houses then we could play that but eh, oh well. Also I forgot but I have pictures from On that I can share. I bumped into a group of cosplay goes who did FE outfits
  3. Hi, not sure if this is the right board for this but I thought I would share a Lewyn cosplay I have been working on recently . I do really want to make a Joshua cosplay but due to uni term time I don't really have the resources/time to make it but since recently I have had a huge urge to make another cosplay and have been in a fire emblem mood I decided to make Lewyn since he is one of my favourite characters from geneology. Thought I would share it and when I wear it to a con in the near future I will be sure to share any good photos as I currently only have poorly lit selfies.
  4. Hello! After the remake of Echoes, I can't wait to play Geneology of the Holy War and Tharcia 776. Cipher card releases indicate 776 could be next!! Valentina was a bloody good job & I'ld love to see more OCs (Oh man, Berkut!! That hot jerk.) Previous cosplays: Fir Kurome (Akame ga Kiru) Ryuko (Kill la Kill) Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon) Rana Lichen (Freezing) Next cosplay target is Mareeta. Hot swordswomen are my muse. Fir, her "yummy mummy" Karla, Athena, Marisa, Say' ri, Lyn, Sakura reclassed as Samuria!! (She is so good). They can all be found in my final boss battle team. Currently playing New Mystery of the Fire Emblem fan translation and of course FE Heroes. S Ranked with Reinhardt, he's such a good killer, aren't you my boy? But who do I 5* next?? Nice to meet y'all! Cat xx
  5. mystledab

    Hey fam

    Hey, fam. I'm an artist and cosplayer looking for some people to cry about Fates and Awakening with. Love you. Xoxo.
  6. Hello...? I was wondering where I can find some good, high quality screenshots of the Fire Emblem Fates cast. Someone named HiMyNameIsMaurice made a reference pack a long time ago, but the links no longer work. I specifically need screenshots of Laslow in his Mercenary outfit so I can give reference pictures for someone that I'm commissioning to make a Laslow cosplay for me. Sorry if I'm bothering any of you guys.
  7. BANA

    Rysk art

    Hey guys, Pretty much gonna dump all my fire emblem related art here! Feedback is always welcome. Please don't repost my art elsewhere without my permission. Don't ask me for requests. Find my other art through my facebook page or my art twitter. Dump of all the Fire emblem awakening art [spoiler=Birthday fanart- dropped] [spoiler=Rakugaki (doodles)] [spoiler=Digital] [spoiler=Meme]http://i.imgur.com/RnhWCcp.png [spoiler=cosplays]anna (fea version)@sydnova15
  8. So I got back from AnimeDetour in Minnesota. Went there about a week ago with only my older sister. T'was my second year going, cosplayed Link again. There was a ton of cosplayers and stuff and I'm mostly here to post pictures and stuff. Here's some of the best, plus all of the FE pictures sinCE THIS IS A FE FORUM COME ON. Be warned that some of them are HUEG: [spoiler=IDK WHAT THIS IS BUT IT'S AWESOME.] [spoiler=Jacket from Hotline Miami] [spoiler=Whatever this is. 2 pictures.] When flipped over: [spoiler=Lucina] [spoiler=More Fire Emblem - Cordelia, Lon'qu, and Say'ri. You can't see it, but Cordy has a Brave Lance and Lon'qu has Sol, the sword] [spoiler=Madoka and Homura from PMMM. Spoilers!] [spoiler=COOL MECHA THING] [spoiler=Princess Peach] [spoiler=Satsuki Kiryuin from KLK] [spoiler=Homura and Madoka again. Not nearly as spoiler-y] [spoiler=Naoto Shirogane from P4] [spoiler=Vaike and Sumia] we also took a butt ton of photos at a Love Live photoshoot because my sister and I are both huge nerds for the show. There's some more pretty good photos! But I think that's enough for now. More later!
  9. Cosplay is pretty neat, but have you ever done it? Or, have you had a sibling cosplay? If you have, post some pictures or something. plus, I may or may not just have started this thread to fish for compliments I cosplayed Link (TLoZ) at Anime Detour in Minnesota in April. It was my first year going to a con, as well as my first cosplay ever. Also, my eldest sister cosplayed Parasoul from Skullgirls. [spoiler=my sister] The sword could be better, but otherwise I think my cosplay turned out fine. Couldn't be bothered to put on the wig, it was so tight it was squeezing my head. The cosplay looked better without it, because the wig was pretty off and my natural hair was closer to the color than the wig was. [spoiler=My cosplay]
  10. Hi people of the internet. I'm pretty excited about this because i don't have any friends who play fire emblem (except one awakener) so this is a nice fun opportunity for me to have discussions on the games. Yay! As i promised in the title, i have a quick question: i want to find a good blue robe for a merric cosplay (FE1/2/11/12) and can never seem to type the right thing into google. I know this isn't the place to start a proper conversation on it, so i was wondering where on the forums i might place it for optimum viewing by people who might know. Thanks, and i look forward to all the discussions i'll be joining soon. :)
  11. Have you ever tried it? Would you ever try it? If not why not? Who would your dream Fire Emblem Cosplay be? I'm thinking of putting together a Cosplay of Henry from Awakening at some point. Just to give a bit of context here's my DA: http://camisicado.deviantart.com/. I've been Cosplaying for a couple of years on and off. The main thing that's putting me off is making his clothing, I'm no expert at making costumes and while his face/wig would be easy to recreate his clothing seems a bit tricky. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I couldn't find a Cosplay thread anywhere and this seemed the most obvious place to put one.)
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