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Found 5 results

  1. I was wondering what characters everyone liked from the different Fire Emblem games. This is something I've been thinking about for a while, and I think I've finally come to a conclusion about my favourite character from each game. I'm also going to count remakes as the same as the original, for simplicities sake (unless they're FE11/12 exclusive, such as Horace or Frey). FE1/11: Merric. Merric is the character that really sold me on mages, but it wasn't just because of his stats. The head canon I created for him with Elice also helped. His magic wasn't very high compared to other games, but the res stat for this game's enemy units was also incredibly low. FE2: "Zeke." I'm not saying he's Camus with amnesia or anything, but he's totally Camus with amnesia. He's Camus. Nuff said. FE3/12: Nabarl. Nabarl is the character that got me into loving the swordmaster characters. His stats also didn't hurt x) He was so mysterious, and I ended up creating so much head canon for him. (Looking at you, Feena) FE4: Gen 1, so totally Lewyn/Levin. He is my favourite character of all time in Fire Emblem for his wit alone, but his incredible stats don't hurt either. Gen 2: Aless/Ares. He was my second gen game-breaker, along with Ced. Aless/Ares made me realize why we hardly ever get playable characters like Camus: it would be way too easy in any other game if their stats and growths lived up to their lore. FE5: Mareeta. Mareeta overcomes some of the worst things, including a cursed sword that eventually becomes her personal weapon of world domination. FE6: Karel, because of his character development from the following game. That, and he's the only character guaranteed to get a perfect level up, to my knowledge. FE6 didn't really have a lot of great characters for me, personally. FE7: Hector! Hector is tied with Ephraim for my favourite lord, and Hector was such a change for me on the average lord. I don't always agree with Hector's rash decisions, but the way he, Lyn, and Eliwood contrasted was really cool to see. FE8: This one was one of the harder ones to pick, because there wasn't a single character that I disliked. Unfortunately, I have to make a call on it. Joshua's personality was awesome, Gilliam was a hard-hitting tank, Franz was a mobile tank, Ross had absurd strength, and Ewan grew into a beast from great growths. However, Ephraim capitalized on all of this to some degree, which is why I'm going to choose him, even though I have so many other favourites. FE9: Soren. All hail the rightful King of Daein! Soren is pretty much a carbon copy of my best friend, and he's a wind mage to boot (See a pattern?). Soren has been one of my best units on each of my FE9 playthroughs, so I can't imagine the game without that moody mage. FE10: Radiant Dawn didn't have very much character development, unless they were some of the main cast of the previous game or this one. All of the other units get about two lines of dialogue (No real support). However, I'm going to choose Prince Pelleas. Pelleas sacrifices everything for his people on the first RD playthrough. Even though he wasn't royal blood, he showed the resolve of a true ruler. FE13: Awakening had a lot of characters that I really liked, but some stood out above them all. My favourite from gen 1 is Tharja with Henry and Lon'qu tied for second. Tharja was a beastly unit with an awesome personality, and Noire is incredible when Lon'qu is her dad. My gen 2 pick is Severa. Even though Gerome is Batman and Noire is hilarious, Severa was a beast on my playthrough. I paired Cordelia with Gregor, so her stats were awesome, but I also liked how her drive came from a passion to get out of her parent's shadow. I could totally empathize with the feeling of not living up to a parent, so Severa became one of the characters that I could relate to. You guys don't have to give an explanation (it took me a LONG time to type all of that), but I think that it really helped me solidify my choices. It actually made me change my mind a couple times once I started typing, too.
  2. This is the topic for the pink cute and badass puffball and his friends! The Kirby series exist over 20 years is probably behind Mario and Donkey Kong the third most important franchise of platformers. There´s no way not to like him! So he deserves an own thread on SF! You can discuss about everything you want: - your favourite game in the series - your favourite power ability - your favourite "Dedede´s theme" - your favourite song - or maybe about the new Kirby game "Triple Deluxe", which will be released the 2th May in the US and the 16th May in the EU. I have watched a part of a LP and it looked great! It looks similar to KRTD, but with some new features. Especially the 3D effect is used very well. But I do not want to spoiler that much! I live in the EU, so I ordered a JP import, because I cannot wait this long time.
  3. Which music should be added in SSB4?
  4. Since I have played Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS, I am huge fan of the "Tales of" series. TotA gave me a first impression, how awesome this series is. And I want to play more sections in the future. I think every game of the "Tales of" series is great, which complicates me the decission. So I need your help: Which "Tales of" game should I play first? I own these games: a) Symphonia b) Symphonia Dawn of the new world c) Vesperia d) Graces e) Xillia I f) Hearts
  5. Hello everyone, who´s your favourite final boss, you have faced in Fire Emblem? And maybe why? (boss theme, difficulty, design of the boss/level, atmosphere etc.) I look forward to all you choices :)
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