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Found 10 results

  1. Hello there. I am a female casual writer and I'm looking for a experience writer who can play my favourite character Dimitri from fire emblem three houses while I play my character amelia (who is not a teacher). I really wanna do a canon X oc for a while and it been really really hard to find someone. I thought we could do a long term rp with soft moments ect and we can talk more about the plots and other stuff! Please let me know if you did play the game or know about it and Dimitri or any other fe3h characters like edelgard ect. But I also like fire emblem fates and awakening too do I'm happy to use my oc in those games too^^ It'll take place after the final battle and the or we can even do it at the beginning if you prefer. Here's my oc's profile so you know about her^^ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v16UibHZgP0Gc398InfAGx7nSTAgMRBREAfMQ39njIo/edit?usp=drivesdk Rules: No one liners please it's really annoying Actually tell me if you played or at least watched fire emblem three houses. NO GHOSTING me please. Especially don't disappear without saying anything. Use third person please Please reply if you are interested and wanted to rp with me
  2. I accidentally posted this in the wrong section, so I am reposting here (and having the old one deleted). So, I am aware of three Fire Emblem servers on Discord: Of course, the Serenes Forest server: https://discord.gg/nwdUGrD The r/fireemblem server: https://discord.gg/0oiErpwGKkn1shA3 And the server working on the Project Exile translation patch for FE5: https://discord.gg/YDgZpbY Are there any other major servers I should be aware of?
  3. Hey there everybody! I've been something of a long time lurker on Serenes, but I figured I should Introduce myself! I stream a TON of Fire Emblem and Pokemon, particularly with a focus on silly Rom Hacking. You might recognize me from my association with Mangs, for whom I am a scriptreader/editor for his character spotlight videos. Drop on by my discord for a general good time, and to get updates on when I'm streaming! we also have a nsfw section. Enjoy if u wish XD MODEDIT: we have our own discord, don't advertise yours LUNAEDIT: oops, sorry about that. MODEDIT: no worries cheers, welcome to sf
  4. Black 2/White 2 Draft- Eviolite Night Fever -for fun, no competition unless you want to -starters are free -The 3 dragons are banned, but I can't seem to edit that right now. -State your version -At least 4 players. Which means around 8 mons for everyone. Postgame mons get a separate round. -You have to catch everyone you’ve drafted. {i} that even means fucking Lapras has to be caught if you do choose it{/i} -{s} you get more street cred for doing challenge mode{/s} -Game ends after you beat Benga. We're going there boys. -In the case of trade evos, if emulating, feel free to evolve the trade evo with a randomizer. -ingame trades are allowed - If you don't pick a Pokémon within 24 hours, A Pokémon will be chosen for you at random. -trades are allowed if you have access to them, if playing on an emulator, you may remove trade evos, as trading is allowed anyway. -The event Braviary/Mandibuzz are separate from the Vullaby/Rufflet as picks. However, the skill link Mincinno is not. -Game exclusive pokemon are counted as two of one slot. I.E. Elekid/Magby are one slot and can be drafted as picks twice, for example. -undrafted pokemon may be caught, traded, taught hms only if necessary to advance and no available drafted poke can learn them -undrafted pokemon may not be used in battle. if only an undrafted poke remains un-fainted, must allow pokemon to faint and lose the battle, cannot use items while an undrafted mon is out 6. Purple Mage-Vannilish, Scraggy, Sewaddle, Staryu, Magnemite 3. Hylian-Mareep, Growlithe, Ferroseed, Trapinch, Roggenrola 4. Ether(W2)-Braviary, Riolu, Elekid, Drilbur, Axew 5. Michelaar- Litwick, Buizel, Azurill, Clefairy, Piloswine 1. Joe Cool-Sandile, Zubat, Magby, Heracross, Frillish 2. Emerson (B2) - Volcarona, Zorua, Skarmory, Roselia lol the spoilers are fucked Postgame only mons anyways, we could all do this via discord if everyone wants. also if it's not on the list, it's been restricted from being in the pool due to trivializing parts of the postgame.
  5. Hi! I joined Serenes' Forest's Discord and it says here that I am bound correctly with my Discord account but I am still locked. Yes, I have messaged one of the mods but I didn't get a response sadly so I am writing here in case anyone can help me in that I may have missed an obvious step! Discord Tag: Prospect#6861 Many thanks!
