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Found 2 results

  1. I have long contemplated doing this and I have decided that I will post the drafts of the novel I write here to get some feedback on what parts of the story, characters and world to improve/change. Keep in mind that the original version of this is written in German and that I have to translate it into English, which takes a lot longer than I expected, so updates might not be frequent (I have only written up to Chapter 6 of the original draft and only the first chapter is translated). Why do I take the time to translate this stuff? Well, I want to practice my translation skills, for one thing. And I thought I could give you guys something to sink your teeth into, since I don't know if this will ever end up getting published. I'm writing mostly for then fun of the craft itself, after all. I hope you enjoy this little trip into DragonFlames' mind. Feel free to roast me however you feel like it. But do it over here, please.
  2. So with echoes coming out soon I kinda wanted to play gaiden again but playing it the normal way is kind of boring, so I decided to at least try to get a draft going with at least one other person who wants to. I honestly am not expecting this to amount to anything but I might as well try. This won't really be competitive with turn counts (mostly because it's gaiden) because while I'm not bad at fire emblem, I can't compete with many people out there. The only real rules will be that silk (silque) and Jenny (Genny) will be used by any who wish to do so due to them being the only early game healers. Any other suggestions by any who wish to do it will most likely be fine by me.
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