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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so since I kind of let my last playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening lapse, I kind of realised I needed to...do it again and this time give it a more sustainable future and not lose any units because that is the ultimate goal here. Also I'm a masochist and like to drive myself crazy. The last playthrough I did had a poll on whether or not I would do Lunatic Classic or Casual, but since Classic won by a landslide and so, for the sake of those whom wished to see me complete that run, I have returned to do just that. Complete this run of Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic Classic and do so without losing a single (Virion included) unit. I am a pure masochist so for the real fun I am opening a few things for suggestions, take note however the following has been set in stone: 1. The team must have Chrom, the Avatar and their wives (Maribelle and Lucina). Sumia is locked to Henry because I have massive bias and I like a dark mage Cynthia and a +6 mag modifier Grandmaster/Dark Flier Morgan abusing Aether like no tomorrow XD 2. The Avatar is +Mag/-Def named Grima and his birthday is the 19th of April (mark that down if you like, we'll call it an Easter Egg for this playthrough, brownie points if you can guess why that is so.) 3. The first couple of chapters are over two videos, but hopefully it will be a chapter/map per video thereafter. 4. There will be some grinding, this isn't meant to be a massive challenge run, but will contain the bare minimum of stats required to pull through each chapter map without the units dying. DLC will help build up certain relationships after all. 5. Class suggestions will be considered, even the DLC classes if it's worthwhile. 6. There won't be any Enherjar units unless needs really must. 7. Enherjar shopping and grinding is acceptable for this run. With those wrinkles out of the way, suggestions and the run will now begin in ernest. My next post will contain Part One and Part Two of the run. Thanks for following and I do hope you enjoy me being the masochist I truly am. Tagging previous run watchers @Nym @DisobeyedCargo @deskita @ChickenWings @ElectiveToast @Light Strategist so you can join in on the masochism and take a sip of soft drink or more healthily water every time I tell Grima off in this playthrough. Part One: The Curse of the Game Overs XD Part 2: Chrom gets a kill XD
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