  6. The Granbellian Empire. A vast, large country that takes up most of the subcontinent of Zeroki. In the year 1134, Emperor Randolph has taken the throne, starting a brutal reign of terror. Curfews appear across the nation. Mages experiment, creating dark monsters and spells to enforce the regime. The day is the 23rd of March, 1135. The regime has been intact for about a year. Today is the day that the Zodiac Rebellion begins. Religion in the empire is a relatively tolerant and even split between Dragonism (Your basic FE Naga worshippers with churches, monks, clerics, etc) and Spirituality (A more Shinto-esque worship of nature spirits, with smaller shrines scattered about). Both of them believe in the Emperor as a semi-holy figure (The former believes that the first Emperor, Richter, formed a blood pact with Naga like the FE4 Crusaders, while the latter think that the Spirit King Rein is a part of him). Magic uses Tomes and Staves, like FE. But there is a bit more variety. There's your basic Fire-Wind-Thunder-Light-Dark tomes, but mages can also create familiars, elemental animals who aid them in battle and with research, And spells can enchant objects, like Debora's (an already made PC) scrolls. The reason Randolph is like this is simple case of ambition gone wrong. As of the time of the RP's chronological beginning, he is 26, and he has noticed that the Empire has been... lazying too much, for his taste. The economy and research of the formerly grand empire has been lacking, and so the curfews, strict working hours, and patrolling soldiers are his way of waking the Empire up... so he can expand more by annexing and conquering nearby nations. To this end, he's enlisted three generals to help him: General Diego of the Imperial Royal Army, General Clarrisa of the Imperial Intelligence Division, and General Dreichel of the Imperial R&D Laboratory. https://discord.gg/GPN3Be Important locations: Granbell: Capital city of the Granbellian Empire. Home of the emperor's castle, Tyrfing Castle, as well as most of the important governmental facilities. Very large. Woodrow: A very magic-heavy city with various magical research laboratories, both governmental and freelance. Knightly: A trading city and hub of merchant activity. Redking: A hub of military activity, with the prestigious Redking Military Academy as the shining jewel. Republic of Zemur: A small democratic country bordering Granbell, and the only other country on the continent of Zeroki. Is Emperor Randolph's first target in his new expansionist ideals. Sign-ups (IN DISCORD): Name Age Gender Skills (Can they use magic [Fire, Wind, Thunder, Light, Darkness, Staves]? What kinds of weapons are they good at using? Are they a good artist? Writer? Silver tongue? Stuff like that.) Backstory Personality This is an FE-inspired statless RP that focuses on a rebel group overthrowing a corrupt regime, using guerilla tactics.
  7. Hello everyone. Today, I bring to you an RP. Of course, its not on here, its on this Discord channel I had set up a while back. Here's the plot: The gods once had peace, the nation of Paragon flourished with life, and everything was well... until the corruption. In the depths of the Chaos Realm, the ultimate evil slowly slipped out and poisoned some of the gods, thus throwing the land into a war zone. Death was everywhere, and the light was bound to die... but the arrival of the light heroes had arrived to stop the war between gods. This RP is a D&D and Fire Emblem mix. You know, basic dice rolling and huge story telling. We accept One Liners and Literate people to join us. So, we do not mind having stats from other games, as long as there is no god modding or max stats at beginning. We are looking for people who can commit to being active and can get along with folks. Of course, in this server, we have video game discussions, a general chat, and more to be added. You can be a custom or a canon character. https://discord.gg/JukNcuy This is the link to the server. NOTE: To get admin role, you must be committed, help others out, show respect, all the things that good admins would do. If you would like to join, you must put your character's info and stat info in the channel labeled Background. We will be starting next week. You can be multiple characters but it isn't required. We don't have a set limit of people yet, so expect spots to be limited in the future. Thank you for cooperation. - Erren
  8. So topic. I've recently been part of a discord server dedicated to roleplaying and I must say that it's a great experience. Then I remembered how the community here also has an active roleplay community and thought that it might be a good idea to make one for SF. We could create our own lore, factions, and generally have a good time. Before I go through with it though, I want your opinions. Would you be interested in joining a RP-dedicated Discord server and if you do, what would you want to be in it? For clarification, I'm not talking about a server to discuss existing RPs but a seperate roleplay contained within the server.
  9. Hello, for anyone that isn't already aware, there is already a Fire Emblem Warriors Community that exists on Discord, if anyone would like to join. We've been talking about speculation for the game and other Fire Emblem related discussions, which probably will continue until we know more about the game and/or it is released. Here is a link to the server: https://discord.gg/gkHdcEF --❄Cranium5❄
  10. heya kiddos i'm part of a new undertale discord server come check us out if you wanna have a bad good time https://discord.gg/EaMg9CC
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