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Found 3 results

  1. So yeah I've got two questions: 1) How do I edit generic palettes like in Elibian Nights and TRTR? I'd like to have different palettes for different groups of enemies/allies (NPC ones). 2) After a scripted fight without an animation a unit dies, and then I have to use KILL command to kill him properly, in the events it looks a bit stupid. How do I make it so a unit dies in a scripted fight without animations?
  2. Three questions Which units do tend to die very often in your runs Which FE game does cause you the most deaths? Which lord does die the most? A few examples by myself: FE6: Lilina (in the Sacae-route she was doubled by pretty much everyone), Chad (oneshotted by bolting or purge) FE8: Marisa (somehow I don't pay attention, where I place her; I overrestimate her dodging abilities) FE9: Rhys (slow and fragile) FE10: Laura (level one base stats and very tough enemies), Micaiah (in 1-9, resolve doesn't prevent her by getting hit) FE13: Maribelle (slow and fragile in the beginning), Robin (lunatic + earlygame => cancelled my run after chapter 3) In general I've some problems to save my healers. Either they get oneshotted, or they get doubled.
  3. Character deaths always belong to the most unpleasant moments in Fire Emblem. Though how to deal with them? Resetting or continuing, as if nothing happened. From my point of view I usually don't restart a chapter, because it's part of the challenge in Fire Emblem. If I did a mistake, I have to suffer the consequences. The exceptions are: if I need the unit later for an important recruitment or a special conversation if I couldn't prevent the death, because the RNG screwed me (f. e. I can't recruit a character in time) if I play on very high difficulties (FE6 HM or FE11and FE12 in H3 or higher), because I need as many good units as possible I'd even sacrifice an unit, if I have no other choice to prevent a death. If someone is in acute danger, I put a weaker unit in an attacking range of the enemy to "rescue" the better unit.
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