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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to see if people were thinking the same as me, so I went to look on the net for topics on it, but I didn't find any. Awakening and Fates, the latter even more, are stupid in early game, especially in early game. Why? Because. BECAUSE...: EARLY GAME units simply don't come with any kind of healing items, while ennemies hit as hard if not harder than ever and your units have low bulk and trash avoid, + terrain bonuses went through axe nerfs (literally cut forest avoid bonus in two). You have like 1 potion, 3 uses on 10 hp regen, for 3 chapters, and weak ass healers to patch up for this when heal staves have also been nerfed with an axe in their skull and a stick in their ahole. You have to waste gold on potions if you want some just because you don't get any before long. Remember GBA FEs? 80% of the playable units came with a healing item, sometimes 2 (usually potion+elixir). Were the games easy? NO. You literally need the jaegan in FE6 on the highest difficulty if I must believe people who played it, and he's needed for FE7 (another easy FE) on HHM. SO potions can be given in numbers to the player without lowering difficulty, and actually LET THE PLAYER position his units as he wants, because he doesn't have to protect a weak ass healer who get 2HKOed by E-rank weapons from the 1st chapter till the end of the game. Canto even let your mounted units use items and move again! The game is so malicious it even gives you mid-game skills that you want at any cost in order to change this, because you can't waste much money on healing items when you have to use it after each EP on chokepoints (it also makes it safer than using healers who can be targetted by 2 range ennemies). This is especially true for conquest, where you can't buy 1-2 range staves without visiting castles. In previous games, the sole accumulation of free hp recovery items allowed you to go on without needing to buy any most of the time, meaning: 1. you could heal without putting anyone in danger; 2. you could use your money to buy weapons that broke instead of costing your arms and legs for being unbreakable while having hp recovery; 3. you could still buy it when you were short on it but it was rare. You could also keep a 6 man or more team fully deployed wihout needing to dance for healers to keep up with everyone's 2 hp. Another point is that, unlike in previous games, Fates is NO HP EMBLEM. Which means, seal def or 1 shuriken hit and you're gone within 1 or 2 turns without an ELIXIR. Hell, previous FE games gave you a second healer with a tier 2 staff that had 20 base hp recovery, but Conquest gives you only basic staves forever (I'd gladly trade my 4 uses freeze and 2 uses rescue for 2 tier 2 healing staves any time! ANY TIME biatch! freeze is useless if it can't hold those groups of 3 ennemies coming all at once and abusing attack stance on my 10-14 def units with 17-23 damage EACH, not even talking about the absurd seal def faceless that come from the beginning even in hard difficulty in chapter 7). If I had to compare with my most played game, the easy TSS, it would be like this: << Hey guys, my Franz has been def blessed! he has 9/10 def at level 5 on chapter 2/3! - Don't be too full of yourself, fool. The ennemies in the next chapter hit for 15 damage with 95 accuracy and drop your def by 5. - WHAT THE F!!! - Not a game for casuals, sorry noob! >> All this while forcing you to waste your ridiculously low initial gold into potions if you want to play differently than just going out of your way to protect your healers who have to heal 3 units from all sides of a little but bush heavy map which helps both you and your ennemies tank more hits while being a pain for your healers to keep up while not dying themselves. Final point, promise: 3 uses potion. 2 uses concoction. 1 USE ELIXIR!!!! (Intelligent systems, whoever may have designed the game this way, fire him/her, make them GTFO of your designer team.) It's only FAKE DIFFICULTY and it's already said that fake difficulty is a piss poor way to give the player some challenge (like having 3 difficulties with a crazy jump between each to the point we wish there was 1 more difficulty between normal which is a walk in the park for the most part and hard which can make you tear your hair apart. Not even talking about lunatic I think it's nonsense in any 3DS game but hardcore gamers seem to like it so call it "Hell mode" or "Armageddon mode" or anything cool from Diablo 1/2/3 instead of lunatic (a lunatic person has good moments and bad ones, FE lunatic has bad moments and very bad ones). What are your thoughts on this topic guys? Open debate! Edit: more readable, corrected some mistakes. Edit 2: Also, forcing you to waste gold to reach stat thresholds just to survive is also fake difficulty and a poor design where you could just buff a little the base stats for your units not to need 1000 gold of tonics per chapter per unit to stay healthy enough not to be in death range for the whole chapter (like in chapter 10 conquest, children paralogues in FE 13 and 14 and Donnel in his paralogue in Awakening). Mages don't have to suck for us not to use them for soloruns. They can just be good but not gamebreaking. Have a little def could let them play like they are average physical units (not knights like FE13 dark mages) but not just plain useless because of 0 accuracy or 0 dodge or 0 avoid or 0 hp etc. Mage balance is a great work of Fire Emblem and it still has to find a good state. Just ask for my opinions on mage balance and you would have the same classes as physical in magic (magic myrmidons, magic knights, magic cavaliers etc.) or just let every cass be hybrid so you can halve your work on classes and use the time gained to balance units instead (Odin vs Xander, most obvious garbage balance example, or RD Tormod vs RD Haar, or Micaiah vs Ike).
