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Found 4 results

  1. Was drunk in a party, best and worst possible feeling at the same time. Also, only got 2 hours of sleep. Rip me.
  2. Zan Partizanne


    Welcome to this stupid as funny game. Like the title said you can vote, what's your favorite way to kill off a FE character. Tharja Ike [spoiler=Voting rules] Voting rule when >5 are left: 1x +2, 2x -2 1x +2, 1x -2, 2x -1 1x +2, 4x -1 2x +1, 2x -2 2x +1, 1x -2, 2x -1 2x +1, 4x -1 1x +1, 1x -2, 1x -1 1x +1, 3x -1 1x -2 2x -1 Voting rule when <=5 are left: 1x +2, 1x -2 1x -1 You may vote once between 00:00 and 23:59 / 11:59 PM. 10 curse her, take away any Talismans that she might use for protection 10 send an angry mob of monks after her 10 avoid recruiting Libra so he can massacre her map with his killer axe 10 recruit Libra and have him kill her anyway 10 deequip all her weapons, demote her to tier 1, and send her into Apotheosis alone 10 put her in a streetpass team, and on the other file shoot her down with Noire 10 settle it in smash (Lucy's Tharja palette is a thing) 10 have Robin tip the scales on her by killing her without recruitment 10 write a fanfic that brutally abuses her 10 use an image of her as a dartboard 10 let her stand in the lava in chapter 18
  3. hoppy horaween everyone spoobiest time of the year what plans does you has.
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