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Found 5 results

  1. Hellooo I've emerged from the shadows and hope to be more active on serene's whenever uni isn't killing me. I think I've drawn enough FE art to make a thread and showcase, and hopefully get some exposure (Being an introverted artist is a hard life :x) or critique (Go for it! Would love advice on colors, lighting, and such). My favorite medium is copic and pen despite the painful amount of mistakes I make with the medium. For digital art, my favorite brushes are the crayon-like ones to lineart with. Just a hobbyist artist but I plan to sneak some art courses into my schedule. Deviantart: https://autumn0wl.deviantart.com/ Tumblr: https://desertbriar.tumblr.com/ My newest/favorite pieces: (most recent art, still working on my art style) (FF tactics :p) (Half a year old. I know the lance isn't straight lmao, messed up while inking it. The head anatomy bugs me too) (I just wish there was an easy yet effective way to take photos of my traditional art :/ But alas, I have no scanner.) (This one's a year old but it's aged well enough for me to still like it. I like painty styles but it is super time-consuming and annoying to execute)
  2. So uh...I ended up taking the plunge to make this thread, to share what creativity I end up drawing/painting and the like. ;) I mostly work with traditional mediums when I draw/paint but I also do digital work, sometimes on my phone a poor womans excuse for a Cintiq and I strive to improve. Atm, I'm working on getting more used to working in digital and perspective, colour is as ever, a learning subject (there's so much to experiment with after all). Well, that's the gist of this thread basically. So uh, since I'm not savvy with words (and if I'm left unchecked I'll just end up rambling nonsense) I think I'll let my art speak for itself..? Yes that sounds like a plan - onward then! For starters I'll leave this piece here: (As I make something new/or if I find an older piece to share, I'll update this post to showcase it - oler updates will get categorised under spoilers)
  3. https://nintendowire.com/news/2017/05/06/fire-emblem-echoes-pre-load-now-live/amp/ For those of you who are planning on digitally download the game, you are now able to pre-load the game onto your 3DS. You'll need 12,826 blocks of free space, or 1.57GB to download it. The game will unlock on May 19th, at 12AM EST.
  4. Hi all, I switched to a New 3DS with a 64GB microsd. All my licenses transferred over but my game data did not. I have the digital base of Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and I purchased all the DLC. I have the contents of my old microSD backed up on my PC as I transferred while the original New 3DS was working well. I re-downloaded the game and DLC, did a lot of searching and they said game data was stored in the "extradata" folder. I connected to the computer and copied the extra data folder over to the New 3DS. I was able to get my Nohr saves but not my original Hoshido ones. I tried to search for where the digital version stores the base game saves and decided it might be in the "dbs" folder. Unfortunately that just made all the saves disappear and as of yet I can't re-download my dlc. I'm not attempting to copy over everything on to the New 3DS microSD. I imagine this is risky but I've already messed it up so I might have to reformat and try again anyway. Regardless, please share any tips for what folders to copy over to get saved data for games and share any ideas on the level of ignorance transferring all the data from the source system might reflect. Any help is much appreciated. I prefer everything digital but that's not without its own host of problems.
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