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Found 10 results

  1. I loaded an old save I had at the endgame and my plan was to get a lot of people killed and see if the dialogue is different. After killing some of my units and Killing Julius Seliph's sprite bugged out. I seized anyways because I just thought it was a graphical error. However after I seize the screen goes black and it stays that way. Is this because certain ending variations aren't translated or something else? I tried a couple more combinations with deaths and I keep getting a black screen. I don't think its my rom since I beat the game before with the same file. On said file I saw the ending on it when no one died. I don't know if this could be the problem but I did the Seliph x Julia glitch to get an early pairing on the file in question and in this latest attempt I killed berserk Julia to see the ending for her death. If anyone has anyway to help or knows the answer I would appreciate it. I just want to see some alternate endings. Thanks for your time. Translation used : https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/63676-fe4-translation-patch-open-beta-v7/
  2. Warning: This is a big post, this is something that's been in my head for a really long time and I've never completely fleshed (or typed) it out until now. So if you want to give an informed opinion you're gonna have to do a lot of reading. Why not give this a listen? I wrote a lot of this while listening, helps the time fly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj21RsMTZXw&t So... currently despite the constant flow of new modes that come in, the game modes are mostly fluff and grindfests with a few exceptions (Hall of Forms, etc) with the closest thing to an "endgame" mode being AR which is somewhat cancerous as well as Abyssal maps which only come around once a month. Relay Defense I feel was an attempt at an endgame mode but it was poorly implemented. I feel like the game needs something more, so here's my pitch. This will be a brand new mode and true endgame mode for the veterans and to a lesser extent the midgame players. Introducting: Fire Emblem Heroes: Campaign Mode Now, if you've read this much you're clearly willing to listen to me run my mouth, so how about a table of contents. 0.Format 1. Story 2. Difficulty 3. Permadeath 4. Heroes 5. Rewards 6. Drawbacks 7. Conclusion 0. FORMAT 1. STORY: 2. DIFFICULTY 3. PERMADEATH 4. HEROES 5. REWARDS 6. DRAWBACKS 7. Conclusion So, did you read all that? What do you think? How would this work. This is usually when I tag a crapton of people but that can wait. I want to see if this goes anywhere first. If you got to this post you did a lot of reading and can give your opinion on what you think a mode like this would mean or maybe even if you have a different idea in mind for the game's "endgame" or "high level" mode. Maybe you have a different idea for blessings, hero choices, maps, worlds. Or maybe you want to pick the mode apart. Let's hear it, I'm all ears.
  3. Is it required to have every weapon intact to go past chapter 22, or do they just have to be in your posession? Or is it maybe even enough to just have had them at some point?
  4. So i just now beat it and I have to say Im pretty dissapointed story wise. Endgame team LV 25 Camilla LV 15 Arthur Lv 15 Selena Lv 9 Sharena Dont get me wrong its still a very enjoyable experience just kind of lack luster story wise.
  5. I only have one Rescue charge so I can't do the 2 turn strat with Nina I've been seeing, anyone know a strat with one Rescue charge?
  6. heres the video: Heres are my notes: -Units Corrin Azura Staff User 1 (Shigure with rescue) Staff user 2 (Elise with entrap) unit that gives +1 move ( Selena pairup with Elise) Anyone that can 2shot inital enemies ( I use Xander with Charlotte pairup) Wyvern Lord with the Pass Skill ( Nina with Beruka or Camilla as the mother) Rally Bots: Siegbert(Strength) , Percy(Defense), Niles(Skill) Somebody to drop Corrin onto to the Wyvern Lord with Pass ( Gunter) Wyvern Lords's guard stance partner ( someone tanky like Effie) Two bait units ( Preferably captured units) -Skills Corrin: Life and Death/Swordfaire/Duelist's Blow/Dragon Fang/Filler Nina: pass Rally Skills -Items: Entrap Rescue Boots for Nina so that she has 10 Movement Tonics ( HP, strength, skill, speed, defense) Other notes: -My Corrin has a base of 37 strength and 34 speed. His secondary class is Samurai(+Strength, -Luck) which enabled me to get Swordfaire and Life and Death. A friendship or marriage seal can get you Elbow room or Strength+2. -You need a total of 35 speed to double Takumi. Rally speed, tonics, and katana bonus will give you an additional 7 speed before pair up. -I would recommend capturing some enemy units with a breaker skill (i.e axebreaker) -The Luna skill will only cut 20 percent of Takumi's defense. So I would not recommend. -I don't think astra is optimal because it will instantly fill Takumi's guard stance gauge. -Damage is actually rounded down. My Corrin with elbow room would hit Takumi at 42.75 dmg but the game will show it to be 42.
  7. After you beat the game (FEFates) you get the option to select 5 cards depicting characters from the game. What exactly does that do, does choosing certain characters unlock certain things? Answers are appreciated, thanks.
  8. So, at the endgame, do the enemy reinforcements stop at any point that I could just try to hold out until? I'm playing on Hard, and I was quickly overwhelmed long before I got anywhere close to Takumi.
  9. So you know those 5 cards you get in the end that let you add some units into your logbook? If you beat it again on that file will you get 5 more cards or will it overwrite your previous ones?
  10. Hi first let me get my Character forcer question out of the way because I do understand it but I don't know if the order is correct. So would you please look at the below spoiler and tell me if that is how the order works or if I misplaced the order.. (*replacing the "---" with their own pointers) I'm just making sure if the H-chapters follow the E-chapters or not? Now to my question about Chapter Order+Cutscenes... My idea was to use the Lyn chapters for cutcene maps (such as lomas telling the story) but I want to know if that's a good idea or not? Or should I take the simpler approach and use the Lyn maps for playable chapters and some of the others for cutscenes? What do you recommend? Lastly, can the endgame chapter take place in any of the chapters or does it need to be specific?
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