  2. If you've played Conquest, I bet you remember it. This is for strategies of frustrations with it.
  3. This is a challenge that somewhat occurred to me, but I'm not sure what kind of challenge it is. The principle is simple: The only characters you are allowed to use are those which the game gives you automatically. A few examples: You can't recruit a unit that begins as a red unit (say, Joshua), is found in a village/Info Conversation (Canas), or is present on the map as a green unit (Karla, as the only example I can think of off memory). I'm going to come right out and say that it'd be fairly obvious to assume that the run will be easier in some games than others (FE7 seems easy at a glance, FE10 is almost definitely pretty difficult). So, what do you think? An interesting challenge that might (keyword might) provide an interesting outlook on the game? Or something that takes more strategy than it offers? (I can think of a few games that have no automatically obtained thieves, for instance).
  4. The goal of this hack is to minimize RNG as much as possible and revamp the gameplay so that it matches the stakes set by the narrative. I don't know about you, but I wasn't very scared fighting ragtag level 3 units at Lord Lundgren's doorstep. This hack doesn't attempt to change the story, events or maps of FE7, only the gameplay (due to the lovely traumatic experience I had trying to make my own purely custom hack years ago...). That basically means I've modified unit stats, item stats, enemies and their formation on each map. RNGless methodology: 1. Hit rate is always 100%. 2. Crit rate is always 0%, unless you're using special weapons which give 100% crit. 3. Growth rates are 100% for HP, 0% for all other stats. Leveling up is the only way to increase HP. Promoting and using stat boosting items are the only ways of increasing the other stats. 4. Equipped weapons now give a certain amount of Def and Res in addition to standard properties (though all item's stats have been rebalanced). This hack expects you to have a solid understanding of original mechanics, such as how your attack speed is affected by your weapon's weight and your constitution. All the chapters are beatable without save states. Especially the prologue. If you ever get stuck, just think about what weapons you have, the bonuses they give you, the weapons the enemies have, the bonuses they give them, and how you can manipulate that to your advantage. Then think about cheesecake. v1.00 RNGless Fire Emblem 7 100% of Lyn's story modified. Plus the first chapter of Eliwood's Story because "why not?" https://www.dropbox.com/s/p6xyj4019kn279s/v1.00%20RNGless%20Fire%20Emblem.ups?dl=0 I made this using Nightmare 2.0, so special thanks to all involved in that software's creation. This was only playtested by my brother and myself, so I'd appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism. I plan to modify all the gameplay of Eliwood's story if Lyn's story is received well. I also plan on reliving the joys of soul-crushing defeat by trying to make my own completely custom hack someday that uses this RNGless system.
