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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, my name is OdysseyNeptune and I would like to present my own hack (which is in very early stages). This hack is about Dragon Ball Z, having iconic characters such as Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, etc. My plans for this game include the following: The whole DBZ story inside the game, from the Saiyan Saga to the Majin Buu Saga. All of the characters (or all of the important ones) as playable units. Maybe the movies as Gaiden Chapters? And more! For now, the hack barely has "content": There's only 6 characters (Yamcha, Krillin, Ten Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Son Goku, and Roshi) and only up to Chapter 3 is playable. However, Chapter 3 is nigh-unplayable due to a bug (I'm new to FEBuilder) that allows to attack at an extreme range, but softlocks the game if attempted (and enemies will attempt it). I'll leave the patch, but you have to follow a few instructions: 1. Load a save that has Hard Modes unlocked. 2. Select Lyn Hard Mode (as this disables the tutorials, which I couldn't fully disable in Chapter 1) Also, here are the base stats and growths for each: Base Stats: Growths: A few notes: None of the bosses were changed much; they were changed to be in the Knight class (renamed to First Form, as this is intended for Frieza) and their speeds increased to be 0 (else they would be undefined and displayed as --), however, Batta has a new, Frieza-related battle quote ("This is a test for Boss Battle Quotes. I am the mighty Frieza!") as well as a new defeat quote ("Impossible! Me? Beaten!?"). However, none of the post-chapter and pre-chapter dialogues were changed (I think I removed part of them), so please ignore if you see any Fire Emblem character talking and skip it. The game is extremely easy due to enemies being changed to Soldiers (renamed to Frieza Soldiers), to test a few things, although the bosses might prove to be difficult without Master Roshi (as he fulfills the Jagen role). Also, Chapter 1's boss (Zugu) has no equipable item. I had forgotten to give him an Iron lance but decided to keep it this way. Also, none of the characters have new portraits or map icons, so they use ones from FE7 as placeholders for now. Last note: The patch is compatible with US FE7, I don't know about the other FE7 ROMs. Dragon Ball Z Tactics.ups
  2. Mila has godlike powers while Bulma has technological innovation smarts, Bulma can transform into a dragon, but Mila is technically already a dragon, Bulma has a son, but Mila doesn't, Bulma married a meme, Mila married an edgelord, Mila has no father, Bulma has a father who has the exact same personality as Bulma, Mila's got the same voice actor as Bulma, but her performance as Mila is VASTLY different from Bulma, and finally, Mila has green hair, while Bulma has blue hair.
  3. Both have time travel plots, both have an experiment gone wrong, both have some one travelling in time to warn their father of a dark future, and both Trunks and Lucina wield swords!
  4. First I'm gonna gauge if there is any interest in my opinion on this series so far. I figured, having a nice side project I can do when I'm not absolutely swamped might be a good idea. Dragon Ball Super is currently done with 38 episodes, surprisingly there has been a good bit of comedy and action especially in the most recent arc, despite some animation inconsistencies and such, I think the series is actually pretty good as of right now, although issues I had with the later parts of Z (Mostly Post-Cell Arc) are still fairly prevalent. My backstory with the Dragon Ball franchise goes quite aways back, when I first saw the series on Toonami, more accurately I saw the fight between Super Saiyan Goku and Perfect Cell, I was hooked, being someone who had grown up with the likes of TMNT, Power Rangers and Beast Wars, I had found something else to get my young self addicted to, I also got into Kenshin, Big-O, ZOIDS, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho and a number of other series around the same time. I have seen every episode of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and the redo of Z named Kai, at least once in my life time, I've also seen the majority of the movies and all the TV specials, I read the manga some time ago as well, I own quite a number of the games to their credit. My preferred series of the whole lot is Dragon Ball, the adventures of Young Goku, Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin, Tenshinhan (My personal favorite character), Chaotzu, Master Roshi and the rest are magical and have really good comedic moments as well as overall the best power balance the series had, although it was somewhat retained in Z until after Cell, my favorite characters tend to have come out of Dragon Ball, so if I lament the lameness that the human characters barely do anything anymore, that's a big part why. The way I'd be doing this recap is episode by episode, at my own pace as I have tons of other obligations including smash tournaments to run being the smaller of them. However I would like to know, if you're interested, how would you like me to do the write ups? Like would you want some screenshots or clips of the series involved or do you just want me to write about it? Etc, it'll likely be awhile before it starts, because I'll have to watch the episodes I have already again, so I can give accurate summaries and such.
  5. My god it has happened I mean Dragonball Super is all about universes right? /shitpost
  6. So anyone here into DBZ? I think I saw a few people with DBZ avatars on here once. Anyways, I'll be using this thread for DBZ-related stuff. :^} Here, have a soundtrack: [spoiler=Imperfect Cell Theme]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhPj_QQx5BU
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AyK1_rEWBII Being a fan of the various DBZ games over the years. I haven't been this hyped for one in quite some time. We've got TEAM BATTLES. I can use Team DB, [Krillin, Tien and Yamcha] and pwn :P among some other cool team fights. I've been WAITING for a mechanic like this so we could have super chaotic DBZ fights with all sorts of team fights and stuff. We can have like Future Gohan and Future Trunks against both Androids. and have to struggle as Future Gohan against both at once! It's tense and exciting to think of! the Saibaman FFA that Nappa proposed could actually come to light! Krillin's spread shot would be super cool in a team fight. Gohan and Krillins many tag team fights in the Frieza saga as well.. This will be so cool I COULD GO ON BUT I"M TOO BUSY FANBOYING
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