  5. For those who have played the game/s, which chapter did you find was the most challenging to play through? How did you finally beat the chapter? Skill? Luck? Or a bit of both? :) I have only played through the Hoshido route so far but for me:
  6. Introduction: Hey guys. First off, there may already be a thread for this somewhere on the forums, but I checked the first 5 pages of this subforum and couldn't find anything like it, so I figured it'd be safe to post. This is essentially a thread for people to find detailed challenge runs that they can attempt in Fire Emblem: Awakening, as well as post their own challenges for other people to attempt. It is my personal belief that Lunatic and Lunatic+ are poorly balanced, and so challenge runs are really the only way for players to get more replay value out of the game after completing it on Hard. I'll add all the challenges you guys suggest to this post for ease of use. If you want, you can post in this thread to let us know how many challenges you've completed, and how well you did on them. Guidelines: None, other than a specific format for posting Challenge Runs, which can be found below: Challenges: Challenge Name: Super Shepherd Bros. Basic Concept Summary: You are only allowed to use characters that are canonically considered members of the Shepherds. If a character dies, you are not allowed to restart the map, so you have a very limited number of characters to last you throughout the entire game. Every death counts. If either your Avatar or Chrom dies, you lose one life. You have three lives total. Difficulty Setting: Hard/Classic. Number of Continues: Three. Resets Allowed: None. Risen Encounters Allowed: No. Pair-Up Allowed: Yes. Characters Allowed: Female or Male Avatar, Chrom, Sully, Stahl, Vaike, Lissa, Frederick, Sumia, Miriel, Kellam, Ricken, Maribelle. Choose one character to be your '13th Shepherd'. This character can be any non-Spotpass character who is not originally a member of the Shepherds, such as Virion. This character can be used normally, but if this character dies, it costs you one of your lives, and you are still not allowed to reset to save them. Support Restrictions: All Supports allowed. DLC Allowed: None. Bonus Box Allowed: None. Event Tiles Allowed: All event tile types allowed. Items Allowed: All. Miscellaneous Restrictions: None. Notes: This is a good challenge run to start with. Very doable, but by no means a cake walk. Creator: RiskyPLUS. Challenge Rating: * *
  7. Since I just recently heard the remastered music tracks that ZM posted about just a few hours ago, I feel inspired to do another playthrough of FE8 Difficult Ironman. Just in case you don't know what an Ironman run is, it is essentially a run where I don't do any rage resets when something unfortunate happens, and I just take the event as is and live with it. As such, this type of run tends to be really cautious and calculated, and risks are something that you won't want to do even more so. I will be doing this as a Video LP using the remastered music tracks found in the thread I linked above. I think this will be an interesting LP with the new music tracks edited in ^^ Also, I will mainly be skipping most of the story, since I've experienced the story many times already, and just wish to play the game. After listening to the whole remastered soundtrack, I plan to include story in the LP as well, at least for the most part. I will be doing minimum Voice Commentary during the story, so I'm just letting you all know this now. I'll update when I finally get the first video up; I plan to start recording today, and i'll try to keep the videos to 15 mins each at least, although, i know that many chapters can take more than this amount of time to do, so we'll see how it goes. Also, I will be doing each video on a chapter by chapter basis, to make editing that much easier to do. - Added 7/11/2014 Due to the amount of time that it takes make sure that the battle map music and the battle music switch properly, I wish to do with the map themes as I said I would do with the battle themes. So the generic player/enemy battle attack music will probably not be used after the prologue, just to make the editing and video upload flow more smoothly. I will still be keeping animations on, but the map themes will be playing instead of the battle music unless it is a battle where the generic battle music isn't played. I hope you all will enjoy this! =3 Update: 7/9/2014 Added a Poll for Eirika or Ephraim routeUpdate: 7/10/2014 Including story elements in the LP now No VC while story elements are going on. One video per chapter if possible. Battle Music poll question added Uploaded Test Video Voting for Music Tracks ends 7/11/13 12 PM EST Update: 7/11/2014 Uploaded Prologue Added description of what I plan to do about the map & battle music after the Prologue. Update: 7/14/2014 Uploaded Chapter 1Update: 7/15/2014 Uploaded Chapter 2Table of Contents: Test Video Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2
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